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Planning a trip to Ireland? Here are 11 Ireland Travel Tips

Ireland has been ranked the second-best country in the world for its excellent service which bodes well for tourists both young and old. Ireland is a relatively small island divided between two parts; Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Ireland has also held a significant score in the World Happiness Index. The serene beauty, the world famous Guinness Beer, rain and the most socially positive population makes Ireland a place a must visit for every tourist. There are endless things to do and enjoy here. But before visiting every country, one must take into consideration a few tips to ensure that their journey and stay is smooth. Here are 11 Ireland travel tips you must remember before you travel to this wonderful country.

ireland travel tips

1. Pick the right Ireland

Ireland divided into two parts; The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. As per information, The Republic of Ireland forms part of an independent country, but the northern part remains a part of United Kingdom. However, travelling to either of these counties will not be hard, and the process will be towards your favour.

2. Pick the right season

Ireland’s scenic beauty and the visual aesthetics have often been one of the vital drawing factors for the tourists, but aside from that tourists have also made a mistake of visiting during times that yield less profit the ones who visit it during the right season. Spring and autumn is the perfect time for tourists to visit as they can enjoy the balanced weather and not have to worry about extreme weather conditions.

3. Mind the currency

Currency is different in different parts of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland sticks to Euros while Northern Ireland uses Pound. It is imperative that you keep notes of lower denomination since the higher denomination notes will not be used. Also, it is advised to change your currency at an ATM so that you obtain widely used denominations.

4. Mind the Guinness

Guinness Beer is a must have once you go to Ireland, but mind the prices for it. A pint of Guinness Beer will not cost you more than €5. It is recommended to visit the Guinness Store House with an entry fee of around €17.

The Guinness Storehouse hours are 9.30am – 7pm (last admission is at 5pm), everyday. During July and August until 8pm.

site: https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en

guinness storehouse hours

5. Use the network smartly

Ireland may be a place which at first glance does not scream of modern, cutting-edge technologies, but it has one of the best network receptions with an abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots. However, it is easy to buy a SIM card in Ireland which costs €20 for a month. In this way, you can avoid roaming charges and uninterrupted network.

6. Explore the food

Ireland is often known to be a foodie’s heaven. It not only has the best food available but also offers gluten-free and vegan foods. There are places all around the corners for various dishes and provides the best quality of food with the best taste. Take a look around and explore the different types of food and be sure to visit food markets.

7. Relive the movie magic

Ireland is known to be the home of many media productions, from TV Shows to Motion Picture, and this has been the hub for many tourists to visit and experience the sites and places where their favourite movies were filmed. Visit the places where one of Television’s most significant show has been shot and also relive the moments from critically acclaimed films and reimage yourself in a world where reality and fiction coincide.

8. Celebrate the traditions with Ireland

Ireland is a land of festivities and celebration. It is a place where grandeur and elegance meet and through various events and cultural festivals; Ireland is a must visit for every avid traveller. Various activities such as Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day accompanied by fireworks and events such as Viking re-enactments call for rejoicing and make it worthwhile for every tourist to visit and experience the beauty of Ireland.

dublin saint patrick

9. Accommodation and Dining

Such events and festivities could mean only one thing; lodges and hotels would be entirely booked. If you plan on visiting Ireland during the peak tourist season, it is recommended to prepare ahead of time and pre-book your hotel. Ireland is a small place with limited lodging and places to stay and dine out, so it is recommended to cook your food to save money since most restaurants will be closed during festive seasons and on days of festivals.

10. Stick to public transport

It is always convenient and luxurious to travel to places in Ireland with a personal car, but if you are keen on saving your money then stick to the public mode of transport since they are very efficient and affordable. Public transports also provide free Wi-Fi and are reliable so the best option would be to save money on transportation.

11. Ireland is not 24/7

One of the biggest misconceptions about Ireland is that is it considered as a city that is active and awake 24/7. Unlike NYC, Dublin is quiet, and all the stores close after 9 pm. Most stores close on Sundays and Mondays, and a few tourist places are closed on a Monday but open on a Sunday.

So now, what are you waiting for? Make Ireland your next best travel destination this summer.

Pictures of Dublin Ireland

pictures of dublin ireland

the dublin castle
The Dublin Castle

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