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Why Glasgow is One of the UK’s Top Destinations

Why visit Glasgow? Despite its status, Glasgow often goes under-appreciated. Though some might be intimidated by the sheer size of the city and multitude of things to do, you can be sure you’ll never bored wherever you go. An expansive, prosperous city with natural vistas only a short drive from a bustling heart of modern culture make it an ideal holiday destination for solo or group travellers. Tourism in Glasgow is booming and here we explain why.

why visit glasgow

With its rich history and the varied landscape of Greater Glasgow, spanning the banks of the river Clyde, the city centre and its many country parks, there’s no end to the sights and attractions this gem of a city has to offer! From scenic walks through country parks, to pampering spa days and delicious food, Glasgow has more to offer you than might initially meet the eye.


First, of course, you have to think about food. Everyone needs a full belly after a long day of sight-seeing or driving; plus, restaurants are the epitome of comfort and a feeling of nourishment. The city centre boasts a wide array of multicultural restaurants. Try cuisine from Spain, the Mediterranean, Japan and so much more, all a short walk from the heart of the city. If you’re feeling brave, immerse yourself in Scottish culture with a deep-fried Mars bar or two. You needn’t look far.

However, if fine dining’s more your thing, perhaps Le Chardon d’Or, with food prepared by celebrity chef Brian Maule, is better suited to your needs. Further afield, treat yourself to some atmosphere at one of Glasgow’s many cosy pub-restaurants, such as the Curler’s Rest, where rural ambience compliments the pub classics you need to keep you going.


Every trip is a busy one. From planning and packing to the travelling itself and the continual exploration of your destination, it can all start to become a bit of a strain. A holiday is supposed to be a break from the everyday stress and tiredness, but somehow, that nine-to-five lifestyle manages to creep back in. Fortunately, Glasgow has a few solutions for those who need a little time to relax and rejuvenate.

The options for rest are extensive. From spa days in Glasgow’s countryside to massage parlours and swimming pools in the city centre, there are options available throughout the city. In fact, there are multiple leisure centres throughout the city and the greater region which specialize in this type of service. Whatever the nature of your visit, Glasgow has some kind of service to help you relax, even if you only have half an hour to spare.


That being said, if your idea of unwinding is a bit more engaging, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what Glasgow has to offer. The urban energy of Scotland’s largest city is captured in its vibrant nightlife, with a blend of neon-soaked clubs and cosy live-music bars suiting the needs of all her visitors.

Glaswegian daytime is no joke either, boasting an impressive range of cafes, cinemas and shopping centres spread across both central and greater Glasgow. Similarly, for those that prefer a little culture there are a host of galleries and museums, all with their own exhibitions and displays so be sure to check what’s on if you choose to visit.

The Sights

Walking from shop to shop might not be enough for the adventurous type such as yourself. Why not visit one of greater Glasgow’s many green spaces and country parks? Pamper your soul with fresh air and hidden treasure troves of wildlife whenever you feel like getting in touch with nature. Pollok Country Park is a sanctuary open to all, featuring coffee shops, beautifully maintained gardens and acres of paved woodland and fields.

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Return to civilization and explore everything the city proper has to offer. The Glasgow cathedral is a popular attraction, its ancient construction once towering above the surrounding city, or visit one of the many museums and galleries open to the public all year round. Wander the expansive, inspiring halls of Kelvingrove, showcasing galleries of some of the finest Scottish artists to ever live, or learn more about the fascinating history of the natural world and this great country. Check here for more famous landmarks to visit in the UK.

To Summarize

Whether you regularly find yourself in the ever-changing, bustling centre of Scotland or you’re a first time visitor looking for reasons to try out the Glaswegian expanses, it’s undeniable that Glasgow has a bit of everything. Though it often goes unrecognized in the holiday world, the facilities and attractions it has to offer are irrefutable and the rising tourism figures speak for themselves.

If you’re headed in that direction, give it a visit; you’ll be surprised by how complete its offering is.

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