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Sandals Royal Plantation: An Authentic Evaluation For Couples on Their Honeymoon (2022)

We recently returned from a stay at Sandals Royal Plantation. We are providing you with this review if you consider making reservations there.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is home to one of the Sandals Resorts with the highest ratings. That resort is the Sandals Royal Plantation.

sandals royal plantation reviews

Why do so many people enjoy staying at Sandals Royal Plantation?

Its size and the fact that it offers Butler Elite service to every room set Sandals Royal Plantation apart from other resorts. There are only 74 suites available, all of which offer an ocean view and butler service.

You can always take a shuttle to Sandals Ochi, just down the road from Sandals Royal Plantation, if you prefer the tranquil stay but still want the facilities you find at the larger resorts. This is another perk of being at Sandals Royal Plantation, another advantage of vacationing there.

This resort is a favorite among visitors who enjoy a more relaxed and personal atmosphere, which may be one of the reasons that 65 percent of tourists return at least once.

What It Is That Individuals Don’t Like About Sandals Royal Plantation

Some guests enjoy the fact that the resort is tiny and much quieter than other accommodations. Still, other guests wish there was more going on at the property and want to avoid taking a shuttle to another resort to access more amenities.

Sandals Ochi is the only place where you can go scuba diving, and it’s also where you’ll find livelier entertainment and more dining options. The only site you can go scuba diving is at Sandals Ochi.


The Sandal’s Royal Plantation features one large pool, a whirlpool, and a separate, more intimate pool fed by a spring. These pools are perfect for kicking back and unwinding in the sun. It is a minimal area; nonetheless, even when the resort is at its maximum occupancy, there are typically empty chairs in the pool area.

You can travel to Sandals Ochi next door to experience a more vibrant atmosphere. There, you can make use of the resort’s many huge pools and whirlpools, as well as its multiple swim-up bars.

Loungers and umbrellas surround the jacuzzi hot tub for shade.

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Beaches as a whole

The beaches of Sandals Royal Plantation are some of the most beautiful in the world. The beach is lovely, and the water is crystal clear. The staff’s daily raking of the sand keeps the coast clear of litter.

While the resort has few rooms, we have always had trouble locating empty chairs in this location.

These beaches are among the most beautiful that Sandals Resorts has to offer. Because they are private, no one will be present to attempt to sell you anything while you are there (except some Sandals employees from the Spa and loyalty office). Also, the service is excellent.

Someone would check on us every ten to fifteen minutes to see if we needed anything fresh to eat or drink and if we wanted them to bring it.

Because a coral reef encircles it, the water at East Beach is consistently some of the most tranquil you’ll find anywhere in Jamaica. You may also rent watersports equipment here, such as kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, and take the snorkeling boat and the glass-bottom boat tours from this location.

A day spent lounging on the West beach, complete with swings, day beds, and tiki huts, is just what the doctor ordered.


There are five restaurants to choose from, and each one is included in the price of your stay.

During our visit, we also took advantage of having breakfast delivered to our room on several separate occasions, as well as late-night room service and beach lunch delivery.

In addition, we strongly advise that you research the dining options available at Sandals Ochi and arrive with a list of recommendations for the eateries that most pique your interest. This will ensure that you can have meals at each of the establishments that are most important to you.

If you do not feel like venturing out to a restaurant, please do not hesitate to summon your butler so that you may take advantage of the in-room dining options available to you.

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Le Papillon

The French dishes of Le Papillion are prepared with Jamaican ingredients whenever possible.

It would be best if you didn’t leave without tasting the herb-crusted lamb rack and the French onion soup on the menu. L’Aphrodisiaque is the name of the specialty cocktail served at this establishment. It is made of St. Remy VSOP brandy, Cointreau, pineapple, cranberry, and Sprite.

You will want to take advantage of the herb-crusted rack of lamb and the French onion soup, so make sure to have both on your order.

The Patio or Deck

Whether eating breakfast, lunch, or supper, you’ll be treated to breathtaking ocean views. The Terrace is a high-end restaurant that serves food à la carte and has a main menu, in addition to a menu that changes seasonally and features a variety of cuisines. The first night was Jamaican, and the second was Italian.

As a result of our long flight from Europe, we arrived at the resort feeling exhausted and went straight to bed after dinner. After you have dined at the Terrace, if you are anything like us, you will be eager to watch the nightly entertainment from the comfort of your seat.

The crab cake and the snapper are the dishes that we recommend you order.

Royal Grill

Since the Royal Grill is located directly on the beach, we can have a delectable meal while listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

The fact that reservations are not required to be made is one of the many perks Royal Grill offers.

The Surf and Turf are the Simple Choice for the Suggested Order!

Tea Terrace

At Tea Terrace, a charming tea bar that welcomes guests for an experience similar to a late afternoon teatime, the custom of taking afternoon tea, which first gained popularity in the 1800s, is still alive and well today. The love of tea is honored at the Tea Terrace by implementing time-old customs brought to the Caribbean islands from Great Britain.

Tea service is available daily from 4-5 p.m. This comes with the tea of your choice, which you may select based on the flavors offered and the amount of caffeine each serving contains. In addition, you will be provided with a variety of sandwiches, scones, and several other bite-sized delights.

Peacock with Wobbly Knees

The Wobbly Peacock is a bustling tavern with the right amount of laid-back charm and joyful vitality. The gastropub cuisine starts serving nibbles at three in the afternoon and stays open till midnight.

The Wobbly Peacock is a gastropub serving local and imported beers like Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale. It has a fantastic range of ales, which contributes to the traditional pub appeal of the establishment.

Try some of the Buffalo chicken wings, which are highly recommended.

CBar, No other all-inclusive resort in the world, offers exquisite caviar served at the Caribbean’s finest and Jamaica’s only Champagne and Caviar bar. CBar is located in Jamaica. In addition, an extensive wine cellar is stocked with wines of international quality and selection. For an additional fee, caviar is available.

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Suites & Villas

Most Sandals resorts provide a wide variety of room types. Still, Sandals Royal Plantation is the only property on the island that is entirely comprised of suites, each with its butler.

Villa Plantana

The one-of-a-kind, three-bedroom Beachfront Villa Plantana is elevated over the resort’s peaceful East Beach. This secluded hideaway comes complete with its own private driveway and a stone path connecting it to the main lodge. A great space is created by the expansive living and dining areas, which open up captivating ocean views.

The villa comes with its very own personal swimming pool. You are welcome to kick back and relax on the Terrace with a drink that the estate’s butler has prepared for you.

Butler Suite at the Governor-General Beachfront Building with One Bedroom

This fabulous Love Nest Butler Suite is found on the top level of the resort’s Beachfront West Wing, providing guests with stunning views of the peaceful sea. It features a large living and dining space, a main bedroom with an attached bathroom, and a grandmaster bedroom. A chaise lounge and a bistro set are provided on the suite’s two walkout balconies, where guests can unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Suite Royale with One Bedroom and Butler Service Beachfront

This magnificent Love Nest Butler Suite is located on the resort’s second floor and provides guests with breathtaking views of the ocean from their own balcony. The suite features an open living area with a fully stocked bar and a substantial primary bedroom with a lavish marble en-suite bathroom with a large Roman tub, walk-in shower, and other elegant accents. In addition, the suite contains an open living room with a fully stocked bar.

Coastal Monarch Suite with Butler Service

The Monarch Beachfront Butler Suite has a living room that is open and airy, as well as stunning views of the ocean that are framed by the enormous sliding glass doors that are located on the French balcony. These highly desirable suites can be found in the resort’s West Wing, which is just a few yards away from the water.

The Marquis Beachfront B All-inclusive packages at Sandals Royal Plantation begin at $324 per person and go up. The exact amount increases based on the hotel you book, and the time of year you travel.

Sandals Royal Plantation Offers a Variety of Romantic Honeymoon Packages

A honeymoon at Sandals Royal Plantation is sure to be memorable and enjoyable. Suppose you book your trip to a Sandals resort within 30 days of your wedding day, in addition to all the numerous things included in a stay at a Sandals resort. In that case, a few add-ons come free of charge.

At Sandals Royal Plantation, you may look forward to the following on your honeymoon:

  • Your room has been thoughtfully furnished with a bottle of chilled sparkling wine to raise a glass to your bright future.
  • On the first night of your honeymoon, a specialized turndown service will be provided for you, which will involve the placement of flower petals on your bed.
  • During the morning of your choice, you will receive fresh flowers and a delectable breakfast in bed.
  • Sandals Royal Plantation offers several different wedding packages.
  • The following items are included in Sandals’ complimentary Wedding Package:
  • A specialized group for the preparation of weddings
  • Preparation of the legal paperwork for the marriage
  • Picturesque ceremony location
  • Fuchsia Dendrobium orchids were used for the bouquet carried by the bride as well as the boutonniere worn by the groom.
  • A reception that features a wedding cake, table arrangements, a cocktail reception that features a trademark cocktail, and other elements, among other things.

You will also receive the following when you get married at Sandals Royal Plantation:

For an additional fee, you can personalize your wedding by adding extras such as chair caps, a ceremony structure, and other components.

The resort provides even additional perks to those who remain there for extended periods. When you book a stay of seven nights, you will enjoy the following extras:

$500 to be applied toward registration and administrative costs

$500 toward the purchase of a more upscale accommodation

The credit of $200 toward the purchase of videography or an anniversary on select packages.

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What exactly do you get?

When referring to Sandals resorts, the phrase “all-inclusive” refers to the fact that after you check in, you won’t have to be concerned about whether or not specific amenities are part of the package.

Limitless Fine Dining

The endless gourmet dining experience at the hotel’s five restaurants includes breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. During your stay, you also enjoy access to all 17 of Sandals Ochi’s restaurants and bars.

Unlimited Beverages as Part of an All-Inclusive Package

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, Sandals only offers premium-brand liquors that are always complementary and do not have any limits. Sandals only provide top brand liquors that are always included and unlimited as part of the 5-Star Luxury Included® experience. These liquors are never charged more for. You can place any order, including exotic drink specialties such as a Pina Colada, Margarita, Blue Lagoon, or Bahama Mama, which you might anticipate finding at a beachside resort.

You may either go to the Wobbly Peacock, a pub located on the property, and have a drink there, or you can have your butler bring you a drink by the pool.

Every room features a mini-fridge stocked with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including local beers, Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wine, and soft drinks.

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In Sandals resorts, even the tips, taxes, and gratuities that you would typically tip for are included in the price of the service they provide. At any specialty restaurant, you do not need to be concerned about leaving a tip for the bartender, bellman, or waiter.

Your butler can receive tips and will do so. Depending on how frequently you use their services, we advise leaving a gratuity of $20 per day for a butler.

Transfers to and from the airport, round trip

The bus ride from Montego Bay International Airport to Sandals Royal Plantation and return, which takes around 90 minutes and is air-conditioned, is included in the package.

You can arrive in a private transfer in a vehicle of a higher caliber for an additional fee.

Activities That Are Included

Even scuba diving is part of the deal when you stay at Sandals. For certified divers, the maximum number of dives daily is two, and each dive requires two tanks.

Scuba diving lessons are not included, although they begin at $120 per person. If you stay at Sandals Royal Plantation and want to do scuba diving, you must go to Sandals Ochi, located next door.

Any guest can participate in various water sports, including using the Aquatrikes, the Underwater Vision (Glass bottom) Boat, the Kayaks, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding, or snorkeling.

There is always something fun to do in the area around the resort. Ping pong tables, tennis courts, and various other ground activities are available.

In all of Sandals’ properties across Jamaica, complimentary green fees are provided. The Sandals Golf & Country Club can be reached in a little over a quarter of an hour. Favorable green prices are provided for every guest, and complimentary golf clinics are held weekly.

Caddies are required, and the fee for their services is approximately $20 for walkers and $30 for shared carts. While they are not employees of Sandals, it is appropriate to tip your caddies.

An additional fee is associated with renting a golf cart, shoes, or clubs. However, these items are accessible to you if you are interested.

If you want to get in shape, the Red Lane Spa has free gym courses and workout equipment for guests.


The resort offers a variety of nightly entertainment options, including dancing with a cabaret act, listening to a steel band from the Caribbean, and a jazz trio. Piano improvisations are performed live and can be heard inside the Wobbly Peacock.

There will be extra cocktail parties in the afternoon, several days each week.

A nuptial package at no cost at Sandals

You are eligible for a complimentary wedding ceremony if you stay more than three nights.

Delivery to Your Room

Room service is accessible during the day, along with a menu for later in the evening.

We hoped that this article helped!

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