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Portopiccolo Sistiana in Italy – a glamorous destination you want to visit

Portopiccolo Sistiana beach has been for many Italians and Slovenians (myself included) a favorite summer getaway (usually for a day). For some maybe not much because of its beaches but mostly for its vicinity and accessibility. Honestly, if you are looking for a spectacular sandy beach than this one is definitely not for you. However, there are facilities – bars, restaurants and night clubs and in summer there is always a number of people searching for its safe place under the sun.

In August 2014 the Bay of Sistiana, that stretches out toward Trieste, received a new “addition”, more stylish, elegant and extravagant – Portopiccolo (“little harbor”).

Portopiccolo Italy Map

About Portopiccolo Sistiana

Developed by local architects, Portopiccolo is a touristic residential area in the Gulf of Trieste and is not only a good option to spend your holiday there but also as a day trip. It includes 500 Seward residential houses and apartments (penthouses, spacious villas, terraced and village houses – some of which are up for sale) a small harbor with 124 berths, a luxury 5-star hotel Falisia, spa center, shops like bakery, a unique congress center, a yacht club, elegant boutiques, lovely cafés, top-class beach bars, a conference center, nice selection of restaurants with the very finest Italian cuisine and some other facilities. It’s no wonder why it is likened to prestige destination, such as for example Saint-Tropez.

The Italian concept of life is “dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing). This is exactly how I would describe the idea behind this resort.

What I personally like are lovely narrow streets, no pollution or noise, totally car-free,  so it’s very calm and safe to stroll around also with children. And not to forget – those see views are simply the greatest thing. Many times happens that my husband and I stay at the coast till late and enjoy the spectacular sunset. So, now just imagine how are the views from the properties – they are designed and located in a way that the views are stunning.

Beside panoramic sea views, every property has been created with natural materials, contemporary furnishings and inspired by traditional Italian seafront residences. Apartments and villas range from 50 m2 to 400 m2 and boast either a terrace or a garden. The village boasts innovative services and eco-sustainability.

The Portopiccolo village is used renewable energy sources such as sea and sun, with energy saving and low cost.

There is free private garage parking that is secured.

Things to do in Portopiccolo

The beach

The beach is located under a cliff, a quiet, clean area with white pebbles and clear water. Some parts are covered with grass. The are is equipped with beach cabins, parasols and sunbeds but also towels disposal.


There are various events in the field of fashion, music, art – all mainly during hot summer months. The biggest and most important event is the Barcolana Regatta – the world’s largest sailing race and a thrilling spectacle which is in October.

Sport activities

At Portopiccolo’s Marina and Yacht club you can get a sailing or motorboat license or hire watersports equipment. There is also an option to enroll in a gold course or do some sports activities, such as windsurfing, canoeing, diving or fishing.

Portopiccolo Spa and wellness

At the luxury spa treat yourself with numerous body and face treatments, wellness treatments, massages and aromatherapies. There are also jaw-dropping pools (indoor and outdoor), sauna, Hammam – Turkish bath, hot tub, emotional showers, a color-changing Jacuzzi, ice-cold waterfalls, salt therapy, a fitness center and a relaxation area with herbal teas. Enjoy swimming in the private outdoor pool with an outstanding sea view.

Strolling the charming streets

Exploring each corner of the village is only another option to do. There you can find high-class boutiques with top fashion, design and art you will love for sure.

Restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes

Enjoy food and drink as the locals do. Visit some gourmet restaurant and try Italian cuisine you will not regret. And don’t forget to try the best traditional Italian-style gelato. At night you can gather with your friends and enjoy the music in a club and trying some Campari spritzer.

Day trips from Portopiccolo

Venice is only 140 km (87 mi) far from Portopiccolo. And if you haven’t visited this most famous city in the world yet, maybe this time is a good opportunity to do so. This charming city has no roads, only canals, squares and gorgeous palaces you will fall in love.

Trieste is another option you can choose. It is a seaport and was once a very influential center of politics, culture and art. Today it is a quiet and charming city with stunning architecture, several bars and shopping centers.

Duino is a must see. Ruins of the castle, the garden and a park and a breathtaking panorama are only some reasons to visit this place.

Slovenia is the neighboring country with various options to choose from. Crossing the border you will feel the Italian influence.

Visit Croatia – one of Europe’s sunniest spots. Check our list of best places to visit in Croatia.

How to get there

The nearest airport is Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari Airport which is only 15 minutes away by car, while from Venice is about an hour drive.

Other close airports are Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (Slovenia) – 82 km (50.95 mi) and Rijeka Airport (Croatia) – 94 km (58.4 mi).

If you arrive by car, take the Sistiana exit and from there you are only 10 minutes to Portopiccolo village.

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