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Snorkeling on the Bahamas Island 

Nothing beats the crystal turquoise ocean water and white sand beaches on The Bahamas Island. It’s exactly why tourists and even locals name it a snorkeling paradise. From Nassau Paradise Island, the Tongue of the Ocean, all the way to the Great Bahama Park, you’ll encounter the best snorkeling conditions. If you want to spend some unique vacations in the Bahamas I recommend you read our article on Sandals resorts: Emerald bay vs Royal Bahamian

snorkeling in paradise island bahamas

As you reach underwater, you will even be marveled at the beautiful site. Appreciate the beauty of marine animals, coral reefs, and shipwrecks that have transformed into artificial reef systems. Thanks to these man-made attractions, underwater ecosystems are well-balanced.

Snorkeling is an adventurous water sports activity you should definitely try on the Bahamas Island. It’s a fun and diverse activity, especially when you try it on Nassau Paradise Island.

Plus, to help you get started, we’ll give you helpful tips! Experience a unique underwater adventure safely through this guide.

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The Best Nassau Locations for Snorkeling

Nothing compares to the beauty of Paradise Island with its gorgeous ocean features. It’s home to the best locations for snorkeling, diving, and other watersports activities to get the thrill of rushing. Plus, visiting the Bahamas and staying at the Paradise Island Beach Club gives you exclusive access to the best reef systems in Nassau. 

Rose Island Reef

Rose Island Reef, ideal for beginners

On top of the list is the Rose Island Reef. With its ideal depth, snorkelers can move and swim around to get in action. The waters are more shallow, allowing even beginners to test them out. 

Another thing that makes Rose Island Reef unique is its stunning views of bright-colored saltwater fish. Snorkelers can swim with these beautiful species while featuring two large shipwrecks that have become tropical marine ecosystems. 

Gambier Deep Reef

Gambier Deep Reef, for more experienced snorkelers

Gambier Deep Reef is another excellent snorkeling location. This diving area is deeper than Rose Island Reef, with a depth approximating 80 feet. Gambier Deep Reef is located ten miles away from Nassau. 

This reef is often ideal for more experienced snorkelers because it’s way much deeper. But beginners are still welcome to check out its upper portion. The upper part has excellent visibility of the beautiful coral reefs and marine species underwater. 

How You Can Get Started with Snorkeling

One of the best ways to experience snorkeling in Nassau is through the Bahamas Divers Snorkeling Excursions. This company gives you professional diving guides with one-on-one instructions for beginners. 

Moreover, Bahamas Divers Snorkeling Excursions will provide the equipment you need. Their staff can also handle your transportation, so they can pick you up and drop you off from your chosen accommodation. 

Helpful Snorkeling Tips

Snorkeling is challenging, especially when you don’t know how to get started. Plus, no one has done it perfectly the first time! With this, we’re here to help you. Check out our helpful tips to master the art of snorkeling on your next adventure. 

Get the Right Equipment

The right set of snorkeling gear

Here’s the thing about snorkeling – you don’t need that much equipment. Don’t forget your snorkel, mask, and fins, and you should be good! 

And because the things you need are minimal, they matter. This means you must choose your equipment wisely, and guarantee each item is a great fit. A defective mask or loose fins that can easily fall off can ruin your entire snorkeling experience. 

But the necessary equipment will generally be provided if you get snorkeling packages from tour excursion companies. Plus, these companies also ensure that each piece fits properly to avoid accidents or emergencies.

Aside from the three main equipment pieces, what you wear matters. You need enough protection and warmth, especially when the temperature drops. We suggest wearing long-sleeved rashguards or a wetsuit to keep you safe. Plus, the wetsuit is an added security when you bump into shark rocks or reefs underwater. 

Safety Should Always Be A Priority

Snorkeling is all fun and games until you injure yourself! And you don’t want that to happen, do you? 

Before getting into action, wearing the mask and the snorkel should feel comfortable. Snorkeling also involves swimming in great depths, so you must be strong and brave enough to dive into deep water and have the stamina to conquer harsh waves. 

However, get a float vest if you don’t have enough endurance to stay underwater longer. We also suggest snorkeling with a friend to ensure your safety better. Aside from keeping you safe, you’ll likely enjoy more as you appreciate authentic marine ecosystems with your loved ones.

Take Control of Your Snorkeling Mask

Human faces have various shapes and sizes, and so do snorkeling masks. You must find one that suits your facial profile the best, so it’s important to test a few models out. 

Additionally, you must also remember that masks can fill up with water once you start swimming. They can also fog up, hindering your vision when you don’t know how to address this. 

One helpful piece of advice is to lift your head when your mask starts to fill with water. Once you are above the water, pull open the mask’s bottom portion, allowing the water to be drained. Also, you can wet the mask’s interiors when it starts to fog up and dump out the excess. 

Breathing Secrets

Breathing is the secret to successful snorkeling. If you don’t master the proper way to breathe, you’ll likely return to water multiple times. We know it can be challenging for beginners, but relaxing is the way to go. 

Breathing through the mouth is the best way to survive underwater for a long time when snorkeling. We know it can feel uncomfortable, but it’s a skill you must master. You can practice by holding your breath by looking underwater without the snorkel. 

Once you become comfortable doing that, wear your snorkel. Remember to place one end out of the water. Keep the entire snorkel above water while holding your gaze forward. This prevents you from swallowing the ocean water, which can be very salty! 

Learn to relax and let go, and start breathing through your mouth. No one certainly gets it the first time, anyway. Keep in mind that even mastering the proper way to breathe takes time, and practice always makes perfect. Oh, and by the way, if your snorkel gets loaded with water, exhale sharply through the tube. 

Work Those Fins

The primary purpose of your fins is to propel through the water. They help you circle around underwater and pretend to be a fish instead of merely floating. Moreover, remember that your legs are more important than your arms. 

In that case, you need to push your legs. This motion ensures long and smooth scissor-like kicks while allowing your arms to relax. When you manage to master this movement, it’s easier to move around coral reefs and swim with various schools of fish. 

Snorkeling fins normally come in two main types: full-foot and adjustable. We suggest using full-foot fins for beginners. Moreover, you must ensure that the fins are the right fit. They should not be too tight, loose, or uncomfortable, which can be painful when snorkeling. 

After securing the fins, you can start at the shallow end of the water and try a moonwalk. Doing a practice run can help make you feel comfortable easier as you enter an area with waist-deep water. 

Protect Marine Ecosystems At All Costs

protecting marine ecosystem while snorkeling is important

We know seeing marine species casually swimming around underwater will totally excite you. But as human beings, you must always keep a distance from them, especially the coral reefs. The reef systems are fragile and easily get damaged when touched, so stay far away from them. 

Avoid standing beside the corals when you need to take a short break from snorkeling. These special living organisms can also feel suffocated when they feel everything’s too close. 

Enjoy the Snorkeling Paradise

The beatuty of snorkeling on Paradise Island, Bahamas

A room at the Paradise Island Beach Club gives you access to beautiful beach views and authentic water activities. You can also enjoy other remarkable amenities alongside snorkeling to witness unique coral reef systems. 

We know snorkeling is not the easiest water activity, but we hope our tips help! Mastering snorkeling takes time, but it’s entirely possible with your dedication! 

With the right snorkeling gear and headspace, everything becomes a breeze. And aside from Bahamas Divers Snorkeling Excursions, Stuart Cove’s Snorkel Bahamas is also a reputable company for exciting snorkeling adventures. Plus, professional divers can tour you around parts of the ocean water with feeding sharks! 

Visit Paradise Island and experience an adventure of a lifetime! 

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