Top five reasons to travel with an inflatable SUP board

Paddle-boarding is one of the great ways to have fun and keep your body fit. Most people who enjoy the adventure do not mind traveling with their boards to have fun. Many people ask how to travel with an inflatable sup paddle board. But what most people have not yet discovered are the right boards to travel with.

traveling with inflatable sup

If you love paddling and would wish to travel with your paddle board, then an inflatable Stand up board is the best way to go. Those who have used them before can testify this. Though most people overlook them, the benefits of owning one are irresistible. And today Jenifer from Supboardguide brings out top five reasons to travel with an inflated SUP board. You can Click here to visit the website.

1. Portable

Inflated SUP boards are lightweight and easy to move around with. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to pack on your backpack as compared to traditional boards. When packed, these boards do not take much space. And considering most airlines charge customers according to their luggage weight and size, having an inflatable type can help you reduce your travel charges.

Even if you wish to travel using vehicles or other means, the boards are convenient. You can deflate, fold and pack them with ease to your desired destination. Their lightweight design makes them more stable as compared to traditional solid boards.

2. Durable

No one would love to invest in a paddle board that can not last long. Due to increased competition, manufacturers have invested much in technology to ensure the boards meet consumer standards. With an inflatable stand up board, you have the freedom to use it on different types of waters. May it be on a salty, fresh, or rocky water bodies, these boards will defy all this.

In regards to stability, inflatable boards are more stable and easy to navigate through an obstacle. When you happen to hit an obstacle, the board offers you the optimal support needed to keep it and your body stable, which is one of the great reasons you should invest in one.

3. Versatile

Most people think that an inflatable board can only be used for adventure on water but this is not the case. Apart from being used for paddling, these boards can be turned into an inflatable bed. This can be a great hack if you are on a family trip and you happen to run out of money or maybe can’t afford accommodation. Utilizing these boards can help you enjoy your tour without much hassle.

4. Safe

Inflatable SUP is not only designed to withstand the test of time but also safe to use. Though solid SUP boards are also safe, the inflatable ones are virtually un-destroyable and would cause fewer accidents. Navigating through tight curves is also easy with an inflatable board as compared to the solid type. They are flexible in nature and allow you to navigate well in those tough bends which makes them ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

5. Makes paddling more enjoyable

There is one unique feature when it comes to inflatable SUP boards which gives you an unrivaled feeling of fun and adventure. Though you can enjoy your escapade with a solid type, you will not feel the water as you paddle. But with an inflated type, you can feel every ripple directly. This brings the fun which makes the entire process enjoyable.

In addition, when paddling with an inflatable SUP board, you can fly and move faster with less hassle. A great feature which can be useful especially when you are competing with your friends or when the weather becomes unfavorable. You can easily paddle and move to safer areas faster before the tides catch up with you.

You do not need a garage to store it. Once you are done with your adventure, you can fold your board and store it in your closet, which makes it a great pick for people with limited storage space.

If you have been under-estimating inflatable stand up boards, it is the high time you invest in one. These boards are not only easy to travel with but also durable, safe, handy and easy to store. Do not let your board ruin your adventure. Invest on an inflatable SUP board and paddle like never before.


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