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(Day 5 Blogging course) What Tools You Need For Your Site

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Welcome to day 5! I am happy you got to this point. So far you have learned:

  1. How to create a blog
  2. Decided what to write about and how to choose easy keywords that will make you rank on google fast
  3. How to monetize your blog with display ads, affiliate links, sponsored post or by selling your services ( consulting, eBook, course)

In this lesson I will teach you which are the fundamentals tools and plugin you MUST have. These tools will help you analyze your site, make it load faster and even help you to write better.

Choosing your design

Having a good design and a paid theme is the best recommendation. Remember if you want to have a business you need to do some investment. One of the best paid themes (and the one we use on our site) are from StudioPress.

Another place where to find great design is in ThemeForest. There is a variety of designs for different niches.

WordPress Plugins

  1. Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will add a tab at the end of your article edit page where you can see the SEO optimization for the keyword you selected. It will tell you what you need to improve. In addition, it will give you a readability score based on your text writing.
  2. Akismet plugin. This plugin will prevent spammers to comment on your site.
  3. Q2W3 Fixed Widget: This plugin will leave fixed any widget on the sidebar. That means when scrolling down people will still see your banner. Why is this good? Because it increases the conversion rate, so more people will click on your banner ( that can be a display ad or an image link to some product offer).
  4. Autoptimize: Optimizes your website, concatenating the CSS and JavaScript code, and compressing it.
  5. Elementor: a free drag & drop page builder for creating landing pages.
  6. Pretty link plugin: This plugin lets you create redirect links that “look pretty”. Instead of having an affiliate link like “https://kwfinder.com#a593fde3c285f73019fae39c7 ” you can create a link like https://safarinomad.com/kwfinder
  7. Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover: This makes your images show a “Pin it” button. In this way, people can share on Pinterest and increase your traffic.
  8. Social Warfare: for adding sharing buttons.
  9. Wordfence Security: for protecting the security of your site.
  10. WP Super Cache: having a cache makes your site faster.
  11. Wp-Insert: for adding display ads in your site.

Tools you need to use:

Semrush is a fundamental tool to check your site traffic and see which are your keywords.

Google analytics is another great tool to analyze where your traffic is coming from and what are your most visited pages, among many other things.

Use Kwfinder or Long Tail Pro for finding easy profitable keywords.

Google webmaster tools: is where you can see if your pages are indexed, which are your keywords and check if there is an issue with your site.

Mailchimp is an email autoresponder that helps you build your list. You need to understand how important is to build this. It is said you earn $ 1 per each person who is in your email list. You can send promotions to them, affiliate products, etc, you get the point right? The advantage of Mailchimp is that it is free up to 2000 subscribers.

Tinypng.com: is an image compressor. It is very important the images you have weight less than 200kb. Having heavy images makes your site longer to load and reduces the user experience. Also, the page load time is a SEO ranking factor. Remember, Google likes sites that load fast and are mobile optimized.

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