Camping Places In United Kingdom – From Scotland To England

The United Kingdom is an island nation in the north of Europe and includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its capital is London which is known for its rich culture – the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, Big Ben clock tower, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge and more. The United Kingdom has 242,495 km2 of land and […]

Why Glasgow is One of the UK’s Top Destinations

Why visit Glasgow? Despite its status, Glasgow often goes under-appreciated. Though some might be intimidated by the sheer size of the city and multitude of things to do, you can be sure you’ll never bored wherever you go. An expansive, prosperous city with natural vistas only a short drive from a bustling heart of modern […]

The Best Day trips from Edinburgh

Holy Island Alnwick Castle

Once you are in Edinburgh and filling your days exploring the city and its attractions, you might also wish to “escape” from the capital of Scotland. Not because it doesn’t require your attention, but because there are so many places to visit within sniffing distance. You might be surprised how many options are there to […]

Best high-end shopping in London

high end shopping in london

London is synonymous with world-class shopping, with some of the biggest brands and retailers having a strong presence in London. If you are looking for high-end shopping, then London is the best city in Europe to shop for the best that money can buy! Conversely, those looking for budget deals will find that the city […]

Best Attractions In Gibraltar To Visit In a Day

gibraltar tourist attractions

Gibraltar is one of the top tourist destinations to visit with the family – or even solo! Although territory wise, the nation is small, it has a number of natural and manmade attractions to explore on a trip to the country. The highlight, of course, is its most prominent landmark, the Rock of Gibraltar that […]