Osprey vs The North Face: Which is Better for Backpacks?

Osprey or North face? Which is better? Knowing the correct outdoor gear and clothes and shoes is among the most valuable aspects you can do to make sure that not only will your expedition be fun, and yet that it will also be safe.

When it comes to outdoor clothing and gear, safety is essential, so it’s not surprising that major brands have come up with some great designs that ensure safety and comfort when they’re out in the weather.

Nevertheless, practicality is indeed an essential element of heading on a hiking trip, for instance, because you’ll have to carry stuff with you. Usually, they go in a backpack. That brings us to today’s subject.

Over the years, we’ve talked about a lot of well-known brands in the outdoor world, mostly about how well their jackets work and how well they look. We’ve been trying to find more outdoor gear recently, and today we’re going with backpacks.

Osprey and The North Face are two of the most well-known brands in the world. The public knows the Osprey and The North Face companies for their high-end backpacks. These things are made of durable material, but they are still cheap. This is probably one of the reasons why they are so widely known now.

So let’s look at their backpacks to see which one is better for doing outdoor activities.

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Brief History of the Brand

Osprey was founded in California in 1974. It is one of the best-known brands for making high-quality packs that work well. A huge number of people have talked about Osprey, but this is the first time we’ve also talked about another brand that makes a lot of different things, like The North Face.

Mike Pfotenhauer started Osprey. It ended up going towards becoming a well-known brand because of its unique designs. While Mike Pfotenhauer started the brand in 1974, their first high-performance idea came out in 1976, when they added a mesh panel to their packs. This made them more breathable and more comfortable to wear for a long time, making them better for long hikes and trips.

Soon after, about two decades later, they came out with the Isis backpack, which was their first design that was only for women. From there, their designs for women went up a lot.

Osprey is a brand that has such numerous innovations and progressive ideas that it would take a whole piece of it to talk about them all. We’ll talk about several of them in the next portion.

Materials and Manufacturing

Quality backpacks need to be made of high-quality materials that can last for a long time and withstand the weather. When it comes to fabrics, nylon is the one that meets both of these requirements stronger than most other fabrics. Osprey, which makes backpacks and other gear, uses nylon in all of its designs. However, to make high-performance and well-designed backpacks, a few new technologies and ideas must also be used. Osprey does just that.

When we talk about this brand, the first thing we talk about is the specially made molding hipbelt innovation, making it easier to carry heavier loads. Many things make their designs more straightforward and more comfortable to use. They use AirScapeTM, AirSpeedTM, and AntiGravityTM technologies as well as the StraightJacketTM suspension compression mechanism, the ErgoPullTM hipbelt, as well as a lot of other things.

Concerning design and manufacturing, their Design Studio is in California. Most of their packs are made in Vietnam. This is a brand that wants to cut down on the ecological consequences of the manufacturing process. It does this by using recyclable materials, like the Circuit backpack and ensuring the finished product is reliable and long-lasting.

Famous Design

Osprey vs The North Face: Which is Better for Backpacks?
Osprey Pack Nebula Daypack

The design we opted for is the Nebula daypack, which is made of nylon and has a mesh back panel that lets air in.

As a daypack, it doesn’t skimp on quality or performance. It’s a high-quality backpack that fits well and has a lot of overall organizational compartments. It will allow you to keep anything and everything that it should be and where you can quickly get to it.

People who go through airport security can use this backpack because it has an approved laptop sleeve that is also padded to keep your device safe and sound when it’s in the bag. It is made for both men and women. It also appears to come with a hazard flashers light attachment.

Price Point

As long as you value quality, practicality, and functionality, the brand’s packs are worth the money. They aren’t, however, as cheap as other options on the market.

People who want the most expensive designs can pay up to $200, whereas more affordably priced ones cost about $100.

The North Face

Brief History of the Brand

The North Face is a manufacturer that we have talked about a lot, like here and here. It was founded in California in 1966.

While today it is one of the most well-known names in outdoor clothing and gear, it started out as a company that manufactured climbing and backpacking equipment.

Back when the brand was started, backpackers and trekkers had very few choices when it came to high-quality gear. The North Face had everything they needed.

Many people know the North Face for its powerful and flexible designs, but in recent years, it has started to make clothes and gear that are more appealing to people who aren’t outdoorsy. They still make high-quality products that last a long time and are comfortable to wear.

Materials and Manufacturing

We’ve talked about this a lot before, but today we’re only going to talk about the materials the brand uses for its packs and the product innovations they use to make them.

Just like with their jackets, The North Face uses nylon and polyester to make sure their designs are strong, durable, and good-looking.

There are padded mesh back panels on some of their backpacks that help with breathability and the FlexVentTM suspension system, which is made of injection-molded shoulder straps. This makes the system more comfortable to wear and easier to carry heavier weights.

As for how their products are made, The North Face uses methods that make sure their products are both durable and high-quality. This isn’t just to keep the brand’s good reputation about their designs, but also to help keep their manufacturing from impacting the environment.

The North Face is among the brands that have made much progress in this area. This is shown by the use of PFC-free DWR products and recycled materials.

Famous Design

The North Face Borealis Backpack (Men’s Version)
The North Face Borealis Backpack (Men’s Version)

The North Face Borealis Backpack (Women’s Version)
The North Face Borealis Backpack (Women’s Version)

Borealis is, of course, one of the most popular designs from The North Face. It is one of the best-rated backpacks from the company.

Men and women can get this design, which is almost exactly the same in composition. The main difference is how it fits, which is made to be comfortable for both men and women.

FlexVentTM suspenders and pockets are included in this 28L backpack. It also has two compartments that each have a 15-inch laptop case in them, and it comes with two separate pockets.

If you buy something from The North Face, you get it with a Lifetime Warranty. This is a bag made of polyester and nylon.

Price Point

A lot of people say that things from The North Face aren’t the cheapest. But their backpacks are a different conversation.

The less-technical styles go for about $80, while the items that are built to endure the elements and be carried for days and days can go more than $120.

But… Which Brand is Better?

It’s hard to say which of these two California brands is better at making backpacks.

In online forums, both brands are praised for their backpacks. Many people choose one or the other.

There are a lot of different types of backpacks on the market, but the ones made by The North Face are more affordable than the ones made by Osprey.

These backpacks can be used by both people who love nature and people who go to work every day. There seem to be water bottle compartments on each side of the bag to hold your jug of water. This means that they are strong enough to go for a hike with you.

Such backpacks are also excellent for when you have to go to work every day. It isn’t just that these clothes are durable. They also have compartments in the front and space for your electronics. They are made to be the best way to carry books and binders.

Both of these backpacks are good for handling your laptop and your tablet, so you should choose one. They have sleeves for either of these things. You can ensure that your electronics will not get scratched by these sleeves.

You can also choose to keep your mobile phone and iPod secure and protected and not get them scratched. Users would use the same scratch-proof pockets to keep their sunglasses safe from damage.

For comfort, they are both very similar; we guess it depends on which design you are looking at. However, in our opinion, Osprey is known for making some of the best backpacks out there, and that does make a big difference in this area as well.

Even though both companies have a great design that is good for your convenience, Osprey is the supreme ruler of comfort. You can carry a lot of weight without hurting your back because they have unique back panel mechanisms that enable you to do so without hurting your back.

In the process of choosing the right bag to take with you, look at how well it fits you first. In the broad sense, Osprey backpacks have been shown to fit perfectly over most individuals. However, in the particular instance of The North Face, there seem to be specific styles that are also a great fit among most.

Another thing to think about is the difference in the warranty length. Even so, Osprey has an All Mighty Guarantee that doesn’t matter when you bought the pack. If the pack needs to be repaired, Osprey will do it for free, no matter when you purchased it.

So, Which is Which?

The answer to that question will depend on how well a backpack fits you and what you need to have, for example, particular number of pockets, compartments, reservoirs, and the likes, to look for in one.

When it comes down to it, if we had to pick, we would go with Osprey because they have a good warranty and are known for functional and convenient designs.


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