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Sandals Resort for Older Couples

What is the best Sandals resort for older couples? You live your life like a superhero. Since the kids are going to college, you’ve put away your cape, and you’ve clocked out for the last time, you’re done with work. How about some alone time? Sandals Resorts has just the right retirement package in mind for their guests.

Sandals Resorts aren’t just for young people

Best Sandals Resort for Older Couples

Sandals resorts are great for couples of all ages — particularly those who are getting married, going on a honeymoon, or celebrating an anniversary. There are a lot of older people who like to stay at places like Sandals Grande Antigua, Sandals Royal Plantation, and Sandals Halcyon Beach.

Getting pampered at the world-renowned Red Lane® Spa is the best way to start your new life. Natural island botanicals will make you feel good and let go of the stress of your old life.

With much more water and land activities inclusions than any other resort in the world, Sandals Resorts has outdoor sports to match every enthusiasm. You and your partner can play golf or shoot the breeze, dive into a snorkeling trip, or set up camp on the beach. Do everything or nothing at all.

Love is the only thing you’ll need to pack. Sandals Resorts will take care of the rest. Enjoy unlimited premium beverages, entice your appetite with Gourmet Discovery Dining that includes food from all over the world, and snuggle up in the Love Nest Dream Suites from dusk to dawn.

You have put a lot of effort into getting to your dream vacation, and now it is finally here. Because now, your dreams have finally come true. Kick back and enjoy the sun at any of the Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean. There are seven of them. Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica or Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas, both have a lot of romance and are great places to stay. A trendy couple might go to Sandals Ochi Beach Club and Sandals Royal Caribbean to have a good time in the evening. What about scuba diving at Sandals Resort? You can do it! You will be able to enjoy a different kind of water sports. If you want a serene, intimate place, Sandals Antigua or Sandals Royal Plantation might be just right for you.

Based on Online Reviews…

Sandals resort is genuinely for all ages, including the older couples. Based on some online reviews on TripAdvisor, according to an anonymous reviewer with the username CrystalVancouver, “I’d recommend choosing a resort based on your interests without worrying about the age bracket. We’ve never found loud music disturbing us at night at any Sandals, with one exception in the Bahamas during a festival, and even that stopped by midnight. The evening outside activities shut down early so as not to disturb people.”

CrystalVancouver also said, “If you like beaches and watersports, go to the Grande. If you like golf, the Regency will be more convenient. The Halcyon is smaller but doesn’t have some categories such as butler if you’re interested in that.”

Another anonymous review from the username Travelpair55 also left a review saying that “We really enjoyed the Grande…it had everything we were looking for in a vacation. Along with SWH in Jamaica, it’s one of two Sandals resorts we would consider returning to. We had a lagoon room that was lovely mornings spent floating in solitude in the lagoon, afternoons spent socializing at the large pool with a swim-up bar. Though we have not stayed at the Halcyon or Regency, we have toured them and had dinner at The Pier (Halcyon) and La Toc (Regency). Those resorts, though very nice, just didn’t compare in our opinion to the Grande. We would return to the Grande in a heartbeat!”

On a similar note, a user with the username of Adventureb4Demetia shared their experience with Sandals Resorts and left a review saying, “As another mid 50’s “oldie,” albeit young at heart, I really enjoyed our stay in one of the blue (#8) buildings at the Regency. They are situated midway between the main buildings and the Bluffs. Depending on what we wanted to do, we found it quite easy to walk the 2-3 mins in either direction, up to the Bluffs or down to the main pool. With a little planning, it is also quite easy to catch an early shuttle & breakfast, spend the rest of the day at one of the other resorts, or go for an evening meal.”

Best Sandals Resort for Older Couples
Best Sandals Resort for Older Couples

Travel Tips for Older Couples

Pick a good time for your vacation

It would be best to be careful and deliberate about how long you want to be away for a vacation. Although it may seem desirable at first, taking a two-week tour with your aging loved one could be too extensive. It might depend on what kind of getaway you want to go on. Are you going on a tour and walking a lot, or are you going on a more physically inactive trip?

Check with your doctor to make sure that everything is going as planned

To ensure the trip is safe, you and your partner should talk to your doctors about it. Are you and your partner safe to fly? Are you going to a place that needs you to get a vaccine or immunization before going? What medicines are required? Suppose there is an unavoidable delay in the return home. What will happen then? Having extra medicine is very important in this situation.

Have a list of things to do each day

Once you know where you want to go out and what you want to do, you should have a smart strategy of what to do. Planning a trip? Make sure you and your elderly partner can both do fun things together so you can both enjoy it.

Avoid overscheduling, and don’t forget to take time off

You don’t have to do everything you set out to do at the same time, and you should never forget about the need for down time. When going on a trip with an older person, make sure to do stretching exercises to stay flexible or rest for a while. This can help keep them from getting tired and avoid getting injured.

Seek out accessible accommodations

If you have a special request, most of the time, you can get it done. Airline companies, resorts, and hotels are usually more than happy to help you. If you need a wheelchair at the airport or more time to get on the plane, this could happen. You might also get a hotel accommodation that is ADA-compliant. People who stay at a hotel should ask about where their rooms are located and ask for particular things, like having an adjoining room or a bed close both to the elevator and the dining room. Most beds and breakfasts have stairs, so you might want to ask for the first floor when you book. Also, confirm handicapped ease of access at the estate.

Plan for additional time before and after your events

Older people may need a little more time in the morning as you get ready for your day. Allocate some added time. Rather than making plans for an 8:30 am breakfast, think about moving it up to 9 am, providing them some more moments, which will help both of you and them feel less stressed.

Consider getting traveler’s insurance

When you travel with an older person, it can be very essential to get travel insurance. Unfortunately, things can happen that keep them from going on this long-awaited trip. Travel insurance is better than having to worry about losing your money, which is a lot of extra stress.

Travel Tips for Older Couples - Besta sandals resort for Older Couples

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