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10 Minimalist travel essentials for a Nomadic life

A nomadic lifestyle always has been an interesting and anxious expedition which opens the way to meet many places. Before setting out for a nomadic life it is better to pay all your debts and you should have a plan to earn money on your way. Although nomadic life seems to be fascinating, it also possesses some requirements which should be satisfied to enjoy such a standard of life. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the essential packing list every digital nomad should have.

digital nomad packing list

The essentials required for a perfect nomadic life shall vary from person to person as everyone considers their favorite object to be more essential. It is true that persons moving from place to place do not require immovable assets but there are certain other valuable belongings which can make nomadic life to be more virtual and interesting. This article shall enlist the most crucial aspects that an exact modern nomad should possess. Now let’s leap into the travel list.

1. Waterproof Backpack

A travel backpack ranks first in the list of the nomadic requirements. Even more specific, it’s better to own an internal frame backpack as it can provide a comfortable hike to the user. The waterproof travel backpack should be picked in such a way that the internal volume is more than 60 L as it is going to be a long-term travel. Being a nomad, you make eventual sojourns at different places while you walk. But how can you make a tent? You need a robust high-quality tent which can be easily folded and attached to your backpack. Moreover, it is your backpack which is going to carry the entire burden you bear and so it is the responsibility of the individual to purchase the backpack with extreme quality.

2. Passports and documents

When you travel from one country to another, it is the responsibility of the individual to possess his paper works. People believe that a great gear can make a trip or break your trip. True to those words, without passports, your trip shall break and become void. Also make sure, that your backpack has some specific waterproof compartments to house such paper works. Such reinforcements in the backpack shall be very helpful at times of heavy downpour. Getting your passports drenched or stolen shall be one of your worst experiences. Even though it seems to be odd, it is always good to store your passports in a zip lock cover and conceal it in a place where no one can suspect.

3. Clothes

Not only for a nomadic life but for any individual are clothes considered as one of the primary requirements in life. At the same time, stuffing your backpack with more clothes shall make your backpack heavier and moving with such a backpack shall be worse. So, it is better if you pack some trousers, pants, t-shirts, gloves, a raincoat, and a blanket. In case, if you happen to find your clothes unfit to wear then you can purchase some in your nearby stores. That way you can reduce a lot of weight in your backpack. Make sure that you have a clear idea about your visiting places and posses garments as per the climatic conditions there.

4. Smartphone and charger

The smartphone is the recent development of technology which helps an individual to communicate, share photos, chat etc. Tasks which cannot be performed by a smart phone are very rare. Also, finding an individual without a smartphone shall be very uncommon. Apart from the various critics on the smartphones, they are valuable possessions which can help a nomadic person to communicate, to browse the internet, etc.

Most of the people include only the smartphones in their checklist while they set out for a travel. They forget the charger without having any thought about how they are going to energize their smartphone once it is devoid of power. So, for a successful digital nomad, a smartphone along with the charger shall also prove to be a life-saving gadget.

5. Shoes

Shoes, when packed inside the backpack, shall make the backpack heavy. That too, when you pack two or more pairs of shoes which is compatible with different climates and landscapes then you will have a heavy load. Hence, it is enough if nomads to possess a pair of simple shoe which can sustain all weather and landscapes. Also, before buying that gear it is crucial to check its weight also. Heavy shoes, and shoes that cause scratches and abrasions while you walk, should be ignored as there is a greater possibility to limit your speed while you hike.

6. Toiletries

The basic toiletries involve toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorants, tissue papers, shaving accessories, soaps etc. Wherever you go, always have an accustomed type of toiletries, in order to keep you safe from unwanted allergies and discomforts. Avoid unwanted and cosmetic toiletries like scents, elixirs etc which shall burden you a lot. If you are going to stay in a desert or hilly region what is the point of using a scent over there. Therefore, possession of basic toiletries is more than enough for a nomadic travel.

7. First aid kit

Whatever may be the type of travel you undergo, it is always better to have a small first aid kit. No one expects sudden illness during a travel and only when it occurs to someone, that particular person shall understand the inevitability of a first aid kit. Especially, it is a life saving box when you decide to stay far away from other people like forests, strange landscapes. Let your box contain paracetamol, analgesics, plasters, safety pins, tweezers, skin rash cream, antiseptic cream, cough medicine, antihistamine tablets, eye wash, cream to relieve from insects and bugs etc.

8. Water

Water is required not only when anyone goes for a hike or a travel, is the second most primary requirement in the world for any man to live. Water shall not be available in the same taste and quality wherever you go. Some water may be salty and some other may be sweet. But, it is better that you don’t take any chance against your health. In the meantime, you cannot buy water bottles throughout a long-term trip. So, it shall be better, if you purchase a water purifier through which you can get high-quality water even when from a tap water.

9. Sunglasses

Of course, sunglasses seem to be an odd requirement when you go on a trip. But, it is one of the highly required items which helps to protect your eyes from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Especially, when you prefer to travel in the semi-arid region, sunglasses shall prove to be a gift from the paradise. Also, sunglasses can prevent hot air from embracing your eyes and also in regions of high vegetation it can prevent encountering of insects on your eyes. So, while stepping out for a nomadic travel, have a sunglass which is certainly a life-saving gadget.

10. Money

It is a common need that any individual on this earth is striving to earn it. If you are about to settle in a strange region where there aren’t any occupants then money is of no use to you. But, before getting to such a place it is essential to purchase your adequate requirements. Also, do not forget your credit and debit cards which shall help you in many ways of money transfer.

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