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Caribbean resorts with overwater bungalows

What are the best caribbean resorts with overwater bungalows ? You deserve a vacation in a warm and beautiful atmosphere. You deserve an intimate experience with nature to completely relax. Can you find that near the United States?

If your idyllic and well-deserved vacation is approaching, it’s time to decide on a resort that matches your desires and needs.

We prepared for you the top of the best resorts offering overwater bungalows near the United States. We made a selection of places that are just a flight away from the United States. They are beautiful resorts recommended because they fulfill all the conditions for you to live a luxury experience in the Caribbean.

What must an Overwater Bungalow Resorts have to be among the top?

Location. The best are located in quiet and secluded places, far from the noise and atmosphere of other tourist sites too crowded. The ones we chose for you are in pure, intimate, and paradisiacal environments.

Luxury service. Recommended by the vast majority of their visitors, these Overwater Bungalow Resorts stand out for offering their guests personalized attention, 5-star facilities, and optimal comfort.

Complimentary activities: In addition to being a paradisiacal setting, the Overwater Bungalow Resorts we chose to include a spa, optional tours and excursions, yoga, and sports activities in and out of the water.

Top 5 caribbean resorts with overwater bungalows

5. El Dorado Palafitos, Maroma Beach, México.

More than six years ago, the creators of this resort revolutionized the world of tourism in the Caribbean. They were the first to produce this format of aquatic accommodations combining luxury with wild nature.

El Dorado Palafitos, Maroma Beach is an adults-only accommodation where your romantic getaway will have the nuances you’ve always dreamed of. Warm nights, fire, absence of noise, and an unsurpassed atmosphere of luxury await you. The colorful sunrise will surprise you with its inspiring colors.

You can take an outdoor shower or go to the huge private pools for each Bungalow. Breakfast with tropical fruits and all the delicacies you want to order will be delivered to you whenever you wish. The service will surprise you with surprise details. You will have a 24-hour butler at your disposal to attend to all your needs.

Dreamy food and drinks can be enjoyed while watching fish under your feet. In the rooms, they have built floors with glass panels that let you see the water and the schools of fish that are concentrated below. Have you ever imagined seeing manta rays, fish, and starfish while having breakfast?

Each palm-roofed cabana has a pool inside the room. Just what you wanted for a couple’s anniversary celebration or a luxurious romantic getaway. The decoration of each cabaña is inspired by Mexican cultural roots. You will be surprised by the Aztec-inspired colors and fibers of all the linens in the room. The wood present in all the decorations increases the warmth of the environment. Lots of white and great neatness is the chic point of the ambiance.

Maroma Beach is an outstanding beach in the American continent. Peaceful, warm, clear waters. It is the kind of intimate beach resort that all lovers of aquatic vacations should know. This options is definitely one of the most affordable and cheapest overwater bungalows in the Caribbean.

4. Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama.

caribbean water bungalows

The waters of the Caribbean, home to dolphins and manta rays in its shallow waters, will be your adventure home for several days. Can you imagine being able to see them and other species up close with snorkeling equipment? Dare to live it. Although, if the depth is not your thing, you can have fun in the kayak. With the help of the staff, you will learn to handle it in minutes.

The two-plus points of this rustic lodge are privacy and extra fun. You travel 30 minutes to get to the cabins from the town of Bocas del Toro, called Almirante. A secret place for an adventure that may even include hiking in the wild surroundings. Want your partner to remember your intimate vacation encounter forever? Take them to Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, where they will literally be staying at sea.

For ecotourism lovers, Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge is the most suitable option. The simple, rustic cabins have little electricity. But this need not be a problem. If your vacation is all about forgetting about work, this resort will certainly do the trick. Access to technology will be reduced to charging cell phones to take great pictures of your adventure.

Value for money has the edge over similar accommodations in wilderness conditions. The most valuable thing about this resort is that it has only nine personal cabins. You won’t run the risk of unfortunate encounters. Total privacy and escape from routine.

Don’t worry about being over-equipped because they have everything you need. The three meals and snacks you desire are guaranteed by a brilliant and creative chef. Fresh fish and excellent dishes with all kinds of marine species will be your reward at the end of your adventures.

3. Sandals Grande St. Lucian, St. Lucia

Nine incredible overwater villas just for couples. Watch the clear waters of the Caribbean from a hammock as you swing on it. You’ll return home with the most enviable tan on the block and a few years younger. You can even get an in-room massage for two after your day at the beach or natural pool.

affordable overwater bungalows caribbean

Did you know that a couple of hours watching the ocean horizon resets your neurons and improves your IQ? Sandals Grande St. Lucian is the anti-stress therapy you’ve deserved for so long.

This extension to the Sandals resort has managed to combine exclusivity with an unspoiled natural environment. Stepping out of your room and putting your feet in warm natural water is truly therapeutic. The hours that pass in this resort go by without you noticing. You can ask the room for therapeutic massages, attend a personalized yoga class or just relax and read a little.

If you find yourself wanting to leave the resort, there are other resorts nearby waiting for you to dine or listen to some music. But in-room dining or dining on the mile-long beach is also a good plan.

2. Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

The Rosewood Mayakoba is the epitome of luxury. As if having a mile-long beach at your disposal was not enough, you have an exotic mangrove interior where you will take the best pictures of your honeymoon. The natural beauty of the surroundings leaves no room for any disappointment. You will be pleased from the moment you arrive until the sad moment you say goodbye to the place.

Rosewood Mayakoba

Planning a getaway to Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico is your best financial decision of the year. The resort’s luxurious restaurants are the fulfillment of all your gastronomic desires. You won’t know whether to choose room service or go in the evenings to enjoy a luxurious dinner on the premises.

Choosing the suites immersed in the water is the best. In a few steps, you are in the water. The gardens around the room are perfect for an outdoor shower, a massage, or a meditation day with a breathtaking view of the landscape. The mezcal and solarium are a couple of extras not found in any similar facility nearby.

1. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

Now you’re in your living room at home, but in a few weeks, you could trade that in for hammocks hanging over the Caribbean Sea. Since you’ve read our top Overwater Bungalow Resorts Near the US, you’ll have an idea of what you want for your vacation.

Sandals Royal Caribbean

One notable option is Sandals Royal Caribbean, in Jamaica. Again, the protagonist is Montego Bay. Paradise on earth for many of its visitors. No one leaves this place dissatisfied.

The luxurious bungalows are equipped with huge bathtubs. But this will not be your only good time in the water. You won’t know whether to choose between the giant private pools or take a dip in the calm, warm sea of Montego Bay. It’s all so close to the room that it’s hard to choose.

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What to pack for a trip to an Overwater Bungalow Resort?

If there’s one environment where you need almost nothing, it’s an overwater resort. The luxury service takes care of providing you with practically everything you need. During your stay we just remind you that there are a few must-haves:

– Sunglasses

– Sunscreen

– A good hat

– The bathing suit of your dreams

– Cover-up for the night.

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