Top 7 Hidden Gems and Unique Things To Do In Colorado That Shouldn’t Be Missed!

Colorado is a jewel! From walking through the tranquil riverside trails, winter skiing, to the summiting over 15,000-foot peaks and to diving deep into the canyons, this state is blessed with the most spectacular places in the United States. Here are  list of unique things to do in Colorado, activities you can do for fun and with kids.

unique things to do in colorado

Nestled with magnificent waterfalls, alpine lakes, open meadows and many beautiful places, the city has something for everyone. But do you know, amidst these jewels, there are many hidden places that most of travelers miss out?

Here are some of the least known places in Colorado that can become the sole soother for an audacious traveler:

Dallas Divide

Adventurers brave the harshest weathers, steep peaks and even the most forbidden and least traveled terrains as no other person could ever do. And Dallas Divide is one such adventurous place! It’s a single track trail that caters the need of mountain bikers and hikers.

With Dallas Divide, you will get the feel of stepping in the heaven. The lush green land is full of spruce, pine forests and aspen. You will witness the historic ranch from the “True Grit”, the picturesque view and many other amazing things. Also, don’t forget to witness the clear view of Wilson Peak, which for sure is breathtaking!

Rim Rock Trail

The Rim Rock area is all about witnessing the fantastic beauty of woodland flowers along with its upper and lower trails. A wonderful scenic trail, Rim Rock rotates around the rim of rock escarpment and is known for its picturesque beauty and historical values.

While the upper trail is paved and less accessible for hikers, the lower trail is filled with a dirt surface. On the track, you will witness amazing sandstone rock formations, massive hardwood trees, Ox-lot Cave, rock overhangs and many things.

rim rock trail

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

This is an amazing sandstone hoodoo, where Americans used to collect clay to paint their bodies during the wars. The spectacular designs made from clay, sand, water and erosion keep on shifting with the shifting light.  Further, the place will woo you from its peculiar shapes, strange colors and formations that are rising from the land. If you want to spend a night to the place, you can take rooms in Ouray or near areas.

Hanging Lake

Get set to relish this family retreat in the basin full of crystal clear waterfall in Colorado Canyon. You will witness the waterfall growling near the fragile shoreline of travertine. Hanging lake is also an ideal spot for the travellers who are looking for a short yet steep hike to witness the watery heaven.  There’s also another waterfall called as Spouting Rock, a few hundred behind the place.

Mesa Verde National Park

Want to witness something historical? The Mesa Verde National Park is for you! Carved into the cliffs of a majestic mesa, this place will take you to the ancient tribe of the Puebloans.  There are sandstone, adobe structures, beautiful pink, yellow and red-plastered dwellings, architectonic rooms, and many other beautiful things.

mesa verde national park

Island Lake

Hike to this spectacular alpine lake near Silverton and capture the real gem of nature. Although the place has snow year-around, the glimpse of crystal blue water will entice you. Island lake become popular from a flat-topped rock called island, which is visible only when the water level goes down. Also, if you are heading to this place, make sure to dress in layers as the afternoon storms are common to the place.

Manitou Springs Incline

It’s a one-mile cable tram, which was constructed to support the hydroelectric plant in late 1907. It is one of the longest and highest inclines on the globe with over 2,000 feet of elevation. If you are up to climb this, you can, for sure be at the next Olympic player folk!

Tempting about the places! Take them onto your next bucket list of Colorado! If you are looking for more things to do in Colorado please check


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