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Piran, Slovenia – The Most Beautiful Slovenian Coastal Town

How many times have you seen places that simply ooze charm without even trying? Well, Piran in Slovenia should be included in that group as well. If you have heard about this place or not, I invite you to read.

Slovenia‘s Adriatic coast (also known as Slovene Riviera) is only 47 km (29.20 mi) long and honestly, is not best known as a beach getaway destination, but it does feature number and quality of attractions. Among coastal towns, the main draw is Piran. Take a look below which Piran sightseeing is waiting for you…

Piran Slovenia Map

piran peninsula
Piran situated on a peninsula of the same name

piran view

About the town of Piran

what to do in piran slovenia
Piran grew wealthy on the great profits made on locally produced salt.

Sitting on the tip of the peninsula, the town of Piran is Slovenia’s most preserved historic towns that has a strong influence of the Venetian Republic and Austria-Hungary. The influence can be seen in the architecture and food alike. The town retains its ancient charm in narrow streets and alleys with closely constructed houses, numerous squares, churches an monuments.

Piran is definitely the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast. Yet it is a quiet and tranquil place, no crowds even in summer months. The town is not a typical “touristy” place, it is more for those searching a relaxing stay along the coast, maybe enjoying a tasty meal in one of the local restaurants while watching the sunset and listening romantic music – the waves of the sea or getting lost in charming streets, chat with locals and learn about historic sites.

Things to do in Piran

Take a view from the St. George’s Cathedral

St Georges Cathedral piran
Roman Catholic church is an important landmark in Piran

The most dominant highlight is St. George’s Cathedral, built in the 12th century. The church features the marble altars and marvelous organ.

How to reach it? Well, be prepared to climb the hill that is behind Tartini SquareTartini Square.

How do I know you will like this spot? The answer is the view. And it is stunning! It offers a view over Piran, peninsula, actually three countries. This is also a great place to take photos.

The Bell Tower

And if the view from St. George’s Cathedral is not enough for you, then make an effort and after climbing 146 steps to the top, there is 360° view over Piran, Italy, Croatia and Slovenian coast.

The bell tower is a Venetian influence in Piran and is a smaller version of the San Marco Campanile in Venice.

Swim in the Adriatic Sea

beach piran
Stairwells allow for easy access to the water.

Of course, the main attraction during summer is the sea and I believe it won’t take long until you pop out onto a beach. The beaches in Piran are not conventional, they are rather concrete with various facilities. Below the cathedral, there is a rocky beach leading to the bay of Fiesa.

Watch Sunsets

piran slovenia beaches
Sunset over Piran

One of the top of things to do in Piran is also watching the sunset. And where is the best spot to enjoy it? Basically, everywhere is spectacular. When the pastel hues fill up the evening sky – this reminds you how beautiful our planet is and you feel like you want to hug this planet so much. “Speechless” is a perfect word for describing this phenomenon.

Tartini Square

tartini sqaure piran
Tartini Square (Tartinijev Trg) surrounded by a great example of the Venetian influences on the architecture.
piran sightseeing
Tartini Square is dedicated to the grand violin Giuseppe Tartini, born in Piran.

Tartini square is probably one of the first things you see as you walk into the town. This is the central town square and a common meeting point in Piran. It is named after the town’s most famous local, a violinist – Giuseppe Tartini. The square features a statue in honor of Tartini and is surrounded by charming Venetian buildings, including Municipal Palace, Court Palace and Tartini’s house. The good thing is that the square is traffic free and features many benches. This square comes alive at night and mostly during summer months – thanks to various events, performances, street artists and more.

One side of Tartini square opens up to the harbor, which is home to some beautiful boats.

Visit Maritime Museum of Piran

At the Maritime Museum, it is exhibited Slovene naval history and maritime traditions, salt making, fishing, sailing and more. There are several sections on three floors, such as the archaeological section, antique model ships and other rooms with paintings and other art related to the seamen.

The entrance fee is 3.50 €/person.

Walk Medieval Walls of Piran

city walls in piran
Piran town walls offering views of the sea…
piran slovenia
…and the town.

In the Venetian era, when Piran was part of the Republic of Venice, in the 15th century a fortress (the town walls) was built in order to protect the town against attacks by Turks. Some of the parts are renovated and can be visited.

If you want to get there you will have to walk up the hill and pay an entrance fee of 2 €/person. It’s worth a visit because the view of the town and sea is simply amazing.

Wander the Old Town and visit the port

piran slovenia
Typical compact houses…
day trips from piran
…and narrow streets in Piran

What makes a special charm of the Old Town is a maze of medieval streets, alleys, small squares and colorful facade of buildings. The lovely little town you will like to get lost in. Once you are there you will understand why it’s considered the most beautiful town in the Mediterranean.

You will find many excellent restaurants offering seafood and nice bars.

slovene riviera
Port of Piran

Where to stay in Piran

There are various accommodation possibilities offered in Piran, from hotels, guest houses, apartments and hostels.  There is also a campsite in Piran, located in a green and peaceful bay of Fiesa, also known for its two freshwater lakes.

If you are into Airbnb in Piran, check out our Airbnb coupon code and get your discount.

Day trips from Piran

Wondering how else you can get the best of this coastal town? If you like outdoor activities, there’s something for you. Hiking and biking are also an amazing way of getting to know the town and its surroundings. There are many interesting and attractive marked trails to discover, including salt-pans and many secret places along the coast.

I suggest you visit Strunjan – a nature park, where you can visit the cliffs and salt-pans, Portorož with many wellness centers and resorts and Koper as the largest coastal city.

If you want to learn about beaches near Piran, click here.

How to get to Piran

If you come from Ljubljana, you can take a bus to Piran. It will take you about 2.5 hours with a cost of 12 €/person (one-way ticket).

The most convenient is car rental in Piran. For more information follow this link.

Here I’m offering some driving distances and time taken from nearby places:

Ljubljana (Slovenia): 120 km (74,56 mi); 1.5 hours
Trieste (Italy): 40 km (24.85 mi); 50 min
Rijeka (Croatia): 100 km (62,14 mi); 1 hour 50 minutes

So, are we going to meet in Piran?

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