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The Review And Guide For Sandals Royal Caribbean

The only resort in Jamaica with its own island is Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort. The beachside resort has a lot of greenery and winding paths to walk on. There are also a number of pools where you can cool off. Since Sandals Resort Royal Caribbean is not spread out along the coast but is more of a block, it feels like a few different areas are all connected. If you’re looking for a review of Sandals Royal Caribbean’s overwater bungalows, tips on where to eat, information on whether the butler service is worth it, or any other insider information about Royal Caribbean, you’ll find it here.

Check out our guide to the best Sandals resort in Jamaica HERE. Hint: the best depends on what you like.

We love Sandals Royal Caribbean. Want to know why? It’s quiet and calm! Sandals Royal Caribbean is the place to go if you want a quiet place with lush tropical grounds. It tends to attract older people because the resort as a whole has a more laid-back feel. There are many quiet, private spots around the resort, including the private island, where you can go to relax. But the main beach is usually pretty busy with music and water volleyball during the day.

And the bad things… It’s pretty quiet, and there’s not much to do. Some people like this and some people don’t. But Sandals Royal Caribbean isn’t the place to go if you want to have a lot of fun, especially in the evenings. And a lot of the rooms at the resort are older and have a tropical style instead of a more modern look.

Sandals Royal Caribbean reviews


Let’s start our Sandals Royal Caribbean Reviews by taking a quick look at what makes it different from Montego Bay. Sandals Even though Royal Caribbean is right by the beach, it is more of a resort with pools. Montego Bay, on the other hand, is a beach resort with a long stretch of sand beach and plenty of space for beachgoers to do things along the shore. The way the buildings are put together is also different. There are several small coves on the Royal Caribbean Sandals beach, and the property goes further inland away from the water. The buildings in Montego Bay, on the other hand, are all lined up along the ocean.

Most of the buildings at Jamaica Sandals Royal Caribbean have pools and/or rooms that you can access from the pool, as well as lush gardens. As a cool extra, Royal Caribbean has a private island and bungalows that are built over water. Now, let’s get to the reviews of Sandals Royal Caribbean, which is what we’ve been waiting for.

Read our full review and guide to Sandals Montego Bay HERE.


The beach on Sandals Cay

You can enjoy the quiet island because it’s not easy to get to the beach, so there aren’t a lot of people there. At the back of the island, you can snorkel and see fish near the rocks. I wouldn’t go on the trip just to go snorkeling. But if you like to hang out by the pool, Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & private island can be a great place with a great view. For dinner, you could go to the well-known Thai restaurant there.

It’s not hard to get to and from the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & private island in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Boats leave from the watersports dock near the Windsor building and go back and forth to the island. You can take a dragon boat or a pontoon for the trip, which only takes 1 to 2 minutes each way and is fun and beautiful.

sandals royal caribbean reviews



Breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

What to expect: food from the Caribbean

Dress code: Resort casual dress

There are air-conditioned dining rooms inside and outside.

Spices Caribbean Cuisine

Spices is an upscale island restaurant that serves dishes from all over the Caribbean. You can come here for breakfast or lunch, and the buffet themes and made-to-order options change all the time. There is also food for vegans and vegetarians.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Le Jardinier

The hours for Le Jardinier Terrace and Sign Breakfast are 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

French food is what to expect.

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Dining: Indoor and outdoor dining

It’s probably the best place for couples to have breakfast because it’s so romantic. At breakfast, there is a good selection of both cold (fruit cuts, cereals, tip-top pastries) and hot (eggs, ackee, and saltfish, French toast) foods.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.


Bella Napoli Pizzeria Bella Napoli

Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What to look for: Pizzeria

Dress code: Resort Casual Dress Dining: Outdoor Dining

Nothing says “comfort food” like a warm slice of pizza made in a brick oven with fresh mozzarella cheese, homemade tomato sauce, and your choice of herbs and toppings. Some of the kinds of pizza with toppings are margherita, vegetarian, Hawaiian, and calabrese. The restaurant is in a busy area right next to Mariner. Watch your pizza cook over a wood fire before it’s brought to you.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Caribbean food uses spices

Lunch is served from 12:30 to 2:30.

What to expect: food from the Caribbean

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Indoor air-conditioned dining and dining outside

They have lunch buffets and a lot of food that can be made to order. Spices is a restaurant that serves food with flavors from all over the world. It’s the perfect place to start learning about Pan-Caribbean food because of its tropical setting, friendly people, and great wines and spirits.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

The Mariner Seaside Bar and Grill

Mariner Restaurant

Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Jamaican food is what to expect.

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Simple and casual bar food served outside

People come for the tasty grilled food and refreshing drinks, which are typical of the Caribbean. You can also get wraps, French fries, salad, and dishes like jerk chicken and jerk pork that are popular in the area. After that, take a peaceful walk along the beach.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

The Jerk Shack (The Jerk Shack)

The private island has a Jerk Shack.

Lunch is served from 12 pm to 4 pm.

What to expect: Jerk food from Jamaica

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Dining: Outdoor dining

The Jerk Shack is a hidden gem in the middle of the private island. It serves the best Jamaican jerk food. Meats are marinated in a mixture of allspice and hot scotch bonnet peppers. Callaloo, scallions, thyme, and garlic are some of the Jamaican ingredients that are used in the food here. Aside from that, this is one of our favorite places.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.


Bombay Club for Dinner

The Bombay Entry is open from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Indian food is what to expect.

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Indoor air-conditioned dining and dining outside

The Bombay Club is the best place to go for great times, beautiful views, and exotic food. Indian dishes are full of fragrant spices like cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg that give them many different colors. There are dishes like butter chicken, shrimp pakoras, and vegetable samosas. You need to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Thai Royal

The store is open from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.

Thai food is what you can expect.

Dress code: Resort casual

Dining: Indoor dining

To get here, you’ll first take a real dragon boat to a private island where Royal Thai is. This is one of Sandals Jamaica Royal Caribbean’s most popular spots. Royal Thai is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that serves exotic food like lumpia, pork loin cooked in ginger sauce, and shrimp and pepper in oyster sauce. You need to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Le Jardinier

Opening hours: 5:30pm – 9:00pm

French food is what to expect.

Dress code: Resort evening dress

Dining: Outdoor dining

Some of the things that bring people to this French gem are the delicious pastries, fragrant French wines, grilled Caribbean lobster, and garden pea risotto. Everything this restaurant serves has been carefully made and is presented in a nice way. The ideal date for a romantic dinner. You need to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

sandals royal caribbean reviews==========

The Cricketers at the Pub Sandals Resorts

The store is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

What to expect: a pub in Britain

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Indoor dining in air conditioning

At The Cricketers Pub, you can get a taste of England even though you are not in England. Have a shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and bangers and mash, and maybe one or two pints. The Cricketers Pint has a friendly, warm atmosphere for people who want to chill out and drink good ale. No one needs to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Caribbean food uses spices

The store is open from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.

What to expect: food from the Caribbean

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Indoor air-conditioned dining and dining outside

At night, the restaurant serves dishes with pimento, nutmeg, and cinnamon, which are all popular spices in the Caribbean. Have dinner while watching a fiery sunset and enjoying the cool sea breeze and passing sailboats. The perfect place to start your evening for a lively meal by the Caribbean Sea. No one needs to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

La Tavola La Tavola at Night Sandals Resorts 

The store is open from 6 pm to 9 pm.

What to expect: food from Italy

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Dining: Outdoor dining

The chefs at La Tavola use farm-fresh ingredients and a lot of love for food to make their dishes. Try some Italian specialties like octopus on the grill, linguine, and tiramisu. At night, the restaurant is lit up beautifully with blue lights around the dining terrace. No one needs to make a reservation.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

Late at Night

Cricketers Pub 

The store is open from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Dress code: Resort casual dress

Since it’s open until 2 a.m., the Cricketers Pub is one of the most popular places to hang out at night at Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica. It’s known for having good food and fun. But keep in mind that you can only get food until 10 pm.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.

The Mariner Beach Grill

Open from 10 pm to 2 am

What to expect: Snacks served late at night

Dress code: Resort casual

Come to the Mariner when you’re hungry late at night. You can satisfy your hunger with fries, wraps, or even jerk chicken. The Mariner is the only place in Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay where you can get late-night snacks.

Check out what’s on the menu right now.


Resort casual

When a restaurant says “casual,” you can wear shorts and just about any kind of shirt or t-shirt. But your swimwear should be covered, and you still have to wear shoes.

Resort evening

In the more fancy restaurants, you can’t wear shorts. Dress shirts and pants or dresses are required. No hats, t-shirts without sleeves, tennis shoes, or flip-flops.

sandals royal caribbean reviews-------


Since you can’t make reservations before you get there, this should be the first thing you do when you get there. You will always find a place to eat, even if it’s not your first choice.

Butler level

You can’t book a table before you get there. But if you have butler service, you can tell them what you want and they will try their best to make it happen. Always ask when you get there, too, in case they haven’t checked your reservation yet.

Club level

The club lounge is where you can make reservations for the Club Level.

Luxury Level

You can make a reservation at the culinary desk, which is next to the main lobby and across from Bayside.

Island Swim-up Bar Island Swim-up Bar

Opening times: 10 am-5 pm

Signature pool bars let you get a cold mojito or pia colada without even leaving the pool. During the day, the island is pretty quiet, and the swim-up bar is the perfect place to get away from Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort Jamaica’s busier areas and enjoy the view.


Mariner Seaside Bar

Mariner Bar

Opening times: 11 am-6 pm

This beach bar is right on the main beach and is also the bar for the Mariner restaurant. It’s a lively place to hang out with a cold drink and watch the waves while people watch.

Piano Bar Piano Bar 

Opening times: 5 pm-1 am

The Piano Bar is right in the middle of all the restaurants and close to the nightlife. It is the most popular place to meet up in the evening to talk or just drink a margarita and listen to the music.

Swim-up bar at the main pool

Opening times: 10 am-5 pm

With a cold drink in hand, you can enjoy the party atmosphere at the main pool’s swim-up bar. All day long, you can hear music playing. People like to hang out at this spot during the day, which is just behind the main beach area.

Cricket’s at Night, The Cricketers Pub

Opening times: 4 pm-2 am

In a real English pub, you can get the classic pub foods. Enjoy the small British-style pub that is tucked away and will give you a good time.

Bar in Highgrove

Bar in Highgrove

Have the best time of your life at the Highgrove bar with a cold one. The pool areas in the back of the property are served by this area.


The resort only has blue mountain coffee.

Help in the room

Room service is not part of the luxury level.

The club level has a standard room service menu that is open from 7 am to 10 pm.

If you have a butler, you can ask for anything at the Jamaica Royal Caribbean Sandals resort and they will try to get it for you. So, you can order food from one of the restaurants to eat on your balcony, but only when your butler is on duty. From the room service menu, you can get room service at any time.


Moving on to the entertainment part of our reviews, the entertainment on Sandals Royal Caribbean is always changing. It looks like the schedule is no longer posted anywhere. When you get to the property, look at the app and it will show you all the things you can do that day. You can also ask at the front desk for a copy of the week’s activities.

You don’t really need to know what’s going on in Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay Jamaica before you get there. But you should know that this is one of the more quiet resorts, especially in the evening. It’s the place to go if you like to sit on the beach and listen to the water. Check out Sandals Montego Bay, which is just down the road, if you want to go to a disco party. At night, there’s more going on. Most of the time, Sandals Ochi in Ocho Rios is even more like a party.


The rooms can also change at any time. We do our best to keep up with building projects, but Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay doesn’t tell us about building projects in advance. If you’re looking for a certain type of room and can’t find it for a long time, it’s probably because the hotel is renovating or tearing it down.

Room Levels

In this Sandals Royal Caribbean Review, you’ll learn about all of the different types of rooms at Sandals resorts. These are them:


The service is about the same as normal hotel service, which is the base level. It’s not bad at all. You can ask the front desk for anything you need, and it’s easy to make reservations.


This choice is in the middle and comes with room service. The same as having a concierge at the resort. They will help you make reservations for dinner, the spa, tours, and other things.


This is the option where Royal Caribbean Jamaica Sandals takes care of everything. No, it’s not that each butler is ready to serve you all the time. But they will bring things to you, set up coolers and chairs at the beach for you, drop off snacks, draw baths, etc. They’re nice to have, but if I’m being honest, it’s not that hard to walk 1 minute to Le Jardinier for a sweet treat, 10 steps to the bar, or draw my own bath.

The biggest benefit of having a butler is that they can make dinner reservations and beach chair reservations for you. This makes your whole time at Royal Caribbean Sandals Jamaica feel more luxurious. Sometimes it’s hard to get into a place or get a chair in a good spot with shade, but the butlers can usually make it happen.

If you have the money to go to Sandals Royal Caribbean, which is an all-inclusive hotel, I’d say go for it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Rooms for Honeymoons and Romances

Some rooms are called “honeymoon” or “love nest” rooms in Sandals Royal Caribbean over-the-water villas reviews, but they are the same rooms as their counterparts. In the Poinciana building, for example, there are B1B rooms and HB1B rooms. The rooms are the SAME. I really don’t understand why there are so many titles. It just adds to the confusion about which room to pick.

Asking for a certain room

This is always a request, not a promise. To make a request, you must call the 1800 number. I’ve found that it’s best to talk about the location rather than a specific room number, like the third floor farther from the bar, etc. So, if your room number isn’t available, they’ll know what you’re looking for and try to find something else.

Buildings with room numbers on Sandals Island RC Overwater Villas and Bungalows

I took off the “90” from the map so it would be easier to read.

Since all of the villas face the ocean, you will have your own space. If you want the most privacy, choose the bungalows 9906–9009, which are the only ones that don’t start to wrap back around and face the others. The last four units (you can see from the pictures that there are four of them) would be the least private because they are right across the dock from the private island.

The villas are different because some have more space and privacy than others, and none of them face the mainland or the infinity pool. Even though the villas are a few thousand dollars more expensive for two days, they are well worth it. Even more so for a romantic treat.

Tip: These sell out fast! Sometimes there are two nights left, but the price for just two nights is through the roof. When you stay 3 or more nights at Sandals, you get a 50–60% discount if you add it to the beginning or end of a trip as a split stay. Just make the reservation and call to get the price changed.


Building at Highgrove

There are swim-up suites in a brand-new four-story building. They’re at the back of the property, so it’s a longer walk to the beach. However, they have nice pools and their own bar. There might have been some noise from the water slide on the property next door, but when we were there, it seemed pretty quiet and peaceful. The building used to be called Chequers, but now it is called Highgrove. The place is great for people who like pools because it has swim-up rooms, a separate pool, and a pool bar.

Arundel Building

Arundel Building

The main walkway from the main resort area with restaurants and entertainment to the buildings in the back of the property runs along the Caernarvon pool area. So, a lot of people would walk by the lower-level walkouts. Shuttles and arrivals may make more noise in the rooms near the “front” or main lobby and the circle drive entrance. On the second floor, a walkway leads from this building to the Carisbrooke building.

Carisbrooke Building

This is our least favorite building at the resort, but it usually has the cheapest rooms. So, if you want to save money, this could be a good room for you. There is neither a balcony nor a patio in the rooms. Instead, there is a window that looks out onto the walkway and Le Jardinier.

Building of St. James

It’s close to the lobby and gets a fair amount of foot traffic, but it’s quiet because of the greenery and pool in front. The lower rooms are not technically swim-up rooms, but there is a pool that runs along the front of the building.

Building Clarence

We really liked the Clarence building. It’s close to everything, but the lush greenery makes it feel like a private space. Some of the other rooms are less private than the patios. The views are nice. Most of the time, you can see the garden or pool, but sometimes you can see the ocean through the trees. The pool looks like a natural lagoon, which I think makes it look nicer than some.

Buckingham Building

Good location. It’s a little farther from the main lobby area, but you can walk there easily. The Clarence building has a view like this. The rooms on the ground floor are not technically swim-ups, but they are similar to the ones in the St. James building in that they have a small path between the pool and the patios.

Building in Edinburgh

Most of the view is of gardens and other buildings, but between the Balmoral and Sandringham buildings, you can see the ocean. The ocean views from the middle rooms would be the least blocked.

The Windsor Castle

sandals royal caribbean reviews-------------

The Windsor Castle

This place is great, but it will be very busy. The Windsor and Sandringham buildings are on the only long, nice beach at the resort, and it gets busy during the day. The pictures of the rooms with walk-outs in the Windsor building are accurate, but you should be ready to share that stretch of sand with a LOT of other people. People talk a lot about the TREE. 

Sandringham Building

Sandringham Building

The neighborhood of Sandringham East Side

It’s in a great spot and has some of the best views on the property, but it’s close to the busiest part of the beach, so it could be noisy during the day. The BBC category is one of the most popular on the property, and the only two rooms in that category get booked up quickly. But the views are incredible!

Kensington Building

As of January 2023, it looks like the Kensington building is being torn down or fixed up. It’s a quiet building at the end of the property with a pool and a path to the beach. The beach is small, but the area around the Windsor building is where the party is.

sandals royal caribbean reviews=--


If you want a butler, you’ll need to fill out the butler preference sheet, which you can get after you’ve paid in full. Print a copy to bring with you.

You will take a private BMW from the airport to your hotel.

As soon as you arrive at Royal Caribbean Sandals Montego Bay, you’ll be taken to a separate lounge called the club lounge. They’ll bring you a drink and call your butler to take you to your room or show you around the resort if your room isn’t ready yet.

What do butlers do? How do I ask for something?

They set up chairs and coolers for you, bring you snacks during the day, stock your room, draw baths, set up tours, make dinner reservations, set up spa treatments, etc.

In our Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica reviews, we’re being completely honest: butlers can be the cherry on top for some guests, but most people are fine without one. Butlers serve several other couples (about 6) at the same time, so don’t expect them to be at your beck and call all the time.

Everyone has good and bad days, so don’t let how well your butler does his or her job make or break your trip. We found this out the hard way when a not-so-great butler made us miss out on most of the first day of our trip. Try to think of them as a concierge who might go the extra mile. They are always there to help. Instead of getting upset when your expectations aren’t met, be happy when they are exceeded.


First, let’s talk about people you DON’T tip. Except for butlers, cabana butlers, and spa attendants, almost all of the staff is on-site. I know it’s tempting, especially for us Americans who are used to giving big tips, but Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica doesn’t work that way. Here, they are very strict about it, and a worker who takes tips can get fired. Just try not to break the rules and cause trouble for anyone.

But you can tip a few people, so make sure you have cash and the right bills.

We’ve put together this list of average tip amounts based on our own experience and what we’ve heard from many other frequent Sandals Royal Caribbean guests. But, once again, a tip is just that, and it can go up or down depending on what the person wants. Here are our recommendations:

Staff at Club Mobay: This is a separate service, but many Sandals guests use it. $10-20

Red cap at the airport: $2–$5 (depending on how many bags, but at least $1/bag).

From the airport, a shuttle driver or private driver will cost between $10 and $20, depending on how long the drive is.

Guides and drivers cost between $5 and $20 per person, depending on how long and involved/customized the trip is.


From West Sandals to Main Beach Jamaica It’s clear that reviews of Royal Caribbean aren’t complete without some advice about the beach and the water. The beach is mostly made up of a few small coves instead of one long stretch. People are always on the main beach near Mariner restaurant. Come to the beach near the Kensington building if you want a quieter place to hang out. Between these two beaches, there is no beach, just a path along the water with cabanas and hammocks over shallow water.

Hammocks over At Sandals Royal Caribbean East Side Beaches, there is water in front of the Balmoral Building.

Aside from butlers, the beach has no other staff, but there are always beach bars nearby. The beach is protected by a reef near the island, which keeps the water calm and makes it a great place to kayak or paddleboard.


Hammock in the Yard

Sandals Royal Caribbean’s grounds have a lot of plants. More buildings are set back from the water, which makes the beautiful grounds stand out more than SMB. There are about two areas. The beach area, the buildings around it, and the buildings in the back can only be reached through the lobby (Highgrove, Arundel, Caernarvon). The buildings in the back are more modern, while the ones near the ocean and main pool look more like a hidden oasis with their lagoon-style pools and thick foliage.


Couple Kayaking at Sandals Land Sports by Royal Caribbean

Seriously, you should use these things. The people who start volleyball games do a great job, and I’m surprised by how many people join in on the fun. Also among them are:

  • Indoor & outdoor chess
  • Darts
  • Bocce ball
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor board games
  • Cards
  • Croquet
  • Pool
  • Watersports

We always look forward to the water sports. Every day, we go out on paddle boards, kayaks, and sometimes a Hobie cat. Not yet able to ski or sail? That’s okay, they’ll figure something out. Most of the time, there are a lot of people trying out a new sport. Don’t be shy, make the most of it! Pick from:

  • Hobie cats
  • Paddleboard
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving


There are 8 pools and 5 hot tubs in all.

The main pool and spa

Between the Mariner/Ocean and the lobby is where all the action is. The people who run the show always get something going.

Pool and hot tub at Kensington

Pool and hot tub at Kinsington

This pool is great for people who want a quiet place to swim. Bring a book and hang out by the pool or in front of the Kensington building.

sandals royal caribbean reviews------------

St. James’s Pool

A pool with a lagoon shape that most St. James guests use. Both the Clarence and Buckingham pools are part of the “Crystal Lagoon” on the beach side of the resort. The swim-up pool at Highgrove is also called the “Crystal Lagoon,” and they both look the same and are connected by walkways.

Clarence Pool: Most Clarence guests use this lagoon-style pool.

Buckingham Pool is a pool that looks like a lagoon, and most Buckingham guests use it.

Caernarvon Pool & Hot Tub

Modern pool and hot tub in front of the Caernarvon building.

Highgrove/Chequers Pool Lagoon-style swim-up pool mostly used by Highgrove guests. Small plunge pool with lounge area next to main long L-shaped pool that follows the building.

The pool and hot tub at Sandals Cay

On the island, there is the Sandals Cay Pool and Hot Tub Pool with a swim-up bar. This is a quieter place with great views.

Beach Hot Tub Beach Whirlpool

There is a large seating area with a view of the main beach area between Bella Napoli and the Sandringham building.

We hoped that we helped you figure out if Sandals Royal Caribbean is worth your time, energy and money! Have you decided for yourself?

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