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What You Need to Know About Sandals’ Loyalty Program: Sandals Select Rewards

You’ve likely heard of Sandals Resorts, which is a chain of high-end, all-inclusive hotels in the Caribbean catering only to adults. But were you aware of the Sandals loyalty program?

What does Sandals’ Loyalty Program Include?

The Sandals loyalty program is known as Sandals Select Rewards, and it provides visitors with a variety of advantages, including the opportunity to earn a free 7-night vacation!

Every time you visit a Sandals resort, you can earn up to 1250 Sandals Select Rewards points as part of the program. You will also receive a 5,000-point bonus when you sign up for the program.

sandals loyalty program

In contrast to other costs like flights or activities, points are only awarded based on the cost of your resort stay. The greater your Sandals Select tier, the more points you receive per dollar.

For Sandals Select Rewards, there is no membership charge. After three years have passed since your last action, such as a visit, your Sandals Select Rewards points expire. However, points won’t lose value if you have a booking made for a later date.

Your Sandals Select Rewards membership number must be included with every reservation you make at a Sandals property; otherwise, you will not be eligible for the loyalty program perks. To make sure it’s there, you may check your account online or get in touch with the Sandals Select customer support team at 1-800-NOW-4SSG or select@sandals.com.

Just so you know, Beaches resort stays are also eligible for the Sandals loyalty program.

Advantages of the Sandals’ Loyalty Program

The Sandals loyalty program includes perks for Sandals Select Rewards members, such as member-only deals and promotions, access to a private Facebook group for loyalty program members, exclusive member appreciation dinners, Sandals loyalty dinners, and other special activities during your Sandals stay, as well as up to 20% off Red Lane Spa services, gift shop purchases, and photography transactions.

You will receive a Status Recognition Gift each time you reach a new tier in the Sandals Select Rewards program.

More perks are available at higher tier levels, including freebies, more discounts, couples massages, cost-free cabanas, and VIP treatment throughout your stay.

How can I sign up for Sandals Select Rewards?

You may sign up for the program online at the Sandals Select website or through the Sandals app, which is available for download from the App Store. Another option is to sign up while staying at a Sandals resort at check-in or the Loyalty & Travel Lounge.

Advice: When staying at a Sandals resort, you can save 10–12% on a future trip if you make a reservation in the Loyalty & Travel Lounge.

What are the Sandals’ tiers?

Sandals’ loyalty program is divided into various tiers, which are frequently known as Sandals rewards levels. The following categories are included: Member, Select, Coral, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Ambassador.

Despite not having visited a Sandals resort yet, members have signed up for the Sandals Select loyalty club. Prior to staying at a resort, they do not start earning points.

With your first stay, you will reach the Select tier, and with your second, you will reach the Coral tier. Members of the Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl and Ambassador tiers have each spent at least 25 nights ($25,000), 45 nights ($40,000), 100 nights ($90,000), 250 nights ($220,000), and 400 nights ($345,000), respectively.

Per dollar spent, Select and Coral tier guests earn 1 Sandals Rewards point; Sapphire tier members earn 1.5 points; Emerald tier members earn 2 points; Diamond tier members receive 2.5 points; Pearl tier members earn 3 points; and Ambassador tier members get 3.5 points.

Members of Sandals Select Rewards at the Coral tier and higher also get extra points for each stay.

Using Sandals Select Points for Reward

By redeeming Sandals Select points, you can receive room rate savings on new stays at Sandals resorts. There is a cap; you can only use Sandals Select points to get discounts that are equal to up to 25% of the cost of the room.

How much are 5000 Sandals points worth?

The value of 5000 Sandals points is equivalent to a $125 discount on the room fee at Sandals resorts.

How much of a discount can a Sandals loyalty program get you?

The rewards program’s discounts are also known as the Sandals loyalty discount. Using their Sandals Select Rewards points, members of Sandals Select Rewards can receive loyalty discounts of up to 25% off your accommodation rate at selected Sandals properties.

How many nights must you spend at Sandals to receive a free week of stay?

For a free week at a Sandals resort, you must stay at Sandals for 70 nights to earn enough loyalty points. Free nights do not count toward the required number of stays of 70.

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