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Sandals Ochi: An Honest Review for your Honeymoon

Sandals Ochi is one of seven all-inclusive Sandals resorts in Jamaica that gives you the best of both worlds, whether you want to party or have some alone time.

It’s a prominent place! There are 16 remarkable restaurants, 11 bars (including the Caribbean’s first Speakeasy), and a hot new beach club. You can also go to Sandals Golf & Country Club nearby. But you can also spend time alone with your partner in one of the many private spots on the 100 acres of the adult-only property.

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Prices and Deals for Sandals Ochi

One of the most affordable Sandals Resorts, Sandals Ochi, starts at $250 per person per night. There are also great deals, such as free nights if you book at the last minute or significant discounts if you book more nights. Here is where you can find these deals.

sandals ochi reviews

Sandals Ochi Beaches

At Sandals Ochi, one long beach is split into three different sections. All of the places have beaches with white sand.

At the Sandals Beach Club, there is a part of the beach with chairs in the sun and others with trees for shade. The beach has white sand and a few anchored floats to sit and relax. If you want to change things up, a pool is behind this area with a swim-up bar, and the Neptunes restaurant is right on the sand.

In the Riviera Seaside Village, there is a stretch of beach. This is surrounded by docks at Sandals Ochi and is near many places to eat and drink.

The beach in front of the Riviera Beachfront Tower is the longest. Here, you can try all kinds of water sports and then relax in a beach chair under the shade of a tree.

These are excellent choices, and they are some of the best beaches in Jamaica for relaxing.

Sandals Pools Ochi

There are 105 freshwater pools, 22 whirlpools, and one scuba diving pool at Sandals Ochi.

If you want to feel like you’re at a party and have fun, this pool is for you. In this area, there are three pools. The main pool has a swim-up bar, where most of the day’s activities occur. One of the smaller pools shown above is next to the Great House Cafe, so you can quickly get a drink and lunch and eat and drink while in the pool.

The pool in Riviera

This pool is much quieter than the Great House Pool but still has a swim-up bar and good music playing. This is Michelle’s favorite pool, and right next to it is a pizza place.

The pool at Ochi Beach Club

The Ocho Beach Club Pool is right next to the beach. There is also a swim-up bar.

Hidden Pool

If you want peace, this is the place for you. Here, there’s almost always a free seat.

Riviera Garden Pool

This pool is even harder to find than the other “hidden pool.”

The pool of Your Own

All villas have pools, so you can spend the afternoon in your collection. If you have butler service, someone will bring you food and drinks so you can keep having fun.

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Food at Sandals Ochi

There are 16 restaurants to choose from, so you’ll always be hungry. Each restaurant is part of your stay, so you can try somewhere new every day or return to your favorites.

If you don’t want to go to a restaurant, call your butler, and you can eat in your room whenever you want.


Enjoy a hearty, soul-warming meal with seafood and chicken dishes that are unique and come from the refined palate of Tuscany. Near the Caribbean Sea, Valentino’s brings the unique flavors of Tuscany to a beautiful setting, along with great wines and a cozy place to eat.

Our Recommendation: Get the lamb chops and the Caprese salad.

Soy Sushi Bar couple looks at Sandals Ochi restaurants from the outside

The sushi house makes sushi with exotic ingredients and exciting tastes. There’s no need to make a reservation; they open at 6 p.m. We had appetizers at Soy before going next door to Kimonos, which has a hibachi grill.

We suggest the vegetables and shrimp tempura, the banana tempura dessert, the seared tuna tataki, and the dragon eel.

Dino’s Pizzeria & Bella Napoli Pizzeria

You can make your masterpiece pizza or choose one of Dino’s unique blends. The traditional margarita pizza, the Calabrese pizza, and the Hawaiian pizza are all made to order with the same long-rising, high-quality dough.

Reef Terrace Sandals Ochi restaurant with a view of the ocean

Find Caribbean favorites and get a great view of the Caribbean simultaneously. Start with a Jamaican Spice Pepper Pot soup, a popular dish with chicken, vegetables, and callaloo. Then, eat Spicy Jamaican Wood-fired Snapper with scalloped potatoes and cinnamon-braised plantains.

Try the Jerk Chicken Wings and the roasted pork loin marinated in coffee.

Cafe Great House

Enjoy a quick snack, a light meal, or a Jamaican treat to satisfy your craving. Each item on the menu shows how different and tasty Jamaica is. The food and atmosphere at the Great House Café are always full of flavor and excitement. Hot-off-the-grill favorites include jerk chicken, Cajun-dusted French fries, hot sandwiches, and Jamaican patties.

Our Recommendation: Order the quesadillas!

La Gourmand

This à la carte Classic French Cuisine restaurant has service with white gloves. The resort requires evening clothes and a reservation.

We highly recommend the braised lamb shank and the French onion soup.

Ochi Manor House Sandals

Here, you can order Jamaican food à la carte for dinner. At the Manor, you can only get creative Jamaican-Caribbean food. Enjoy unique dishes like the Tranquility, which has scallops marinated in Red stripes wrapped in seasoned cabbage and served with yam cake and mango jerk emulsion.

The braised Oxtail is the dish we recommend.

The Jerk Shack (The Jerk Shack)

You can eat lunch or dinner at a rustic jerk shack with an open kitchen to try authentic Jamaican Jerk dishes. You last visited the Caribbean when you tried the delicious food at this Jerk hut.

Make sure you try the festival. It tastes like fried cornbread.

The Table in the South

You can eat as much as you want from the buffet at breakfast and lunch. You can order food from the American South à la carte for dinner. Even strangers will feel like family at the Southern Table when they share a tall drink and simple, garden-grown ingredients in tasty comfort foods.

A pork belly with green tomato and smoked pork short ribs are what we recommend.

Make sure you come for breakfast because the buffet is excellent. Smoothies with fruit and omelets can be made to order. There’s no reason to eat lunch here.

sandals ochi reviews-----------------

Vista Sky

This high-end restaurant serves fish and seafood prepared with care and delicate flavors. Enjoy the breeze on the outdoor terrace, which looks out over the Caribbean Sea from a cliff.

Surf & Turk all the way, that’s what we say.


The chefs at Neptune have worked hard for years to ensure that the restaurant’s menu and atmosphere are as true to Mediterranean culture as possible. From the beauty of the rustic, open-air restaurant to the beauty of the turquoise sea, guests get an actual coastal Mediterranean experience right on the beach of the beautiful Jamaican Riviera.

We recommend the Moroccan-style lamb stew, which was good.


This is the resort’s Japanese restaurant, which serves food in the tepanyaki style. It was fun, but I’ve been to more exciting places in the US. Even so, it’s worth it if you like Japanese food and are with a fun group of people.

Tapas on the coast of Spain

Tapas is right on the water and has a variety of lunchtime foods. There is also soft-serve ice cream that you can get right away.

Try the sliders, which is what we suggest.

Other tasty places to eat that we haven’t tried yet are:

Kelly’s Dockside serves specialties that are grilled à la carte.

The Mariner Seaside Bar & Grill serves Jamaican dishes, sandwiches, and a light lunch.

Entertainment for Sandals Ochi

The entertainment is one of Sandals Ochi’s best features. At the resort, it’s easy to find something fun to do.

At the Great House Pool area, DJs and events happen all day, so music is always playing.

Even more, things happen at the Ochi Beach Club during the day and at night.

We went to the All White Night at Sandals Ochi, which had chocolate desserts, while we were there. We also liked going to the Rabit Hole, a speakeasy with a great band and lounge singer.

Sandals Ochi has suites and villas.

The different rooms and suites are one thing we love about Sandals Resorts.

sandals ochi reviews----------------------

Luxury vs. Club vs. Bulter Suites

You can choose from luxury, club-level, or butler-level rooms.

The luxury level is the lowest, and these rooms have no room service.

Club-level rooms get room service, and the bar in the room has more drinks. You also have access to a club concierge and a room with snacks and drinks, but we use these things sparingly when we stay there.

When you stay in a room with a butler, you can ask the butler to take care of anything you need.

The Great House Sandals, Villa, and Riviera Sandals Since Ochi is so big, there are places to stay in three different areas.

The Riviera is the closest to the beach, so if you want to spend all day relaxing on the beach, this is the place to stay. It is also close to the Sandals Beach Club, where many events and parties are held. You are also close to the arena and several restaurants.

The rooms in the Great House are suitable for the largest pool. The Great House is excellent if you want to spend your days in a more party-like atmosphere with DJs, a swim-up bar, and multiple restaurants in the same building.

The people in Bulter Village live farther apart and have more privacy. You’ll have to walk a short distance to get anywhere, but it’s great if you want more privacy. If you have a butler, it’s perfect because they can turn your semi-private pool into a peaceful oasis for you.

Here are some examples of suites and rooms that you can choose from.

Butler Village Honeymoon One-Bedroom Villa Suite Romeo and Juliet with Private Pool Sanctuary

A very private retreat that is unlike anything else. This exclusive 1200 sq. ft. suite has its walled-in courtyard and a luxurious bedroom with a king-size four-poster bed, beautiful mahogany furniture, and a large en-suite bathroom with a double vanity, a walk-in shower, and a sunken bathtub.

On the other side is a stylish lounge with a kitchenette with everything you need. The large courtyard is the perfect place to hang out with its Roman pool with soothing water features, an outdoor rain shower, and a hot tub where you and your loved one can share unforgettable intimate moments.

Riviera Honeymoon One Bedroom Butler Suite on the Beach

This beautiful suite is set up to have as much space and luxury as possible, and it also has some of the best ocean views in the Caribbean. Each has its butler and a vast living room with a wet bar, a flat-screen TV, and a sitting area with French doors leading to a massive balcony with sun loungers, a sitting area, and amazing views of the Caribbean Sea.

The large bedroom has a king-size four-poster bed, a flat-screen TV, an open bathroom with a Roman-style sunken whirlpool, a walk-in shower, his and her sinks, and a separate make-up room.

Beachfront Penthouse Club Level Riviera Honeymoon

This penthouse is in one of the best spots in the whole resort. It has a large bedroom and living room with a mahogany four-poster bed, matching furniture, a flat-screen TV, a bar area, and a well-appointed marble bathroom with a shower/bathtub combo.

A large private balcony rounds out the experience with some of the best views of the Caribbean Sea from far away.

Butler Village One Bedroom Poolside Villa Estate Suite

Each suite is on the first or second floor, among a small group of private villas, and has a large bedroom with a four-poster bed, mahogany furniture, and a bathroom with both a shower and a tub.

The villa’s large living room has a comfortable sitting area and bars. French doors lead directly from the living room or bedroom to a private veranda just a few steps away from a semi-private pool. For the highest level of luxury, guests can have their butler take care of them.

Great Oceanview House

This room has everything you could want. These large rooms’ soft, calming colors and lighting go well with the hardwood floor and furniture. They are just a few seconds away from the island’s best restaurants, bars, and pools.

Each room has a flat-screen TV and a private balcony with a view of the Caribbean Sea and the estate’s lush gardens. The bathrooms have both a shower and a bathtub. Your room comes with Robert Mondavi varietal wines and a fridge with bottled water, juice, soda, and local beer to help you relax.

Riviera Grande Luxe

These large retreats are on the most-wanted top floors of the Harbour Club Building. They have a calm decor with a large amount of natural light. Each open-plan hideaway has a large bedroom with a four-poster hardwood bed, beautiful mahogany cabinets, and a marbled bathroom with a combination shower and tub.

The room has a nice sitting area leading to a private balcony with plantation-style views of the resort’s gardens and the St. Ann Mountains, which are nearby.

Butler Village Poolside One Bedroom Villa Suite

Mango trees and wild orchids grow all around these lovely suites with one bedroom. Each suite is large and has a large bedroom and living room with beautiful dark wood furniture, terracotta floors, an elegant bathroom with a tub and shower combination, and a flat-screen TV.

Each suite has its bar area and a large balcony or veranda next to the villa’s semi-private pool, which is shared with up to three other rooms.

Sandals Ochi FAQS

Is Sandals Ochi only for couples?

Yes, Sandals says in their own words, “We only let couples stay at Sandals because we wanted your vacation to be as romantic and relaxing as possible. But we welcome singles, groups of friends, and families with open arms to our wonderful Beaches Resorts.”

Is Sandals Ochi a resort for having fun?

If you want to have fun, this resort is a great place. There’s always a good time to be had with a hot new beach club, 11 bars, and 16 restaurants. But if you want to relax, there are plenty of places at this resort where you can do so in peace.

How far is it from the airport to Sandals Ochi?

Sandals Ochi Resort is about an hour and 40 minutes from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. Sandals offer complimentary shuttle service to and from both airports and the resort. Just go to the airport and find the Sandals counter or lounge.

Does Sandals All-Inclusive include alcohol?

At Sandals Resorts, you can drink as much as you want of any drink. This includes the best Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines and the best spirits.

What comes with it?

When Sandals resorts say “all-inclusive,” you don’t have to worry about what is and isn’t included when you get there.

Unlimited Fine Dining Sandals Ochi says it has the best all-inclusive dining experience in the Caribbean. They have 16 restaurants that serve all kinds of food, from Caribbean favorites to American southern and seafood dishes to Italian and French dishes. The price of your stay includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks.

At the Asian dining experience at Ochi Sandals Resort, the food is cooked over an open flame.

Sandals only serve high-end liquors, always accessible and never limited. As part of the 5-Star Luxury Included® experience, Sandals only serves premium brand liquors that are always free and never limited. You can order anything you want, like a Pina Colada, Margarita, Blue Lagoon, or Bahama Mama, drinks you might find at a tropical resort.

Every room has a mini-fridge with water, juice, soda, Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Wine, and local beer.

A coffeemaker with Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend coffee is also in every room.


At Sandals resorts, most of the services for which you usually leave a tip are included in the price. You don’t have to worry about tipping the bartender, the bellhop, or your server at one of the specialty restaurants.

Your butler can take tips, and they will. We recommend tipping a butler $20 daily, depending on how often you use their services.

It would help if you also tipped spa therapists and drivers who take you to the airport.

Airport Transfers One Way and Back

Sandals will take you to and from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay for free. There are also transfers from the airport in Kingston.

sandals ochi reviews------------------------------

Activities were included

Here, you can do as many water sports as you want. You can ride aqua trikes, kayak, windsurf, snorkel, paddleboard, and go on glass-bottom boats. Also, scuba diving is part of the package! With two tanks, certified divers can dive up to twice a day. Some of the best reefs in the world are in these waters, so there is a lot to do and see.

Scuba courses are not included, but they start at $120.

Two couples kayaking at Sandals Ocho

If you like to play golf, you don’t have to pay green fees at Sandals Golf & Country Club. You can play a round on the emerald fairway that looks out over the sea. There is no charge for getting to and from the golf course.

Four people playing golf at Sandals Ocho

You can also do rock climbing, table tennis, beach volleyball, squash, and more right there.

If you want to work out, the Red Lane Spa has free classes and exercise equipment for you to use.


In addition to all of these great things to do, this resort knows how to throw a party. There is a piano bar, a chocolate buffet, a talent night, a Caribbean night, live bands, karaoke, and even a beach party with fire dancers.

A Wedding at Sandals for Free

Your wedding is free if you stay at a Sandals resort for three nights or more.

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