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Best Dubrovnik beaches – Top Sunbathing Spots For This Summer

How many times have you heard about the beaches in Croatia? Yeah, Croatia has remarkable beaches. And if you ask me, my favorite part of the Croatian coast is definitely the Dalmatia region. But today, let’s talk about beaches in Dubrovnik and why I challenge you to spend your summer holidays there. In this travel guide, you will find out everything you need to know.

George Bernard Shaw once stated: “If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

Dubrovnik, located on the coast of the Adriatic sea, is not only a historical heritage declared by UNESCO, but also a world-class destination that receives every year an extremely large number of tourists.  However, it’s also a great spot for your sea-sun-beach holiday and one of the top places to visit in Croatia.

The water is warm, pure crystal clear sea. Most of the beaches are pebbly but also a few are sandy beaches for enjoying with your toddlers. If you are in search of a spot for a romantic getaway, you are not going to be disappointed, because there are some beautiful rocky coves, too. The beaches offer pleasant shade and are easy to access. A perfect place for relaxation while reading a book or an eReader like a Kindle.

This is our list of the best beaches in Dubrovnik but if you are into sandy beaches in Croatia, check more details in our post here. Maybe you will be also interested in the post about island hopping in Croatia. 

What is the best time of the year to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik?

The high-season in July and August is when most tourists visit Dubrovnik. Prices are obviously higher than the rest of the year and also usually there can be long waiting queues for certain touristic attractions. May, June, September and October and much less crowded periods of the year, cheaper but also with good weather and sunny skies. Remember that in Dubrovnik there are more than 250 sunny days a year.

Can you swim in Dubrovnik?

Of course, you can! Banje Beach is the most popular beach because it is the nearest to the old town. Just 10 minutes walking away from it. From there you can have a nice view of the old town walls. The Sulić beach is another one of the nearest beaches next to the old town. If you choose to go to a pebbly beach I recommend you to take a towel so that the stones won’t bother you much. Also, consider that on some beaches you don’t have a shadow so you need to think about how to protect yourself.

How to get to Dubrovnik from the UK?

There’s a good frequency of flights during the summer months. Airlines which run from the UK to Dubrovnik:

  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • Ryanair
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • Jet2.com
  • TUI

Starting price for a peak season 2019, from London to Dubrovnik is €59.

Dubrovnik airport (Čilipi) lies 20 km southeast of the city center. The Airport bus service is well organized. It drops passengers at Pile Gate just outside the old town and at Dubrovnik Bus Station. Bus service operates 7 days a week all year round. Tickets are bought on the bus, a one-way ticket is 45 kn (£5,26).

Taxi is in front of the airport’s main entrance. The cost is about 200 kn (£23). You can take Uber from there and will work out cheaper.

List of Beaches:

  1. Banje Beach
  2. Copacabana Beach
  3. Lapad Beaches
  4. Sveti Jakov Beach
  5. Mlini Beach
  6. Cavtat
  7. Lokrum Island
  8. Štikovica Beach
  9. Ključice Beach 
  10. Srebreno Beach
  11. Sulic beach
  12. Sunj Beach
  13. Pasjača Beach

Dubrovnik Beaches Map

Okay, let’s go straight to the point and let’s finally see Dubrovnik and its fantastic beaches.

1. Banje beach

best dubrovnik beaches

Banje beach, located close to the old city, is the most known beach in Dubrovnik. It boasts a heavenly view of the old city walls of Dubrovnik and the beautiful unsettled island of Lokrum.

The beach features its reception, a restaurant with an open or a separated area and a cafe bar. The beach area is equipped with changing rooms, showers, lounge chairs and parasols for rent. This spot is especially for adventurous souls, because of the possibility to enjoy in water sports activities, such as kayak ski, water tube, banana boats, paragliding, wakeboarding (all for rent). What about visiting a city from a different point of view that will last forever in your memory? Yes, it’s possible if you are courageous enough and take a parachute ride.

The water is crystal clear and warm and the type of beach is a pebble.

banje beach
source: beach-on-map.com

2. Copacabana Beach

copacabana beach

Copacabana beach… Of course, it’s not that kind of beach it’s in Rio de Janeiro, but it’s a nice beach to spend an afternoon with your family.

Copacabana is a long stretch pebble beach and part of concrete . It is located on Lapad peninsula, below the Babin Kuk. The sea is shallow and so appropriate for families with small children.
Copacabana beach boasts a beautiful view of the island Daksa, part of Elafiti islands and extraordinary Dubrovnik bridge, by its construction unique in the world.
The beach offers everything you need for enjoyment, such as kayaking, jet-ski, water polo, volleyball, aquagan, paragliding, tubing, and other sports. For the youngest ones, there are sea slide chutes, meanwhile, their parents can refresh in a beach bar or a restaurant.
In the evening the beach bar transforms into the nightclub, serving cocktails and loud music where you enjoy dancing with your friends or loved one under a million-star sky.
The beach features changing rooms, showers, lounge chairs, and parasols and sports equipment for rent. It is also provided for old people and people with disabilities.
If you use public transport you can reach this beach by using bus number 6.

3. Lapad beaches

lapad beaches
Flickr / Antonio Fernandez
Lapad beaches are located in Sumratin bay (Uvala Lapad), a peninsula Lapad. The Lapad bay offers a long promenade, which stretches all the way to the seaside and connects with Lapad beaches. The seaside walking path offers various coffee bars, shops and also some serene panoramic views of the Elaphite Islands and the bay’s beaches.
The beaches are mostly a combination of pebble, rocky and artificial concrete areas. There’s only one beach, that is particularly sandy, called Uvala (Bay beach). At the end of the day, you will be greeted by the spectacular sunset. And if you accompany with a cocktail from the beach bar, you will experience the perfection of the moment.
Lapad beaches offer numerous things, from various sports entertainment, such as a pedal boat, kayaking, beach volleyball, school diving to different atmosphere (the end of the peninsula is less crowded than the beaches deeper in the bay).

4. Sveti Jakov Beach

sveti jakov beaches
Flickr / Tim Ertl

Sveti Jakov is a lovely secluded beach, located about 1,5 km from the city. This tiny and uncrowded cove beach, below the cliffs, with clear water, is considered the most attractive and most favorite beach in Dubrovnik. The reasons might be because of cleanliness, peacefulness, remote place and a tremendous and distant view of Dubrovnik Old Town, city walls and the Lokrum Island in front. Aaaand….lovely sunset views! Definitely, this one the nicest beaches near Dubrovnik.

This relaxing, peaceful spot boasts a mix of pebbles and sand with some rocky patches. Not only swimming and sunbathing, but a good option is also a joining a beach volleyball game, renting a kayak or jet ski. Other can sit for refreshments in the nearby beach bar or in the restaurant. At the beach, there is also possible to rent umbrellas and deck chairs.

You can reach this beach from the old town by taking bus number 5 or 8.

5. Mlini Beach

10 km away from Dubrovnik lies Mlini Beach. You can feel here the history and culture of ancient times together with the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes and lush vegetation. This place offers excellent accommodation as well as high-quality services. The beaches are sandy, good for those who don’t like the pebble beaches. In addition, the atmosphere is quiet and gentle, making it ideal for families. It’s nice here to do and enjoy snorkeling. Restaurants offer seafood and local specialties. Croatian food is rich in vegetables and fish.

6. Cavtat

cavtat to dubrovnik

Cavtat is another picturesque town that is only 20 km and 3o minutes away from Dubrovnik. The area is surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation and evergreen trees. The reminiscences of ancient cultures have made of this old town a very attractive place since you can find here traces from Greek, Roman and Illyrian cultures such as walls, mosaics, coins, and jewelry. As regards the beaches, there are 7km of sandy beaches around with crystal clear water

If you want to go from Cavtat to Dubrovnik ( or vice-versa) there regular bus services as well as boat services. Going by car is very easy, just follow along with the seaside route while contemplating the gorgeous oceanic view.

7. Lokrum Island

lokrum botanical garden

Just 10 minutes away by taxi boat from Dubrovnik old town we have this beautiful island of Lokrum. Away from the crowd and tranquil in its essence it’s a great option for a day trip from Dubrovnik. There is a popular and well known botanical garden with local plants as well as exotic ones from tropical places. There is a myth saying that Richard the Lionheart shipwrecked here in 1192 when he was returning from the crusades.

8. Štikovica Beach

Štikovica Beach is located in the Zaton area. The beaches are pebbly and you can get here by bus or car. This beach is calm and tranquil, ideal for families. There are nice pizzerias and restaurants in the area. Plus hotels and Airbnb options available.

9. Ključice Beach

This beach is in the area of Cavtat. You can get here by bus or car. The beaches are pebbly. This is another tranquil option for families. The area is well provided with restaurants and shops. Here definitely you will forget about the crowds and enjoy a peaceful day resting or doing water sports.


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10. Srebreno Beach

srebreno beaches

Srebreno beaches are located in the area of Zupa. You can get there from Dubrovnik with 10-15 minutes ride or by boat from the Old Town Port. The type of beaches is pebbles. Srebreno is known because of its big shopping mall, so it is a great idea to come here if you are interested in shopping. In addition, the bay is wonderful, there are top hotels and plenty of gastronomic offers by the seaside. This is definitely a nice place for families and one of the top beaches near Dubrovnik.

11. Sulić Beach

sulic beaches
The Sulić beach is one of the nearest beaches to Dubrovnik’s old together with Banje Beach. Just 5 minutes walking away from it and you will get there. It is totally possible to swim here and even enjoy a drink in the beach bar. This is a special place for Game Of Thrones Fans because part of the series was filmed here. The beaches here are a mix of pebbles and rocks. There are bars and restaurants here as well as public toilets and showers. A fantastic option from here is to rent a kayak or go snorkeling. As this beach is next to a high cliff many people like jumping from it. Another good thing about this beach is that it has a shadow.

12. Sunj Beach

sunj beach

Sunj is another sandy beach located in the Lopud Island, distanced a very short ride boat from Dubrovnik. This is a great option to spend a one day trip here, surrounded by forest and the mild shadows. In addition, there are options for having a drink at the local bars or enjoying a local specialty.

Sunj beach is located on the south of the island of Lopud. The good thing is a 1 km long sandy beach! Moreover, the water is not deep, perfect for swimming, which makes it a great option for families with little children. There are two nice restaurants and places where you can enjoy recreational activities like tennis or football. Lopud island is part of the Elaphiti Islands, a small archipelago with several islands near Dubrovnik. Take into account Lopud Island is car-free, without traffic so you can imagine how relaxing and with pure air is here. It is perfect to come here on a day trip from Dubrovnik by renting a Kayak.

13. Pasjača Beach

pasjaca beach

Pasjača Beach is located in the area of Konavle, near Popovići town and Dubrovnik airport. You can get here easily by car or taxi/uber. This beach is also family-friendly because of its tranquility. The beaches are pebbly, narrow and with high cliffs around. In fact, the beach is small but it is worth to visit it because of the outstanding scenery.

What else can you do in Dubrovnik?

Apart from its wonderful beaches and old town, there are lots of more activities you can enjoy in Dubrovnik. Among them we can mention:

  • The cable car ride. After  5 minutes ride, you can be at the top of Mount Srd and see from there a great view of all Dubrovnik and near islands. You have also the option to enjoy a drink at the cafe. For more information check this site. dubrovnik cable car ride
  • Kayaking: This is a great tour to enjoy Dubrovnik directly from the sea. You can go around the city walls and to the Lokrum island very easily.
  • Game of Thrones Tour: as GOT has become one of the more popular series of all times and thus the popularity of Dubrovnik has increased, is not surprising to see lots of people requesting to do this tour. You will be able to see and walk by the same places where the series was filmed!
  • Gastronomic Tour: with so many top restaurants, having a chance to taste local specialties and wines is something you shouldn’t miss! Especially the seafood is one of the best things you can try here.

Recommended Hotels Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Grand Villa Argentina

The great think about Grand Villa Argentina hotel is that has a seaside pool with astonishing views. If you stay in this hotel you will also enjoy the benefits of a luxury spa, sauna and having access to a private beach.  The ancient and delightful architecture will make your time here a very pleasant one.

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel

This luxury and exquisite hotel also includes Spa and jacuzzi. The terrace with its outdoor pool creates a romantic atmosphere that is hard to beat. The hotel is just 10 minutes away by car from the old town.

This was our travel guide about the best beaches in Dubrovnik, hope it helps you to have amazing holidays in this part of Croatia. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact us!

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