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(Day 6 Blogging course) How to grow traffic and get more email subscribers

Blog grow traffic

You can start earning money with a fresh blog and with low traffic. There are several variables playing when estimating your income. A key point is : you need to choose the right affiliate programs that matches your target audience.

With the time and when you are ranking for more keywords and your site has more authority, your income will increase. To be constant is another key point.

Here are my tips:

  1. High-Quality content: What googles love is great content, helpful for the readers. And more content length means more chances to rank higher. The average length ( in words) for the top 10 pages for a keyword is around 2000 words. But my recommendation is always to analyze the top 10 and try to do a better article than them: more words, add quality images, some video. Multimedia content is recommended.
  2. Be active on social media, especially on Pinterest, is a great source of traffic. You should create a nice catchy image and pin regularly. Find accounts related to your niche and join their boards. Use pickmonkey.com or canva.com for creating the images. For a scheduling task that automates the process of uploading your pictures, you can use tailwindapp.com.
  3. Do the right SEO ( search engine optimization) , this is what makes your article to be found on google or other search engines. People search for keywords on google like for example “best backpacks for travel” so you need to write your content and mention this keyword in your article. It is recommended at least 3 times, you can add it in the first paragraph of your article, in the middle and at the end. The good thing is that the Google algorithm now can recognize multiple keywords in your text. So you can include other keywords like “backpacks under $ 40” or “lightweight backpacks”. SEO topic is very long, I recommend you to read on internet tutorials about it.
  4. Network with other bloggers, interact with them on social media or any other channel. You can become friends with them and meet at conferences.
  5. Post frequently. You should be posting at least once a week, this gives good signals to Google and more important is for your readers.
  6. Publish guest posts. A guest post is when you publish an article in another site. The benefit of this is that you can get more readers and a backlink to your site. I will talk about the importance of backlinks in the next email.
  7. Create great headlines. The internet is about catching people attention. Give your article a title with a description that makes people want to read it.
  8. Blog commenting: you can leave your comments (without trying to be spammy) in a niche related site. The comment should be relevant and make people who read it want to visit your site.


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