5 Secrets to Experience Singapore for Free

This small city of Singapore is big enough to entertain almost all nationalities in the world with their architecture, way of life, and diversity in food. However, most tourists get turned off with the idea that Singapore is very expensive.

Well, if you really don’t know the tricks and tips in surviving Singapore, then surely you might have a hole in your pocket after this trip. Fortunately, we have a few interesting and must-learn tips in this article just for you. Here are 5 secrets from the riches of the Southeast Region that can help you enjoy it for Free – or close enough.

Free Food

There are several temples in Singapore that can help support your fill to the fullest for absolutely free. If you are a vegetarian, you would surely love the food in these temples. These temples are very generous in giving food to the point that you are allowed to get food as much as you want.

Just one thing to note, most of these temples have schedules to follow while giving out portions to the public. Some of them have free breakfast and lunch, while others have a free food schedule from 7:00am – 7:00pm. Either way, you would surely get your fill for free in these places. So, food problem? Solved.

Free Movies

Everyone wants that romantic movie night under the stars and beautiful clouds. Luckily, since Singapore is a rich country, they offer a free movie night in random locations in Singapore. This romantic setup is not only limited to couples but is also open to family bonding.

The setting would be out in a field where hundreds of people would be watching on a big screen. It’s pretty similar to a movie house but only with an outside setup. You can surely save a 12-dollar movie ticket if you consider this free movie opportunity compared to the cinemas.

Free Adventure

The amount of activities in Singapore can be limitless without having to spend a dime. Singapore is built in a very small territory but with loads of potential for fun. Parks all over Singapore are also packed with either free activities for the public or cute animals.

You should try out the hills of Fort Canning Park just to exercise your hiking capabilities. Nothing’s more challenging and refreshing than a long walk with the beautiful nature. And if you are lucky enough, you can spot wild dolphins at Sister Islands Marine Park for free!

Free Concerts

If you are a fan of music and free stuff, then this might be one of the best tips that you are about to know. With the immense support of the Singaporean government towards art and music, they are promoting symphony orchestras to the public at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The setup would just be a perfect picture of music with nature. Although the event might be too crowded, nothing is more romantic than being surrounded by florals and music together with your loved one. Apart from that, it would surely be light for your wallet to experience such luxury.

Free Spiritual Cleansings

Singapore is home to many temples and churches of various religions and cultures. With the number of worshipping places in this country, it could be a very good place for a retreat to cleanse your body from the disturbance brought upon by the city life back home.

From Indian and Buddhist temples to Catholic and Protestant Churches, Singapore has it. The country is quite a busy city itself, but its closeness to nature makes it less of a buzzing annoying city we are used to. When you find yourself lost in Singapore, you might as well find rejuvenation of your body and soul.


Singapore is a very mesmerizing country that can have the facade of being way too expensive. In reality, no matter which place you go to, no travelling is cheap. But if you know how to do your research and understand the ways of the local market, you would probably get by.

At the end of the day, the expensiveness of a travel all depends on how you manage your time, your money, and your itinerary. Hopefully, these Tourist Secrets that we shared to you saved up some budget for your next flight in Singapore.


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