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Lake Bled Castle (Blejski grad)

Majority of tourists who visit Slovenia explore the Lake Bled Castle. It is the Slovenian main tourist attraction. Not only that, it’s a symbol of Slovenia and of the Lake Bled as well. Its magnificent surrounding nature and history are the main reasons why Lake Bled is so popular.
The magnificient castle in the lake bled
The magnificent castle in the Lake Bled

Lake Bled Castle


If you are in Bled, here are some reasons you don’t want to miss visiting the Lake Bled Castle.

History of the Lake Bled Castle

Bled castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia with more than 1000 years. Some parts of the castle are in Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque styles. The castle is now arranged as an exhibition area.

How to get to the Lake and Castle?

It’s only 1 hour away from the capital, Ljubljana. You can reach it from any city by car, train or bus. Once you are in the lake you will see a path and then stairs that go above the hill till the castle.

A Breathtaking view you will not forget

Million dollar view – Bled castle stands on the cliff, 130 meters above the glacial Lake Bled. In the background, you can admire the Julian Alps. Some say it is the best part of the Lake Bled attraction. And if you are not interested in historical buildings, like this castle is, it’s worth seeing the view. Take enough time here to enjoy the view of the Lake, its island and the town Bled. A chance to get some good panorama shots, so if you can, choose the day to visit the castle when the day is beautiful.
Walking up to the castle from the lake will take you about 15 minutes. But take care, because of steep steps that lead to the castle, especially in winter when there is snow or wet weather. If you have difficulty climbing, the castle can be reached by bus and car as well (there’s a parking at the top).
The castle in the top of the hill
One of the most visited historic and cultural attractions in Slovenia. It is a popular attraction even during the off-peak season. If you want to avoid crowds, go early in the morning.
The museum Bled Castle offers an eventful history of Bled from the time when the first settlements in the area appeared to the present day.
A virtual tour of the lake bled castle museum:
From Bled you can visit the also famous Vintar Gorge where you can make an awesome hiking trip and have a wonderful view from lake bled and surroundings.
Bled castle contains also a Wine cellar where you can taste its top quality wines and see a demonstration of bottling of wine.
In the restaurant of the castle, you can enjoy Slovenian traditional dishes and drinks.
Castle printing works is another spot you can visit in the castle Bled. You will be demonstrated of printing on a printing machine.
The castle’s forge represents the heritage of the past as a form of art. Here you have a chance to make your own souvenir coin on an anvil.
The castle Bled hosts many cultural events.
This is definitely one of the most fairy-tale and romantic venues for newlyweds.
Some information about the Castle Bled:
  • the castle is open to visitors all year round
  • entrance fee: 10 EUR/adult
  • contact: +386 4 57 29 782, e-mail: blejski.grad@zkbled.si

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