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Best Slovenian Spas | Luxury Travel

When I think about Slovenia, doesn’t come to my mind only outstanding landscapes but also the best Wellness Centers and Slovenian Spas. With the abundant and diverse selection of thermal spas in Slovenia you will find everything you need.

In the following, I prepared a list of the best Slovenian spas you would like to visit. No matter if your reasons are health, relaxation or fun, here you will definitely find something for yourself and your loved ones.

Radenci health resort

Slovenian Spas

Radenci spa is located in northeastern Slovenia. This is the thermal and bioclimatic resort, more than relaxation, focused on well being and improving health. It is a center for the rehabilitation and cardiovascular patients. This resort will offer you:

  • The mineral baths
  • you will drink mineral water direct from the spring
  • saunas (Finish, Turkish, herbal, infrared, themed sauna programmes)
  • Healing with mud
  • Kneipp baths: soaking in hot and cold water in turns
  • Ayurvedic programmes
  • pain relief and massage therapies
  • facial, body treatments.

Not only that, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, with a workout for all ages, water massages, waterfalls. the pools are provided also for children.

Other indoor activities are aerobics, organized workouts with the help of physiotherapist and fitness workouts.

Another option includes outdoor activities, such as cycling, organized hikes, playing golf, Nordic walking, tennis.

More Info: https://www.sava-hotels-resorts.com/en/zdravilisce-radenci

Terme Čatež spa

Thermal Spas in Slovenia

Perfect spot for relaxation and environment with thermal indoor and outdoor pools and numerous water attractions.

Regardless of a season, all the attractions and pools are adapted to it. In winter, The largest indoor pool offers whirlpools, slides, toboggan, and other water adventures. In summer, the outdoor pool, Formula Race and Pirate’s island is especially interesting for the youngest.

Here are also organized many animation programmes for all generations: pilates, gym, eco workshops, aqua fitness, etc..

Thermana Laško

Thermana Laško, Best Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Located in a peaceful park, in the town of Laško, about 10 kilometers from Celje.

Thermal spring water at Laško is demonstrated to have healing effects, thus it is used as the main healing factor the programmes of Medical Rehabilitation.

Laško Thermal spa resort services include: Ayurveda treatment, pools, saunas, medical center, various therapies, Department of rehabilitative care, wellness programs. Beer wellness pampering is definitely the one you need to try as you can experience only here.

Terme Zreče spa

Zreče thermal spa, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Terme Zreče spa is located in the green environment of the Pohorje mountains. Perfect spot not only for relaxing in many facilities it is offered in Zreče spa but also as active holidays.

Rogla ski resort is a popular destination only half an hour from Terme Zreče spa, where you have countless possibilities to enjoy in nature – hiking, walking, skiing in winter, cycling.

Terme Zreče spa offers natural healing such as mountain peat from Pohorje woods, volcanic mud – fango, thermal water with high calcium and mountain climate.

Facilities they provide: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna village (with Pohorje herbs), fitness, Idyla wellness and spa center.

Terme 3000 spa – Moravske Toplice

Terme 3000 Moravske toplice, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Located in Prekmurje region, in north-east Slovenia, Slovenia’s most famous thermal destination.

The black thermal mineral water, also called “black gold” has many beneficial effects on health and beauty but is not appropriate for consumption. “Black gold” was discovered by accident in 1960.

Highlights include spa and relaxation programs, medical and wellness center, 28 pools, Thermal park, Livada golf course.

There are also offers for cycling tours, Nordic walking and football pitch.

More Info: http://www.moravske-toplice.com/en/vsebina/50/Terme-3000-Spa

Terme Topolšica

Terme Topolšica, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Terme Topolšica spa is located in the northern part of Slovenia, about 10 km from Velenje town.

This spot is definitely awesome as it offers a natural environment, peacefulness, subalpine climate, plenty of sunny days and a hot thermal water appeared from the earth.

The facilities include Wellness center Zala (saunas, Medico wellness, massages), fitness center, indoor pool, outdoor Water park Zora.

More Info: http://www.terme-topolsica.si/en/

Terme Šmarješke Toplice spa

Terme Šmarješke toplice thermal spa, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Situated between forests and grass, in Dolenjska region.

Terme Šmarješke Toplice spa was the first one in Slovenia to offer medical wellness programmes for preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders.

Other facilities include Vitarium spa wellness center, thermal pools, saunas, yoga, Pilates, fitness, training programmes and testing, massages and relaxing herbal baths. In the vicinity of the hotel is a sport park, where you can enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and golf. Climbing journey at the Otočec Adventure Park is another option you can choose and is only 4 kilometers away. Take advantage of peaceful green surroundings and have some active days in nature like cycling, hiking, Nordic walking.

More Info: https://www.terme-krka.com/us/en/destinations/smarjeske-toplice/

Terme Olimia spa

Terme Olimia spa, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

The Terme Olimia spa is located in Podčetrtek, in the east of Slovenia.

This resort is one of the most modern and luxurious thermal spas in Slovenia. It was rated as the best spa and wellness center in Slovenia.

This resort offers a variety of facilities: hotels, holiday village, Wellness Orhidelia – the most prestigious part of Terme Olimia, the largest sauna world in Slovenia, beauty centers, pools, fitness center, a health center, and restaurants where you can try exquisite Slovenian food. This is definitely one of the best Slovenian spas worth visiting.

More Info: http://www.terme-olimia.com/gb

Lifeclass Spa & Wellness Portorož

LifeClass And Wellness Porotorož, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

Lifeclass spa and Wellness Portorož is located in the small city of Portorož, on the Slovenian coast. With more than 110 year of tradition has a long traditional as a natural spa.

The main offer contains all the attributes of local origin such as Sečovlje salt-pans, the sea, Mediterranean climate, mud fango, brine – Aqua Madre, thermo-mineral water.

The highlights are Medical center and center for Aesthetics and anti-aging, beauty center, Wai Tai center, Shakti – Ayurveda center, swimming pools (with sea water and Prehistoric sea), Talasso center, 7 types of saunas, fitness center and group exercises.

Your kids will love this place too, as the offer is provided also for the youngest. They will choose between Mini club, Children’s wellness and playground.

Another option is an active holiday, the coast offers limitless possibilities for cycling, hiking or Nordic walking.

More Info: http://www.lifeclass.net/en/terme-wellness

Rogaška Slatina health resort

Medical cener Rogaška, Slovenian spas, Slovenia

The Rogaška Slatina health resort, with its 400-year tradition, is Slovenian oldest and best known thermal resort. It is located in eastern Slovenia.

Rogaška Slatina resort is well known for its magnesium source – Donat Mg water, which helps in overall health.

Facilities include Balneotherapy, Donat MG drinking water therapy, beauty treatments, different types of massages, health education, dietotherapy, surgery, and physiotherapy.

About renting a car in Slovenia

It is worth to mention that to get to these thermal spas in Slovenia cannot be easy because public transport is limited. I have written a guide about car renting in Ljubljana ( or Slovenia) that can help you with driving in this country.

Final words about the best thermal spas in Slovenia

Hope we helped you choose the most appropriate Thermal Spa in Slovenia to suit your needs and plan your next holidays. There are endless opportunities of amusement in this beautiful country of central Europe.

Currently there is one “Train Spa” offered by the national train services that provides a good alternative to reach some of these famous spas. More info here.

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