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Sandals Cancellation Policy: How can I do it?

Although it is possible to modify or cancel Sandals reservations, there are restrictions on when this can be done, and it may incur penalties if it is done outside of the allowed timeframe. Because Sandals implemented new terms into its cancellation policy in December 2022, you are expected to be aware of the changes if you have previously stayed at one of their resorts.

Whether it’s for a honeymoon or a romantic break, we’ll cover all you need to know about canceling a Sandals reservation in this post. In addition, we will provide answers to often-asked queries such as “what number do I call to cancel my Sandals reservation?” and is it possible to change a name on a Sandals booking?

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How can I cancel my Sandals reservation?

When it comes to canceling your Sandals reservation, you have a few options.

  1. Customersupport@Sandals.com is the email address to contact Sandals.
  2. Contact Sandals at 1-888-SANDALS (726-3257) or 1-305-284-1300 to speak with a representative.
  3. Visit Sandals’ website to connect with a representative. A chat option should show up during business hours after a little while.
  4. The cancellation would be taken care of for you if you made your reservation through a Sandals travel agency.

Can I cancel my Sandals booking?

Yes, although there are limitations when canceling a Sandals reservation. Any reservations made on or after December 1, 2022, are covered under the official Sandals cancellation policy for 2023. The previous Sandals cancellation policy applies to any reservations made before December 1, 2022.

The Sandals resorts have a cancellation policy that requires the final payment to be completed 60 days before the trip, and it is entirely refundable until 45 days before the trip. This policy applies to bookings on or after December 1, 2022.

There is a penalty of 50% on the land portion of the trip if you cancel between 31 and 45 days before departure, meaning this includes the room rate. If you change your mind within 30 days of your trip, you will be charged 100% of the land portion of your vacation.

The previous Sandals cancellation policy states that payments are entirely refundable up to 30 days before travel, incurring a 50% penalty for cancellations made between 15 and 30 days prior to departure and incur a 100% penalty for cancellations made 14 days or less before arrival. This policy is still in effect for any trips booked before December 1, 2022.

Be advised that no matter when you cancel your reservation, some luxury accommodation types need deposits at the time of reservation that are nonrefundable. A $1000 nonrefundable deposit is required for seaside and poolside bungalows, and a $2500 nonrefundable deposit is required for overwater bungalows and villas. Moreover, these deposits cannot be transferred to a lower category room.

You can avoid cancellation fees if you buy Sandals travel insurance, which costs roughly $100 per adult. With this insurance, you can change your travel plans for any reason and receive a certificate good for a future date. In addition, you receive a full refund on the amount of your stay that is not used, as well as any covered flights if you cancel your vacation for a covered reason. It also offers coverage for lost luggage, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and travel interruption.

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How late can you cancel a Sandals booking?

You can cancel a Sandals reservation at any time. Canceling too close to your trip will result in fees. Sandals’ 2023 cancellation policy allows you to cancel up to 45 days before your vacation and receive a full refund.

Canceling a Sandals reservation between 45 and 31 days before your vacation will incur 50% of your stay rate. You will be charged the total room rate if you cancel a Sandals booking 30 days or less before your vacation.

The official policy notes that “payment and cancellation policy may vary during holiday periods,” so double-check your reservation’s policy before making it. Sandals’ Terms and Conditions website lists deposits and refunds for 2023, 2024, and 2025 holidays.

Additionally, Loyalty & Travel reservations that qualify for the “full payment” rate are nonrefundable as of the booking time. All Loyalty & Travel bookings need a nonrefundable deposit, which differs by resort and room category.

To cancel Sandals, what number should I contact?

Call 1-888-SANDALS, the Sandals customer service number, to cancel your reservation (726-3257).

Do Sandals reservations allow name changes?

Yes. A Sandals reservation allows you to modify the name. You cannot, however, change both names on a Sandals booking. Each Sandals reservation is only allowed one name change.

Say, for example, that a month before your trip, you and your significant other decided to call it quits. Since it’s too late to cancel and get a full refund, you choose to bring your best friend instead.

You can contact Sandals and ask to have the name of your reservation’s guest changed. It’s not a guarantee that Sandals will allow you to change your reservation since it specifies on their website that all change requests are subject to their approval.

Moreover, keep in mind that changing your Sandals reservation can incur charges. These guidelines apply to any Sandals reservation changes, including names, dates, and accommodation types. The only free changes are those made more than 45 days before your trip.

The penalty for changing a Sandals reservation between 45 and 31 days before departure is a change fee of $200 per person plus a charge equal to 50% of the land portion of your reservation. Any changes to a Sandals reservation made 30 days or less before the trip are subject to the $200 per person change fee and a penalty equal to 100% of the room reservation cost.

You may reach sandals at 1-888-SANDALS (726.3257) if you need to change a reservation. A travel agency could handle your change requests if you place your reservation with them.

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