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Mostnica gorge, Slovenia – Alpine hidden gem

Each time when my husband and I are in Slovenia on holiday, we try to discover this tiny country as much as we can. Our main goal is to explore more about its nature, sometimes seeking more adventure, and travel off the beaten path, from which a good choice is Mostnica gorge.

One day I was searching via internet where to go for a weekend and when I saw the photos about Mostnica gorge, I said to my husband: “Wow, we need to see this beauty”.

Mostnica river formed the gorge over millions of years

Our tips:

  • Mostnica gorge is a perfect day trip for those who are looking for an active day and also a good choice if you are looking for ideas on what to do in Bohinj or its area. The same we suggest visiting the most famous and impressive waterfall in Slovenia, Savica waterfall, which is located at the end of Lake Bohinj.
  • Some parts of the trail may be slippery and the climb to the Voje Valley is steep so it is recommended to wear walking shoes or boots.
  • Slovenia offers a number of beautiful and similar gorges to Mostnica gorge, among which are the most known Tolmin Gorge and Vintgar Gorge. Check it out!

Basic Trip Info

Location: Bohinj, Triglav National Park (Slovenia)
Type of path: easy
Length: 12 km / 7.45 mi (total length), 2 km / 1.24 mi (only Mostnica gorge)
Duration: 3,5 hours (whole trip), 1,5 hours (only Mostnica gorge)
Entrance fee: adults 3 €, students and seniors over 65 years of age 2,5 €, kids 7-14 years old 1,5 €, kids up to 6 years old free entrance
Highlights of the trip: Mostnica river, waterfalls, pools, the “Little Elephant” natural formation, Voje valley

About Mostnica gorge

Mostnica (“Bridge water”) is an Alpine river which lies above the village of Stara Fužina (in the Alpine Valley Voje), near the beautiful Bohinj Lake and within Triglav National Park. A lovely and peaceful area with lovely beech woods.

The trail along the river reveals gorges, pools, cascades, waterfalls and rock shapes surrounded by tremendous nature. In some parts, the gorge itself is very narrow and in other up to 20 m high. The trail widens into the idyllic Voje valley with magnificent meadows and holiday cottages with typical Alpine style. The valley’s altitude is 700 meters and its surface is covered with ground glacial moraine. The valley is flanked by steep wooded hillsides with the mountaintops.

This emerald water is crystal clean and it seems like it invites you to dip in but consider it is super cold even in summer.

The trail

Choose between a shorter or a longer version, depending on your time, physical level and needs. The path goes by both sides of the gorge, so you can do the round trip. You can admire diverse flora and fauna and the remnants of the glacier.

The shorter version is a trail through the gorge. You will cross several bridges, from which the most interesting is the Devil’s bridge (“Hudičev most”), according to the legend was built by the devil himself. It offers views of Mostnica gorge below. At every step, you can admire how creative was nature and what a masterpiece there is. There are even more wonders – small cascades and different forms of rocks (one such rock is Little Elephant).

A hollow rock called “Little Elephant”
The water is perfectly clear, but from the distance is emerald

The trail itself is undemanding, appropriate for any level, also families with small children and elderly. However, be aware some places can get a little slippery, especially on wet days. Always choose to wear good shoes.

As this place is a lesser known tourist destination, you might not see many people. All this makes this place even more magical, at some moment very meditative and peaceful.

The longer version leads you to the end of the grassland Voje Valley, where is located a gushing waterfall, named the Mostnica waterfall (also called Šum waterfall or Voje waterfall) with a height of 20 meters and ends in a beautiful green pool. There is also another waterfall, called “Konjski rep” (Ponytail) and is 5 meters high. In the upper part of the river, you can also find the third waterfall with 5 meters of height.

Do not miss to stop at Voje cottage, a very nice cottage that serves super tasty homemade food and more. The trail itself takes about 2,5 hours in one direction.

Mostnica waterfall

All in all, it’s a lovely walk through the forest and along the river which is very refreshing and just perfect in hot summer months.

How to get to Mostnica gorge

From Bohinj lake drive to Stara Fužina village, cross the Mostnica via a bridge until you reach a large parking lot. There’s a parking fee with a price of 1,5 €. From there take a path by foot.

Where to stay during your visit?

Probably the easiest and most accessible place to stay is near Bohinj Lake. There are various private accommodation and hotels.

To sum up or why I would recommend visiting Mostnica gorge

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • a natural paradise with numerous spots of interest
  • stunning views
  • tourist-friendly
  • family friendly
  • no crowds
  • suitable for everybody
  • well-marked and safe trail
  • ideal in hot summer-time
  • photographer-friendly



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