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How Good Is the Food at Sandals Resorts? Is it Actually All Included?

The adult-only Sandals all-inclusive resorts are renowned for their high standards of luxury and romance, their picturesque settings, the abundance of free activities, and exquisite accommodations. Additionally, each resort is renowned for having a vast selection of dining options. You may be wondering, how good is the food at Sandals resorts? This article will provide you with all of the information that you need. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about the dining options at Sandals Resorts.

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Is all of the food at Sandals included?

This is a common question about the dining options at Sandals resorts, and the good news is that, yes, it is. At Sandals resorts, all meals and snacks are included in your stay’s cost, which applies to more than simply buffet-style dinners. Every one of Sandals’ numerous fine dining establishments—ranging in number from 9 to 16 depending on the resort—is included.

When you stay at a Sandals resort, you won’t have to worry about budgeting for meals because they are all included in your stay. Not only are they included in what you’ve paid for, but it is also unlimited. You can order various foods at each meal and get snacks whenever you like. Additionally, if you book a club or butler-level accommodation, you will receive complimentary room service, saving you the trouble of going out to eat.

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Additionally, Sandals resorts offer unlimited drinks that can be both premium and nonalcoholic. Since Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines are unlimited and complimentary at every restaurant, you can have exquisite wine with your meals without paying an additional fee. To complete your meal, sip on some delectable Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Morning Meals/Breakfast at Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts offers several breakfast buffet options each morning. At most resorts, club and butler suite guests receive a la carte dining and room service.

The night before, your butler can discuss the next day’s menu and delivery location. You can request room service in the morning and expect it in 20–40 minutes.

If you dine at the a la carte restaurant, you can order Blue Mountain Coffee, fruit juices, mimosas, or champagne. Then you can choose from lighter breakfast options like fruit salad or oatmeal or fluffier ones like omelets, french toast, or eggs benedict.

Since Sandals Resorts offer unlimited food, you can always get more. The buffet restaurants offer a variety of breakfast foods, omelet stations, smoothie bars, and more. Overall, Sandals Resorts deliver tasty, high-quality breakfasts.

Afternoon Meals/Lunch at Sandals Resorts

Lunch is quite casual. Although our go-to fave is the Jerk Shack, you can also get pizza, quesadillas, hamburgers, and other similar cuisines at many different spots all across the resorts. Do not look for anything too fancy, but know that some local choices are available.

Supper Meals/Dinner at Sandals Resorts

At Sandals, you may choose from an incredible array of excellent resorts offering a wide range of delicious dinner options. Most dining establishments provide full 3-course meals.

There are restaurants at each Sandals Resort where you may discover a lot of seafood and steak. There are also many additional restaurant concepts to pick from.

While we have never had a poor dinner throughout our stay at a Sandals Resort, some meals have been more memorable than others. My favorites were Royal Thai at Royal Caribbean, Neptunes for seafood, Bombay for Indian cuisine, and Soy, a sushi restaurant.

Dessert at Sandals Resorts

The dessert was the one course that we skipped the most. Soy’s fried banana dessert was the only thing we liked there. The crepe cafes in some resorts are excellent, and soft-serve ice cream cones are frequently available.

Are there buffets at Sandals resorts?

A few do. The majority of the buffets at Sandals Resorts are for breakfast.

At Sandals, is it possible to place multiple entrée orders?

Yes! At Sandals resorts, you are free to order anything you wish for every meal. It’s totally fine if you want to order multiple starters, main courses, or desserts.

Which Sandals serve the most outstanding and tastiest cuisine?

Several Sandals resorts are regarded as having the biggest selection and/or the tastiest choices, although every Sandals is known for providing an extraordinary variety of excellent gourmet cuisine. 

The best Sandals resorts for foodies are Sandals Grenada, Sandals Royal Curacao, Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals Barbados, and Sandals Royal Barbados, which are near one another and provide a total of 20 restaurants for you to select from. Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica is also a great choice. Also worth checking out are Sandals Grande St. Lucian in St. Lucia and Sandals Ochi in Jamaica, which has 16 restaurants, the most of any Sandals resort.

What kind of meals are served at Sandals?

A range of food options and flavors are available at each Sandals resort. All of the casual and formal restaurants are included in your package, but you may need to make reservations in advance for the fancier ones.

You can eat various foods at each resort, including Caribbean, international, Italian, French, and Asian cuisines. In addition to menus that accommodate particular dietary requirements like vegetarianism, kosher, halal, and food allergies, Sandals resorts have restaurants that provide regional cuisine, like the Jerk Shacks in Jamaica.

Here are a few of the types of restaurants you may discover at Sandals properties. There are elegant grills like Butch’s, which provides classic steaks, other grilled meats, and fresh seafood in combination with grilled veggies; fresh seafood and other meals in magnificent overwater restaurants like Kelly’s Dockside and Gordon’s on the Pier; and authentic Italian food at Mario’s, Il Cielo, Cucina Romana, Tesoro, and Pietra. You can find Haute French cuisine in a romantic setting at Le Jardinier and La Parisienne.

Additionally, Soy serves up Japanese specialties like sushi, Kimonos serve up East Asian cuisine like teppanyaki, Royal Thai serves up Thai cuisine, and Asian Fusion serves up Asian food. Bombay serves up Indian meals, including a variety of vegetarian options.

Beautiful beachfront dining establishments are another feature of Sandals; these include Schooners Seafood Grill, Barefoot by the Sea, and the Mariner, which serve fresh seafood and other selections, as well as Neptune’s and Aolos, which serve Mediterranean and seafood delicacies.

Most Sandals resorts also provide Caribbean food, including Eleanor’s, a fine-dining restaurant with West Indian delicacies, Bahamas Bay at Sandals Emerald Bay, and the relaxed Jerk Shacks. 

Additionally, you can enjoy authentic American food at the American Tavern, good pizza at casual pizzerias, hotdogs and casual meals at poolside snack bars, and authentic French pastries and coffee at Parisian-style cafés. You can even get authentic English pub food at British pubs.

New restaurant concepts are regularly introduced at Sandals Resorts. For instance, Sandals Royal Barbados features a gourmet doughnut shop and a deli that offers wholesome sandwiches, soups, salads, and smoothies. 

In addition to Kanaal Café and Wine Bar, which serves Dutch cuisine, wine, and cheese, and Zuka, which offers Central and South American cuisines, Sandals Royal Curacao includes food trucks serving regional specialties, Spanish tapas, and Asian fusion.

Edessa, a Greek diner; Banyu, an Asian fusion restaurant; and Zuka are all found at Sandals Dunn’s River in Jamaica. Two new food truck ideas at Sandals Royal Bahamian offer sweets and traditional Bahamian delicacies.

What makes Sandals’ food so excellent?

Sandals prioritize guest satisfaction. Sandals’ 5-Star Global Gourmet Program was created because the company believes excellent food makes a great vacation. Sandals resorts serve the best food based on six criteria.

Sandals 5-Star Global Gourmet Program requirements are variety, authenticity, quality, value, consistency and standardization, and modernization. These requirements are applied consistently to ensure great dining at all Sandals Caribbean resorts. Because of this, Sandals resorts are some of the best Caribbean hotels for foodies.

Should you leave a tip at a Sandals restaurant?

Sandals maintain a strict no-tipping policy for resort workers, including restaurant staff, and this is part of the Luxury Included package at Sandals resorts. If you are staying in a butler-level room, your butler and the spa staff are the only Sandals employees you can (and should) tip. The drivers who take you to and from the airport should also be tipped because they are not Sandals employees. 

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