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Review & Guide for Sandals Negril Honeymoon Getaway

A honeymoon at Sandals is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Everything you need to know about arranging a honeymoon at Sandals Negril will be discussed in this article.

About Sandals Negril

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination with all the amenities, go no further than Sandals Negril. Sandals Negril, which is situated at the westernmost point of Jamaica, is a more romantic and intimate Sandals resort. Due to its western location, guests may enjoy stunning sunsets and gorgeous white beaches. The resort was designed to offer every imaginable level of luxury and comfort.

Keep in mind that Sangster International Airport, which is close to Montego Bay and serves most Jamaican tourist traffic, is the airport closest to Sandals Negril. Customs can be a pain, and it can become really crowded.

You don’t want your honeymoon at Sandals Negril to start off that way. Join Club Mobay to get a head start and reap the benefits of its services, which include having a representative help you through customs to save time and hassle. In the event of a delay, unwind with a cold beverage in their lounge while they make arrangements for your transport. It definitely beats the typical airport annoyance.

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Despite being smaller than some other resorts, Sandals Negril radiates elegance and a sophisticated atmosphere. Seven kilometers of its renowned, immaculate beach make for an enjoyable stroll to witness an unforgettable sunset. You can indulge in any water sport you like, and it’s all included in the price. Afterward, savor one of Sandals Negril’s seven restaurants and taste some of the exquisite Italian and West Indian cuisines they offer. Kimonos, the resort’s superb Asian restaurant, is the perfect place to find your Zen. Enjoy a magnificent meal while taking in the idyllic, serene oceanfront.

You are only a few feet from the calm Caribbean waves whenever you are on Sandals Negril.

The cost of your stay includes all of your meals, entertainment, and unlimited premium booze. Beer and wine will likely be available and replenished in your room. You will receive pampering with a candlelight meal at the beach if you make a booking for the Romantic Love Nest package. Just enjoy and put your wallet away. Stay in one of the luxurious club and butler-level suites at Sandals Negril for the most unforgettable honeymoon.

Your ultimate Sandals Negril delight should include the butler service. A personal cell phone is provided to you so you can call your butler whenever you want. He will make an effort to provide whatever you want. He will make arrangements for reserved beach chairs and a cooler to keep you comfortable. When you need a drink the most, don’t be shocked if he gives it to you unexpectedly.

Minibars and balconies are standard amenities in all rooms and suites. Leave the suite, go to the swim-up bar, and engage in one of their daily, regularly entertaining activities. You can enjoy one of the several pools at Sandals Negril.

At Sandals Negril, What’s Included?

Making a single payment and then completely forgetting about the cost of your trip is what makes Sandals Negril’s all-inclusive honeymoon getaway so appealing. Not only is it all-inclusive, but it also offers as much as you want. You can engage in any activity you choose, eat any amount of food or alcohol you like, and there are no limitations on either. Your comfort and pleasure are the main priorities during your honeymoon at Sandals Negril.

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Make the best of Sandals Negril’s complimentary scuba diving program while you’re there for expert instruction from licensed divers. You can explore these waters and their hidden caverns on your own. Free boat rides allow you to explore the water. You can choose from a variety of motorized and non-motorized boats.

You can enjoy unlimited free meals and complimentary Mondavi wine when you’ve finished running around the beach. Of course, the superior Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee should come next. You may consume as much food and beverages as you like! Deciding which pub or restaurant to go to could be a little tricky, so we advise you to schedule time to check them all out.

If you have specific dietary requirements, no problem. Everything will be taken care of by Sandals Negril’s concierge desk.

Sandal Negril truly shines with its extensive selection of entertainment activities when you require more than unlimited sports, food, and alcohol. Attend a live performance, take in a piano or karaoke bar, or visit one of their frequent themed beach parties.

Sandals Negril’s Dining Options

You may find several unique restaurants with top-notch chefs at Sandals Negril. Take as much time as you wish to enjoy exquisite meals. It’s all included in the package you paid for.

Bayside has a comprehensive breakfast and lunch buffet. As night falls, the diner transforms into a delightful sit-down French Brasserie. The Caribbean Sea is only a few feet away.

Tuscan cuisine is the focus of the outdoor restaurant Cucina Romana. The chef uses tomatoes that he grows himself and has a basil garden of his own. The best wines are served with every meal. Delightful.

Sundowner use white gloves when serving West Indian food. A terrace surrounds the restaurant, which epitomizes grandeur and white-gloved elegance. This would be the appropriate location to wear your slacks or a lovely dress when on Sandal Negril. Allow your taste buds to be thrilled as you relax.

Kimonos are a joy inspired by Japan. Leave the shorts at home and arrive in your best attire. It’s a noteworthy event. The delicious food will excite you if the aroma of Eastern spices doesn’t. The cooks enjoy showing off their impressive knife tricks, don’t worry; they haven’t yet cut anyone.

Along with serving up exquisite food, they are also entertaining. Take pleasure in your meal while seeing a tropical garden. Kimonos nourish both the body and the soul.

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At The Beach Bistro, you may eat lunch and dinner with the sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet. Burgers and other tasty foods are served in the restaurant.

Barefoot by the Sea oozes pure luxury on the renowned 7-mile beach of the Sandal Negril. Along with other Jamaican delicacies, it serves fish. You can spend a romantic evening barefoot and under the stars while choosing from unusual menu items like lobster bisque, tiger shrimp, and mahi-mahi. No footwear? No problem!

The pizza at Bella Napoli Pizzeria is excellent and classic. Relaxed and tasty, it is perfect for when you want a snack.

Sandals Negril’s Activities

Sandals Negril offers enough entertainment to keep you occupied every day without including the white-gloved room service. You may have fun no matter what it is you want to do at Sandals Negril.

As soon as you step outside your elegant room, a variety of sports are waiting for you. Learn to sail and go exploring on your own in the Caribbean. Ride a powerboat and jet ski over the azure waters for something a little faster.

For an excellent diving experience, Sandals Negril welcomes you to board one of their dive boats.

You can keep yourself entertained with a variety of non-water sports as well. You can play golf to your heart’s content. Play some basketball or volleyball on the sand. Play some tennis, croquet, or soccer. Additionally, you can play shuffleboard, billiards, and table tennis. Reap the benefits of Sandal Negril’s fitness facilities when you’ve had it with the magnificent beach, sunshine, and sea breeze.

Living in a country club doesn’t get any better!

Not only are your days busy with activities. Get ready to celebrate once the sun has set. In addition to nightly cocktails and beach parties, there are live performances, bonfires, and piano bars. Under the stars, do the limbo. There is also always an “open bar.”

Your cheeks will glow from all of that activity. The Sandals Negril spa services should not be overlooked, though. It’s time to indulge in some intense relaxation and pamper yourself with some of the resort’s luxurious botanical spa services. Feel rejuvenated from the inside out during your honeymoon at Sandals Negril after a few stressful weeks of wedding or honeymoon planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sandals Negril located?

In Negril, Jamaica, Sandals Negril is situated on Norman Manley Boulevard.

Where can I get deals and promotions for sandals?

Right away you get the deals we offer: Sandals 777 Deal and Sandals Last minute deals.

How much does a stay at Sandals Negril cost?

A 330-square-foot Deluxe Room with a garden view is the least costly accommodation. It has one bedroom. The average cost is $583 per night. The Honeymoon Villa, a one-bedroom unit with a 550-square-foot living space and butler service, is the priciest one. A night’s stay costs, on average, $3,111. Of course, there are a number of accommodation types that come within a given price range. Depending on the time and availability, all quoted pricing could change.

How do you get to Sandals Negril? What airport do you fly into?

The closest airport is Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport.

How far is Sandals Negril away from the airport?

A one-hour air-conditioned bus ride will get you from Sangster International Airport to Sandals Negril.

How many rooms does Sandals Negril have?

In total, Sandals Negril has 226 rooms, all of which fall under various categories.

How old is Sandals Negril?

The resort at Sandals Negril first opened its doors in 1988.

What Should I Bring to Sandals Negril?

Daytime attire at Sandals Negril is laid-back, but evening attire is a little more sophisticated. During the day, shorts and a T-shirt are OK. Once it has settled, a great pair of slacks for him and a beautiful dress for her will be great.

Is Sandals Negril exclusively for couples?

The Sandals Negril resort is made especially for couples. But marriage is not a requirement for the couple.

Having your perfect honeymoon planned for you is easy when you stay at Sandals Negril.

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