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How to Attach GoPro to a Full-Face Snorkel Mask?

Traditional J-style plastic snorkels with a separate mask are no longer the only option for snorkel sets. Currently, they are available with a full-face mask design that incorporates the complete face, offers a larger field of vision, and allows normal breathing. Some even have a camera mount included!

If you’re wondering how to fasten a GoPro to a full-face snorkel mask, you’ve come to the right place. It may seem simple to attach the camera, but there are procedures to take so that it is done correctly. After all, you wouldn’t want to exit the water only to discover that your GoPro has become detached and submerged in a distant location.

What is a Full-Face Snorkel Mask?

Full-face snorkel masks are designed to provide the best possible underwater visibility. It functions similarly to standard snorkeling equipment, enabling you to take in air while floating on the water’s surface. The main distinction is that it provides a more natural experience.

These masks cover your entire face, with the top half used for viewing and the lower half for breathing. Users can breathe without a mouthpiece thanks to the integrated snorkel in the mask.

Since they provide a more relaxing experience and a wider field of vision, full-face masks are becoming more and more common when snorkeling. Snorkelers can view 180 degrees around them thanks to the big mask, which allows them to see more than just their immediate surroundings. Similar to traditional snorkeling gear, users can only breathe when floating on the water’s surface. Air won’t be able to enter the snorkel anymore after you’re fully submerged.

The majority of full face masks have a dry top snorkel that seals when submerged and opens again when the snorkel comes to the surface. As a result, the mask is successfully kept dry.

Full Face Snorkel Mask vs. Traditional Snorkel Mask

When it comes to full-face masks and traditional snorkeling masks, there are a few key distinctions.


The degree of coverage is the primary distinction between traditional masks and full-face masks. As previously noted and as the name suggests, full-face masks encase the entire face, while traditional masks cover the eyes and nose.


As opposed to using a typical snorkel, which only allows you to breathe through your mouth, a full face mask will enable you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth.

The snorkel is built into the mask, making it more comfortable to use and preventing jaw fatigue, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining a mouthpiece in place.

Field of Vision

With a wraparound design, full-face masks offer wearers a wider field of vision than they would with a conventional mask. Full-face masks cover your entire field of view and extend past the nose, giving users an enormous lens and enhanced visuals.

Added seal

Similar to regular masks, full-face masks also have a silicon skirt that forms a seal on your face to keep water out. This mask is less likely to leak than traditional masks because it completely covers your face, which reduces movement and improves the seal.

When purchasing, be sure to select the appropriate size for your face to ensure that the skirt actually forms a watertight seal.


Traditional snorkel masks frequently encounter concerns about fogging up. Although it is almost impossible to eradicate foggy masks completely, this is much decreased when using a full-face mask.

How to Pick Your Perfect Full-Face Snorkel Mask

The most crucial step in buying this piece of gear is picking a mask that suits you! Here are a few things to remember.


Choosing the proper size is the primary element of full-face mask selection. It’s uncommon to find a full-face mask that only comes in one size because it will leak if it’s too big, and if it’s too tiny, it will be irritating and obstruct your sight.

If you are unsure about your face’s size, it is advised that you quickly measure it before referring to the mask’s sizing chart. Finding the right fit is essential for a comfortable snorkeling experience.


In order to keep the air inside your full-face mask fresh and breathable, choose a mask with more airflow valves and cutting-edge technology if the airflow is your primary concern.


If you wear glasses, look for a mask that allows you to add a prescription lens. This enables you to explore the undersea world’s wonders without sacrificing sharp eyesight.

Full-Face Snorkel Masks and Their Built-in Camera Mount

In most cases, the top of a full-face snorkel mask is where you’ll find the attachment point for a camera. The nice part about this is that you can record everything interesting you observe along the route. Nevertheless, you must keep the camera underwater while snorkeling because it is high on the forehead. Few people see this as a big downside to using the camera mount on their full-face snorkeling masks.

There may also be an LCD screen in some snorkel masks, enabling you to see the number of photos and recording time on the screen. Some even have an included LED light for better pictures and videos!

How Do You Mount a GoPro to a Full-Face Snorkel Mask?

The mount for the GoPro camera cannot be rotated around on the majority of snorkel masks. As a result, you would need to remove the camera out of your snorkel in order to capture a selfie while underwater. Anyway, these are the steps for attaching a GoPro to a full-face snorkel mask:

Step 1: You should first fasten the nut to the camera mount.

Step 2: Place the camera within the mount’s slot.

Step 3: To secure the nut to the camera, turn it with the help of a screw.

Step 4: Check to see if the camera is firmly secured; it should not jiggle.

Turn on the GoPro and adjust the settings to your liking before putting on the full-face snorkeling mask. Afterward, start the recording. This is due to the fact that when you are already wearing the mask, you will be unable to adjust the settings.

Alternatively, you can put on the mask and press the record or shutter button while wearing it.

Features of GoPro Mount in Snorkel Masks

The following features should be taken into account when buying a snorkel mask with a camera mount:

Low volume and lightweight

Made from durable plastic and other materials

Threaded inserts for the GoPro

Offers hands-free operation

Keeps the camera safe while snorkeling

Other Essential Accessories for Snorkeling

The following accessories are also necessary for snorkeling in addition to the full-face snorkel masks with camera mount listed above:

Floating handle and strap

Since they are so small, GoPro cameras might be challenging to find when they sink. Even if you unintentionally let go of the camera, it is secured by the floating handle and strap.

Anti-fog inserts

It is possible for a GoPro camera to heat up during recording or photography. This temperature can cause fog and moisture to accumulate, blurring images and recordings. Use an anti-fog insert before diving into the water to avoid this from happening.

Anti-fog Spray

Prior to entering the water, treating mask lenses with anti-fog spray is a fantastic idea. Your mask shouldn’t fog up even if you dive deep or endure significant temperature changes.

Extending pole

With this add-on, you may position the camera nearer to a reef or a school of fish. Since it is seawater resistant and made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the extending pole doesn’t rust.

Dry Bag

Any water activity, including snorkeling, makes it practical to bring a dry bag along. Regardless of how moist your surroundings are, a dry bag seals to keep everything inside dry. Never venture out on the water without one of these!


Fins are an excellent piece of snorkeling equipment that makes it easier for you to move fast through the water and save energy. Fins come in a wide variety of styles and sizes in addition to their advantages.

To wrap it up…

It is simple and doesn’t require specialized installation to put a GoPro camera into a full-face snorkel mask. However, it would be best if you do it correctly to avoid loss and damage.

You can use other GoPro accessories more effectively to take underwater pictures more effectively, in addition to high-quality snorkel masks with sturdy camera mounts. Included in this are an extending pole, anti-fog inserts, and floating handles and straps.

The beauty of the undersea environment can be enjoyed and easily appreciated by snorkeling. A handy way to enjoy it without endangering marine life is by using underwater accessories like the GoPro mount and full-face snorkel masks.

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