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How to install GoPro on your helmet

How to install GoPro on your helmet ? GoPro cameras are helpful tools. They help you record videos and take pictures in circumstances you think are impossible. These cameras are lightweight, manageable, durable, and frequently waterproof. These qualities enable you to capture fascinating films under the most daring conditions.

Many people do not know this, but you can attach your GoPro camera to your helmet. This article will explain how to install GoPro on your helmet step by step, and we will answer some frequently asked questions about the procedure.

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How to install GoPro on your helmet
GoPro helmet

How to attach a GoPro to your helmet?

1. Get your helmet ready

The next step after obtaining a helmet is to prepare it so the GoPro may be securely fastened. You will need an adhesive mount for that.

You can get flat or curved adhesive mounts. The mount you should use will depend on where you want to put it on the helmet and what kind of surface you will mount it to. Get one of each mount to avoid significant issues to be safe.

You will need the following to secure the adhesive mount to your helmet:

  • A GoPro sticky mount that is straight or curved
  • A GoPro quick-release buckle
  • A pencil
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Measuring tape

With them in hand, you must decide where to attach the adhesive mount and whether a curved or flat mount will fit better.

Always ensure your GoPro is in the center, whether you decide to mount your GoPro on the front, top, or side. This is why you need a pencil and measuring tape. First, locate the centered position using the measuring tape to position the mount properly, then mark the precise location with a pencil.

gopro in helmet
GoPro on helmet

2. Position your Adhesive Mount

Use a dry cloth and some isopropyl alcohol diluted with water to clean the helmet’s surface. Make sure to clean it thoroughly because any form of dirt between the mount and your helmet could damage the bonding process.

After cleaning your helmet, carefully put the adhesive mount at the preferred center. Once the mount has been placed, apply light pressure to ensure it stays firmly. You can do that with your hands or a small, hefty object.

3. Insert the GoPro camera into the mount.

Fit the camera on the adhesive mount using the quick-release buckle. You can now start recording by setting the camera at the desired angle (facing the front, yourself, up, or down)

Where is the best position to mount GoPro on a helmet?

Depends. As previously stated, it is ideal for ensuring the camera is centered. But that might be at the front, on the top of your helmet, on the sides, or even in the back if your goal is to record the people in your rearview mirror. The reality is that the position you mount the GoPro depends on what you wish to achieve.

For instance, mounting the camera front and center on your helmet would be more convenient if you wanted to take some portrait selfies. You could also use extender bars, and a G buckle mount to extend the camera’s reach and get a better (and less oblique) view of your face for these kinds of images.

Put the surface you are riding, sliding, or driving on front and center, but with the camera pointed downward if you want to draw attention to it.

If your helmet has a chin region, such as a full-face or modular helmet, you may place the camera behind it to capture some striking self-portrait perspectives while riding.

Whatever the case, the options are limitless and depend on the kind of helmet you choose and the pictures you want to capture.

Is it a must to get The Official GoPro Helmet Mount?

There is no need for the official mount. There are many generic mounts available that are also effective and less expensive. However, there is an advantage to using the official GoPro helmet mount.

For example, the official helmet mount comes with a swivel mount. When recording with your GoPro, it will increase your angle options. You may move the camera up and down, side to side, or even rotate it while it is held on this mount. This added feature stretches the limits of recording and allows you to create a dynamic video.

Affordable Replacements for the GoPro Helmet Mount

The official GoPro mount typically has conventional mounting options. Still, if you would like to branch out a little, there are a few places to acquire different angles and test other helmet attachment methods.

1. Helmet Chin Mount

This kind of mount will give your recording a crazy-intense angle. In addition, the video experience created by this mount is incredibly lifelike since it provides an angle that simulates the person’s point of view wearing the helmet.

Outside of the official GoPro alternatives, you can purchase chin mounts specifically made to fit in the chin area of your helmet (it cannot be an open-face or half helmet, of course). In this situation, you do not need a flat or curved adhered to the helmet because you typically attach the mount using high-quality bonding tape.

The equipment will likely be at its best when you use it for sports requiring you to move quickly.

2. Vented helmet strap mount

We recommend this type of mount if you want to attach and detach the camera from your helmet in a more practical manner. You will velcro-strap the camera to the helmet using this mount.

Because you will attach the mount to your helmet through the venting holes, this mount is compatible with all types of vented helmets.

This mount’s up-center location offers a wider view of the environment and frontal photos comparable to POV shots but not quite the same.

gopro for skiing
Man with a camera on the helmet

How to attach a GoPro to a Helmet (Low budget style)

If you are on a tight budget right now., vented helmet straps will do the trick. A vented helmet strap attachment is the least expensive solution to fasten your GoPro camera to your helmet securely. You can buy one of these separately from a trickier mounting system and use it to attach your GoPro camera to your helmet. They are, of course, less expensive than standard mounts, and by situating themselves on the helmet, they can give you some excellent angles.

However, some online tutorials teach you how to accurately place the strap through the chin area of modular or full-face helmets, obtaining a POV angle for your recording. Typically, this kind of mount is used to strap the camera on the top and center of the helmet (using the holes on top of the vented helmets).

Is Mounting a GoPro on a Helmet Safe?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about it if you use the recommended techniques.

Refrain from attempting insane things, such as:

  • Trying to hot glue your camera to the helmet in some way. You only need the glue in the adhesive mount to attach the mount to your helmet securely and safely.
  • Place the camera much too close to your face. If you fall while riding, bicycling, skating, or doing anything else, it would not be pleasant if the camera slammed into your eyes as you fell, would it? So please make an effort to keep your distance.

Will my helmet’s GoPro fall off? How do I guarantee that it won’t

You should not have to worry about falling off for a while if you properly attach your adhesive mount to your helmet. Most adhesive tapes are thought to last about 24 months before deteriorating.

If you want to be safe, consider switching mounts once you reach that point using the same one. Moving the mount with your hands would allow you to determine the glue’s strength. If the mount moves even a little, it’s usually time to switch mounts.

But, if you want to be extra certain that the mount will adhere to the helmet’s surface, you can use some c-clamps or spring clamps to apply pressure to the adhesive mount immediately after placing it in your selected spot for about 4-5 hours.

If you do not have any clamps, you can try to make do without them by pressing anything hard against the surface for as long as possible.

Is it legal to mount a GoPro on a motorbike Helmet?

This is not legal advice because we are not attorneys. However, since different nations and jurisdictions have different regulations, you must consult a local attorney to ensure everything is legal. At your peril, do it.

Yet typically, police enforcement does not appear to have an issue with GoPro cameras mounted on motorcycle helmets. It is important to note that most motorcycle riders who wear cameras on their helmets do so to record an accident accurately and, if necessary, explain what happened to a law enforcement official.

However, there are some activities that, when done while riding with a GoPro mounted to your helmet, could land you in legal hot water, including:

  • Placing the camera in a way that prevents you from fully closing the helmet visors or that blocks part of your view of the road or street. The likelihood that a police officer will stop you for it and provide you with a warning for it depends on how he is feeling.
  • People’s faces being captured without permission. Ensure you get people’s consent before filming their faces if you want to create material for YouTube or any other internet video platform. Otherwise, you can find yourself in some undesirable legal situations.

Are adhesive GoPro mounts removable?

Yes. Although the procedure is very standard, you can still do it.

You will need a hairdryer to remove the adhesive mounts from the surface of your helmet (or any surface, for that matter). That’s all there is.

After around three to five minutes, turn on the hair dryer and direct it toward the adhesive mount. After you believe it is loose enough to remove, insert the buckle mount there to speed up the process and peel the adhesive mount away from the surface. You can check on the ungluing process every few minutes.

You may use only your hands or a nearby sharp object if you do not have a buckle mount.

It is possible that the glue just comes off with the mount, leaving it sticky on the surface. If this happens, don’t panic; you can use your fingers to delicately scrape the adhesive off the surface and remove it completely.

Can You Reuse GoPro Adhesive Mounts?

Unfortunately, no.

Once your sticky mount has been removed from a surface, you can insert one of Scotch’s reusable, double-sided adhesive tabs into it.

The packets often contain 15 brand-new tabs that you are free to use and are also relatively cheap. Don’t expect one of these reusable tabs to last as long as an original GoPro adhesive, though, as the quality is not as constant as a 3M adhesive (which is the one used in the official GoPro mounts).

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