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Rijeka beaches guide

Beaches in Rijeka are a wonderful option when visiting the Istrian peninsula. When coming for a visit to Slovenia this summer, we decided to spend some time on the beach and choose a place that was near of us. Rijeka was the definitely the best option because we could travel easily by train. Coming here is great opporunity for a day trip from Ljubljana. Read our guide and find out where to go in Rijeka!

Rijeka beaches

Are you curious which beaches in Rijeka did we run across? Well, keep on reading and discover some (maybe) new places for you.

Is Rijeka worth visiting?

Before you travel to Rijeka and leap into the water, let’s get in touch with the city of Rijeka.

Not only is Rijeka Old Town my most interesting area of the city but also the most visited due to many cultural remains, like the foundations of Roman walls, the walls of buildings, the remains of Roman thermae and gates.

Visiting Trsat Castle is particularly interesting and as it is located on the hill above Rijeka it offers a magnificent view of the whole area of Rijeka’s Old Town.

What to do in Rijeka at night? From my personal experience, as I could see, nightlife in Rijeka is fantastic. There are numerous bars and clubs across the city that offers something for everyone. If you are lucky enough you can even come across some festivals that are held all year round.

rijeka city

About beaches in Rijeka

The beaches are located at the eastern and western ends of the city.

There are eight beaches on the eastern side (most os the beaches are only a few minutes away from the city center) and five beaches on the western part.

The beaches in Rijeka are not only numerous but also diverse, from small and hidden to large and lively. You can find from pebbly beaches, rocky to concrete beaches. The sea is blue and clean.

Are there also sandy beaches in Rijeka? Unfortunately, there are none, but if you prefer sandy beaches then check out our post about Sandy beaches in Croatia.

All the beaches can be reached by public transport or by car (there is a free parking place at almost all the beaches).

If you are looking for Rijeka beach hotels or Rijeka beach resorts, you will find numerous accommodation at a different price range. If you prefer privacy then choose Airbnb. Here you will find a discount code we offer you.

Before we move on with the beaches in Rijeka, let me clear up an expression a “Blue Flag beach” which I mention later in the post. Blue Flag is an eco-label awarded by Foundation for Environmental Education. Beaches go through strict international criteria covering water quality, safety and environmental education.

Here is a list of some best beaches in Rijeka:

Ploče beach

Type of beach: pebble, concrete beach

Recommended for: families, sports lovers, the youth, disabled

Facilities: catering facilities, changing rooms, showers, sanitary facilities and a garage, beach volleyball court and a complex of swimming pools

The most visited beach in Rijeka and a Blue Flag beach offers equipment for water basketball, volleyball playground and a complex of swimming pools. Other amenities are a lifeguard, bathing huts, a sun deck, playground and a children’s sandbox. It has access to the sea for disabled people and rescue service.

In the evening it becomes a place for promenading and is ideal for night walks.

Glavanovo beach

Type of beach: pebble, concrete beach

Recommended for: families, non-swimmers, seniors

Facilities: showers

Access to the sea is shallow and there is natural shadow above the beach. The zone is quiet and thanks to the beach’s greenery it is perfect for families with children and seniors.

Pecine beach

Pecine beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rijeka. Ideal for families, it offers showers and a fantastic view.

pecine beach

Kostanj bay beach

Type of beach: stone, concrete beach

Recommended for: disabled and families

Facilities: water basketball, catering facilities, showers, parking spots, sanitary facilities suitable for disabled

It is a Blue Flag beach, primarily intended for disabled. Facilities (changing rooms, sanitary) and access to the sea are adapted to the disabled. There is equipment for water basketball. In the background of the beach, there are many trees.

The beach is surrender by a floating barrier.

Bivio beach

Type of beach: pebble, stone, rocky, concrete

Recommended for: families

Facilities: shower, sanitary facilities, catering facilities, toboggan

There are sports facilities and also a possible sports equipment rental for beach canoes and pedal boats.

Brgudi beach

Type of beach: pebble, concrete beach

Recommended for: families

Facilities: sports facilities

It offers sports facilities and beach water slide, thus it is most appropriate for families with children.

Preluk beach

Type of beach: concrete, pebble beach

Recommended for: families, windsurfers

Facilities: shower, sanitary facilities

Thanks to the wind that blows in this area, this beach is a paradise for windsurfers but also yachtsmen.

Skalete beach

Type of beach: concrete, rocky beach

Recommended for: the youth, sport lovers

Facilities: shower, sanitary facilities, sports equipment

It is well visited by youth as the beach offers sports activities, such as water polo area.

The beach is surrounded by a floating barrier.

Sablićevo beach

sablicevo beach
sablicevo beach

Type of beach: pebble beach

Recommended for: the youth, the elderly, romantic pairs

Facilities: shower, changing rooms and sanitary facilities

If I should choose one of the best beaches in Rijeka, then Sablićevo beach is my pick. It is only 3 km away from the city center. Gentle sloping shore, gorgeous turquoise water and lush vegetation around the bach are some of the things that describe this beach. Something you can’t find there is a natural shade, so better bring your own parasol.

Those searching for dog-friendly beaches, visit Brajdica and Kantrida beach. The good thing is that Kantrida beach is that it includes a shower and tap with a rubber garden hose for washing dogs. There you can find also a waste bin with a plastic bag dispenser. Brajdica beach is a sandy beach, situated in Pećine. It’s equipped with benches, running water, a tap and a shower.

Best Beaches near Rijeka

If the list of beaches above is not enough for you, then why not visiting some of the best beaches around Rijeka, right?

30 km from the City of Rijeka is situated Mošćenička Draga beach. It is about 2 km long and a Blue Flag beach, which is recognized as perhaps one of the best beaches in Istria. It is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which provides shade. The beach is perfect also for children and non-swimmers as along the shore, the beach is shallow. Nearby this white and smooth pebble beach, you can find numerous sports activities (diving centers, windsurfing, tennis courts). On the famous promenade, you will find many cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and famous promenade. You can rent also sun loungers and parasols.

Another very popular beach near Opatija is Volosko beach – rocky with some paved parts beach. The beach includes three locations (depending on visitors’ interests). Those looking for sports activities can opt for the water polo area, the coastal promenade beach Puntica is mainly visited by families with children and the area of breakwaters for those searching for swimming.

Beach Kvarner (the central beach in Lovran) is a beautiful place with a natural shade, conceived by trees. It’s a lovely spot also for families with children as nearby there is a playground. You can rent various sports equipment, as well as parasols and deck chairs. The beach is partly concrete while the other part is sandy.

Few kilometers away from Lovran, there is a Medveja beach, known as family-friendly beach. It has a long pebble beach with beautiful sights an is surrounded by thick vegetation. It boasts various options for entertainment, such as water park and a diverse offer of water content for those with an adventurous spirit.

beaches near rijeka

How is the weather in Rijeka?

Summers in Rijeka are short and warm. The bathing season begins in spring (May or June) and lasts until autumn (September). The peak season (June – August) is the warmest and also when most tourists visit the city and its beaches.

How to get to Rijeka?

Rijeka is easily accessible by all the transport and whichever destination you travel from.

Rijeka airport is located on the island of Krk, which is only 30 km away from Rijeka. You can find some good airline connections with European cities, even some low-cost companies.

There are also very good connections by bus or train.

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