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Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia: a wonderful Place To Hike and explore The Nature

The Tolmin Gorge is just one of the many gorgeous places to visit in Slovenia. Similar experience to Vintgar Gorge, this Gorge is a stunning natural sight you can admire by following the tourist trail. Beauty to the eyes is to see the crystal clear turquoise water of the Tolminka river and its surroundings. If you want to connect with nature here you will feel blessed.

tolmin gorge

Basic facts

Location: Tolmin, a southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park
Distance: 2 km (1,24 miles)
Trip duration: approximately 1 hour
Difficulty: easy walking trail
Altitude: 180 m (590.55 feet)
Entrance fee:

  • prices in March, April, October, November: adults 5 €, children (7 to 14 years) 2,50 €
  • prices in May, June and September are one euro more per person
  • prices in July and August are two euros more per person

The best time to visit: spring, autumn, early mornings in the summertime.

Getting there

The simplest way to get there is by car. Follow the direction Zatolmin, then signpost Zadlaz – Čadrg and very soon you come to a large parking lot, next to the entrance where you can park. Parking is free. You can come here on foot from Tolmin as well – by following Tolminka stream. The distance from Tolmin is only 2 km (1,24 miles).

You can also travel from Ljubljana to Tolmin by bus. There is also a shuttle bus connecting Tolmin with the Gorge (an in the opposite direction) but is available in peak season (July and August). This minibus that fits up to 2o persons operates every full hour, between 10:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. from the big parking place next to the Brajda sports park in Tolmin.

soca river

tolmin river

About the Gorge

The Gorge, known as Tolminska korita in Slovene is a beautiful gorge and one of the most popular natural attractions in the Soča Valley area. This gorge was shaped by two rivers, the Tolminka river and the Zadlaščica River.

Tolmin Gorge Hike

The Gorge’s trail is not long but enough to get to know some amazing spots along the way. It offers numerous hiking opportunities and dramatic views down to the turquoise waters, streams, natural pools, canyons, cascades and the gorge itself. You will walk on a small well maintained path next to the high rocky walls.

The water is crystal clear, cold with stunning turquoise color.

This place is unique and deserves your attention just by admiring its peacefulness, listening to the sound of the water, enjoying the natural beauty and breathing pure air. This is also a perfect spot for hikers, bikers, rafters and all nature lovers. Do not forget to bring your camera with you.

Gorge in Slovenia
Suspension bridge over Tolminka river

narrow gorge

What to see

There are 5 main viewpoints to visit in this Gorge:

  • The wedged rock – Bear’s Head (Medvedova glava),
  • The Devil’s Bridge,
  • The Confluence of the Tolminka and the Zadlaščica rivers,
  • Dante’s cave (Zadlaška jama),
  • The thermal spring and the narrow gorge.

The Confluence of the Tolminka and the Zadlaščica rivers

After walking through woods you arrive at the confluence of the Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers. This is the lowest point of Triglav National Park, the only confluence in the water channel in the Slovenia area. During summer this is also a favorite swimming spot and to cool off when the temperature is high.

Narrow gorge with a thermal spring

After crossing the small bridge, walk on the path along with the crystal clear Tolminka river, where you are surrounded by 60-meter walls. Walking through the dark tunnels lead you to the narrow gorge and at the bottom of the path, it emerges a spring of thermal water with a temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Bear’s Head

Bear's head tolmin gorge

To reach Bear’s Head, you will need to go back the same way to the small bridge and continue on the left bank to the confluence of both streams. Start following the Zadlaščica stream which takes you to a giant triangular rock covered with moss, called Medvedova glava (Bear’s head). It is stuck inside the walls of the canyon. You are going to have an awesome panoramic view over the canyon and extremely lush vegetation. This is also a popular spot among photographers.

Dante’s cave

Take the trail uphill toward Dante’s cave where it is believed Italian poet Dante Alighieri got the inspiration for his Divine Comedy.

The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil's bridge tolmin gorge

The Devil’s Bridge is 60 m high above the Tolminka river and Tolmin Gorge. It offers a wonderful view of the river below.

From here you can walk back to the parking lot.

What to wear

Comfortable walking/hiking shoes are very important to wear for this trail. Take into account that some part of the path can be slippery when wet. Also, take some rain jacket if needed.

I invite you to visit this scenic place and I assure you will get amazed by this fantastic place inside Triglav National Park.

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