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Honest Review of Sandals South Coast


Southwestern Jamaica is home to the 5-star, all-inclusive Sandals South Coast resort for adults only. This 500-acre reserve contains a 50-acre resort, making it a very roomy resort. With 372 accessible rooms, the resort is a medium-sized one with a European-inspired look. Two miles of sand extend in front of it, and is situated right on the beach. It’s a beautiful location for morning and evening strolls, and the sense of seclusion along the shore is something special.

There are six Sandals resorts in the group on the island of Jamaica, so picking the best one can be challenging. To help you decide a little bit easier, here is an honest review of Sandals South Coast.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 Stars

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Because of the remoteness of this area, there aren’t many attractions to visit close to the resort. It’s not really commuter-friendly because Montego Bay is also a one-hour and 20-minute drive away. This resort might not be for you if you want to venture outside the resort when you’re on vacation. Nevertheless, due to its size, the resort pretty much contains everything you could possibly need.

Pro Tips

  • If you are thinking of getting married here, one of the genuinely one-of-a-kind things they offer is a wedding chapel hung over the sea. With views of the ocean, this lovely location includes a glass floor. Additionally, there is a wonderful balcony with expansive ocean views. With this venue, you nearly have the impression that you are getting married on a boat.
  • The size and openness of the resort are among the guests’ favorite aspects of it, even though it is a medium-sized resort. The footprint of the resort is huge. This means that the amenities and pool areas are very expansive. A huge advantage is that finding a quiet location is never difficult.
  • There are a few noteworthy aspects of Sandals Resort, but the activities and amenities offered are the most amazing. There are some excellent scuba diving spots close to the South Coast resorts. Scuba diving trips leave the resort daily and are included in your package. This is a significant feature for which you will pay a high price at most resorts.
  • So if scuba diving is your thing, take full use of it. You can obtain a scuba diving certification at Sandals if you don’t have one. But there is an extra charge for this.
  • The most recent location to undergo improvements in the resort is the region of the Dutch village. Since the construction was finished in the summer of 2021, this location is the best one to book a room. Make sure to call the resort ahead of time and ask for a room in this area since these are the newest rooms.
  • The latitudes over the water bar were one of the guests’ favorite bits of this resort. This bar is unique and is situated at the end of a pier. There are hammock-like spaces all around the bar area, hanging over the water. It’s the ideal location to enhance your level of relaxation.
  • The resort’s on-site plant nursery is one of its highly unique features. As you stroll through the resort, you’ll see how immaculately maintained the grounds are and how many of the flowers used in the arrangements are farmed on-site, which is really stunning.
  • The resort includes a departure lounge if you have an evening flight where you may deposit your bags, shower, and get ready before traveling.
  • Seeing how this resort truly respects the local way of life is enjoyable. There was an open market one of the days with a variety of items made of wood that was handcrafted in the region, including plates and ornaments. You could see the artistry that went into creating these; they were very impressive. At Sandals South Coast, you can truly appreciate how local companies are represented.

The Layout of the Resort

Spread out over a large area, and the resort is divided into various sections. Each section has a general European feel to it. The villages in these regions are French, Italian, and Dutch, and this is where the lodgings are. The resort is so huge that you must walk everywhere; unlike other resorts, it does not have a system of golf carts to transport guests.

The beach was one of the guests’ favorite places to go for walks considering that the beach runs the entire length of the resort. Walking on it will get you pretty much any place you want to go.

The large pool areas are immediately in front of the complexes in the French and Dutch villages. It is absolutely preferable to reside in the French and Dutch towns to have quick access to the pools because the Italian region only includes a large Jacuzzi.


You will be welcomed by a staff member who will take your bags as soon as you arrive at the resort. Check-in is typically completed quite quickly because there are so many desks in the main reception area, which is roomy and airy.

Are kids welcome at Sandals South Coast?

If you were looking to take the family on vacation, you would need to look at other resorts since this one is for adults only. 


The resort chain Sandals is well known for its outstanding amenities. The South Coast Resort is no exception, offering a variety of fantastic activities for you to enjoy during your visit.


There are three large, spacious pools at the South Coast resort, so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating a lounge chair or a quiet place to unwind. Throughout the day, live music is played at the main pool, which is a beautiful location and has a pleasant ambience. With planned activities and just good conversation, the pool staff creates a wonderful atmosphere. There is no need to participate, but if this is your mood, the main pool is the ideal location.


The resort features four tennis courts. This resort is ideal if you enjoy tennis because the courts are built professionally. You may also play in the evenings when it’s chilly because there are floodlights.


There is a decent gym here. It’s roomy and has a lot of cardio equipment, a machine weights area, and a good number of free weights. While not the most recent, all of the equipment is entirely operational. Furthermore, some classes are held in a huge separate cardio space. There is also a full day’s worth of gym lessons.

Activities for the Day

The day is filled with a wide variety of activities and events. This is the strongest point of the Sandals resort. From structured team sports and activities, including Table tennis, tennis competitions, and volleyball, to numerous water sports, including sailing, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, are available.

Activities for the Night

There was usually activity at night. They range from a silent disco one night to a Jamaican-themed event the next. Most activities take place in a theater, which has a good evening atmosphere. Having fun is guaranteed.


The Sandals South Coast is not the place for you if you’re hoping to play a few holes of golf while there. There aren’t many courses offered in the area.  There is a Sandals-branded golf course in the Ocho Rios area, so if you’re searching for a Sandals resort close to a golf course, you’re better off looking at resorts there. The Sandals Ocho Rios resort is the one that is closest to the golf course, so consider staying there if you’re taking a golf vacation.


One of the hotel’s most unique features is the beach. The waves are tranquil and blue, and the sand is beautiful and silky. The beach is very long and has several private spots that practically give you the impression that you are on a private island. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot because of the beach’s size.

The absence of seagrass is another fantastic feature of this beach. On the beach itself, food and beverage service is available.

Every day around noon, a fresh coconut station was set up on the beach where you could get the coconuts straight from the tree, with a dash of rum if you so wished. These were very energizing, and they are another instance of Sandals living up to its promise of providing small, luxurious touches.


Offerings of the Sandals resort include the Red Lane Spa. These are excellent facilities. There is a comprehensive spa menu available. Although the costs are considerable, you are on vacation, so who cares?

There are numerous locations across the resort where you can have a couples massage if you’d like, whether it’s on the beach or, if you’re staying in an Overwater bungalow, in your suite.

Additionally, a full beauty salon is available, which is particularly convenient if you organize a wedding here.


Simply said, no request is too much for the staff members here, who are always there to assist you. Food and drink service is available by the pools and the beach, and the employees offer prompt service.

Additionally, the butler service is excellent. Your personal butler’s contact information is provided to you at the beginning of your trip, and you can reach them by text or phone for any requests.


The number of different room classifications that Sandals resorts provide is one of the few things that some guests don’t enjoy. Since there are so many options, it might be a little intimidating. 

sandals south coast rooms

The resort is split up into several unique areas. They are divided according to the places’ layout and architecture. There are French, Dutch, and Italian areas. In addition to these locations, there is also the luxurious Rondoval Butler Suite and overwater cottages.

Choices for Food and Restaurants

With nine restaurants available, there are many different options for food. There are lots of places you can go. The cuisine was of very high quality, and the consistency of the meals over the course of our stay was unusual for an all-inclusive.

sandals south coast beaches

Does the Sandals South coast have a dress code?

The resort’s restaurants actually have a dress code. There are two different categories: “Resort Casual Attire” and “Resort Evening Elegant.”  The dress code is strictly adhered to in restaurants, so pack accordingly.

Resort Casual Attire

It’s possible to wear anything in this broad category. The only restriction is that one must wear shirts and shoes at all times and cover their swimwear.

Resort Evening Elegant

Undoubtedly, this is a touch more formal. Trousers are required for men. Wearing jeans are okay. However, they must be paired with a long- or short-sleeved shirt. Flip-flops and sneakers are prohibited. Although there is no set dress code for ladies, it is generally advised just to wear sundresses, pants, or a good top.


What Sandals excel at is paying attention to detail. Everything about this place radiates positivity, from the fantastic amenities that will keep you occupied to the fabulous entertainment team. The quality of service you receive is truly exceptional. If you’re looking to have a good time, check out this resort.

The resort itself needs to be updated in certain places, but the busy schedule of events and excellent service quickly make up for it. By reserving a room in the Dutch village, you can also maximize your chances of staying in the resort’s more modern sections.

Sandals South Coast is the only place to go if you want a high-quality getaway where having fun is the ultimate goal of your trip.

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