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Sandy Beaches in Croatia you want to visit

Thinking about your summer holidays? Would you like to enjoy the beaches in Croatia? And you love the sandy ones? For those looking for an active holiday, with a lot of fun, sports activities for your kids, family, friends or just relaxing and spending your time in peace, somewhere in an intimate atmosphere. Croatia is not only famous because of its Plitvice Lakes National Park but also because of its wonderful coastal line. Though long sandy beaches are not common in the rocky coastline of Croatia and are only a few, you can find some small areas. Their beauty and cleanliness will leave you speechless. Have a look at our list of sandy beaches in Croatia, divided by regions.

Sandy beaches in Istria and Kvarner region

1. Bijeca Beach


When talking about Istria‘s sandy beach, the most famous is Bijeca in the town of Medulin. The sandy beach is 1 km long and has a mild sea entrance. That is why this is the famous place for families with children or non-swimmers. No worries if you don’t bring sunshade, because trees on the beach make enough shade for the whole family. Children will love the floating water park and an amusement park nearby. This place offers many leisure and sports activities, bars, restaurants and other facilities.

2. Čifnata Kampor Beach (Rab)

Are you looking for a sandy isolated beach? With silence if possible? This place might be perfect for you and your loved ones. The beach is located on the island of Rab and can be reached by car or boat.
The beach is surrounded by natural beauty, forests which provide shade. Take into account that there is no service, so you need to take all the food and drink with yourself.
The water is crystal clear, warm and shallow.

3. Lopar (Rab)

Paradise Beach / www.lopar.com
Lopar, on the island of Rab, is known as a sand heaven in Croatia. It boasts more than 20 sandy beaches, but also small and hidden coves. There you will experience a truly peaceful and wild beauty of nature. The sea will not disappoint you, because there is crystal clear, warm and shallow water.
The most famous beach is the Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža), loved by families with kids, elderly and young people.
You can enjoy some beach sports and water activities on numerous beaches surrounded by pristine nature.

Sandy beaches in Dalmatia region

4. Ninska Laguna beach

Queen’s beach (Nin’s lagoon) / nin.hr
Located in the small town of Nin (near Zadar), its total length of sandy beaches is 10 km (6.21 mi). The longest one is  Kraljičina plaža (the Queen’s beach). This place is suitable for families with children as the lagoon is shallow and you can walk around 30 m (98.4 ft).
What makes this beach unique is also medical mud, effective treatment for muscles and joints.
Thanks to winds, the place offers some sea sports, like kite and windsurfing.
The beach contains plenty of bars and restaurants with the view of mountains that takes your breath away.

5. Solaris Beach Resort


Solaris Beach Resort lies on a coast that is 4 km long. It is located in Šibenik and is another place where you will feel the warm sand on your feet. Not only the Resort offers bars, restaurants, wellness and spa, but also some other attractions like Dalmatian ethno village, aquapark and unique sailing adventures by Galija Explorer Ship. Another special Resort’s feature is five thematic beaches: Solaris Club beach, Solaris spa beach, Solaris camping beach, Solaris family beach, Solaris Sand beach.

6. Saharun Beach (Dugi Otok)

Best sandy beaches in croatia Saharun Beach, located in the north of the Dugi Otok island, is almost one-kilometer long white sandy beach with clear waters and surrounded by forest that provides a lot of shade. The water is shallow and ideal even for younger members of the family and elderly. The beach is liked by young people as well as there are many bars and parties at night. Thanks to water’s turquoise blue color (which reminds more like Carribean sea), Saharun Beach is the most photographed beach in Croatia.

7. Slanica Beach  (Murter)


Slanica Beach is the most popular beach on the island of Murter and is partly paved and rocky. As it is most of the time crowded, perhaps is not the best choice for those looking for peace and intimate atmosphere. The sea is shallow and appropriate for many games with children or some water sports activities. The beach is popular among young people, families with children and older people. There are numerous restaurants, bars and entertainment park for children. Have fun with some sports activities, like volleyball and tennis, jet-ski, paddle boats.

8. Saplunara Beach (Mljet)


Saplunara beach is located on the island of Mljet. Because of natural beauty, this place provides a lot of shadows and the atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and finding peace. This beautiful sandy lagoon is about 1 km long and the sea is shallow. The beach has no stores or restaurants, only a bar, so do not forget to bring food and drinks with you for the time you will spend on the beach. There are public toilets and change rooms, beach umbrella and deck chair for rent, but no sports equipment store. In case you want to enjoy sports activities, bring sports equipment.

9. Istruga Beach (Korčula)

Istruga Beach, located on the island of Korčula is not only visited because of entertainment and recreational reasons by the younger generation but also because of medical reasons – dark sea healing mud. In the bay of Istruga, there is a restaurant, sports and recreational center next to the beach (tennis courts, beach volleyball court), surrounded by a Mediterranean green oasis, which provides a lot of shade. Shallow sea, sand and natural shade are suitable for family holidays.

Do you know of other sandy beaches in Croatia that aren’t mentioned in this article? Perhaps you have spent amazing holidays at one of these beaches? If you like, please share your experience with us in the comments below, we will be glad to hear your opinion. If you would like to know more about Croatia’s islands and how to reach them, please check out our guide about island hopping.

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