How to find cheap flights to anywhere

How to find cheap flights to anywhere?To get the best deals on airline tickets, something basic is to make the search as wide as possible. And when it comes to tracking prices, there are three fundamental options: one is to use the search engine of an airline. Another is to consult with a travel agency, which for a given route will provide the offers of different airlines. The third alternative is the metasearch engines (that is, search engines) that explore the fares of airlines and online travel agencies. In many cases, an “all in one” option, which saves time and money.

how to find cheap flights to anywhere

One of the most popular metasearch engines,, with millions of monthly users, provides information to obtain not only the cheapest flight but also the most convenient in terms of speed-price ratio and the fastest. “In total, we compared more than 1000 platforms that allow users to find the cheapest flight that best suits their needs, and to make the search easier, we have tools such as searching anywhere, allowing you to see cheaper destinations to fly from a certain city, or the search by calendar, where the prices of the flights per day are displayed. We also have filters of all kinds, for example, travelers can search based on the departure time and the arrival time of the flight “, explains Cristina Ávila, responsible for communication of SkyScanner, founded in 2003. The goal of this metasearch engine, based in Edinburgh, is to facilitate the trip organization, but does not take into account booking reservations, as it is often the case with this kind of sites. This means that the booking and payment is made to the travel company to which it redirects us. Skyscanner does not charge commissions or additional charges.

No commission

In general, no search engine charges the passenger additional charges. The service is totally free. Its business consists of charging advertising and commissions to travel agencies and airlines. The leader in the market, SkyScanner, for example, receives commissions for reservations made and for the redirection to the page. They also have advertisers on their website and in the app, which has already been downloaded 70 million times.

Kayak is another metasearch engine, created in 2004 in Delaware by the founders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz travel agencies to improve the user browsing experience. In 2012 it went public and the same year it was purchased by The Priceline Group (leader in online services for travel) for 1800 million dollars. In 2017 the same group acquired the Danish Momondo.

By price and valuation scans with a simple search, in seconds, the offers of hundreds of travel websites. The prices shown are from agencies and airlines, with no additional fees for Kayak. Providers pay the metasearch engine when they redirect to a page or help reserve their offer. The service – they clarify from the search engine – is completely free for the user. Kayak is characterized by offering results that are ordered by price and by the valuation of the travelers and in the same way that Skyscanner, values among the options the duration of the trip and the number of stopovers.

“Sometimes, we also take into account the quality of the service offered on the provider’s website, in the list of results we highlight details such as management or baggage fees charged by the provider so that you can see the total price and compare the options If a provider does not offer clear information about the additional fees it charges, we usually do not recommend it, “they say from the Web.

Simulate the purchase until the end is a good exercise because there is detected if there are hidden surcharges, usually in additional that one can hire, as baggage to be shipped. In that case, it can be compared with the airline in which you want to travel, how much the bag charges. If there is much difference, there is the hidden surcharge.

The rates of the companies you run include carry-on luggage and taxes, but not the luggage that is shipped. In the margin of the page provides a price calculator for luggage. Once on the provider’s page to which you redirect you must add the luggage, because many sites do not automatically do so. And always, you have to check if the rate stays the same or goes through the roof, for some extra charge.

It is worth spending time and taking the trouble to find the best results obtained with each metasearch engine. And before hiring the service, contrast with the prices offered directly by the airline with which you want to fly, because, what a surprise, it may happen that the best rate is in the airline itself. Therefore, spending a lot of time comparing is key if you want to save good money.


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