Best tablet for tattoo artists

Are you a tattoo artist? Are you planning to become one? If you are looking for the best tablet for tattoo artists, then this article is for you.

Traditionally we picture a tattoo artist working with pen and paper; however, the digital transformation is also impacting this industry and we now get to see more tattoo artists using tablets to draw and share their designs.

Current Tattoo artists find that using tablets instead of paper is making things easier.

Mostly because you get to centralize your designs, replicate them, and play with different colors and shapes all-in-one.

And let´s not forget about how prestigious and professional you will present yourself to your clients using a tablet. So, buying a tablet is perfect for investment.

Searching for a good tablet is easy to do if you consider key aspects such as the size of the screen, storage capabilities, and battery life.

Keep reading and you will find the top tablets to draw your designs, whether you already have a computer or tablet that you would like to upgrade.

You will find some models that will include their pens to improve the drawing experience and some others that will require you to purchase them separately.

Some of these models stand out for their processors, screen size, paper-like feeling, and others for their vivid colors and resolution. Choose the one that adapts to your needs depending on if you are just getting started or if you prefer comfort when drawing.

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6 best drawing tablet for tattoo artists

1. Samsung Tab S7+

Best tablet for tattoo artists

Main Characteristics:

  • Screen Display: 12.4-inches
  • Storage: Above Average and Expandable by 1TB
  • Battery: Great
  • Budget: High

Why you should buy it

Android lovers will find this tablet very easy to use since there is the same technology.

Artists that are already using the S7 Tab will find plenty of reasons to upgrade to the S7 Plus, not only will you get a better display but also better battery life.

This tablet features a big 12.4 inches screen and a 1752 x 2800 pixels resolution.

Samsung also integrates the ultimate digital pen, which great feature in that you can charge it in less than a minute from a wireless connection.

Another great benefit of the operating system of this table is that you can easily connect and transfer information to a computer even if it is from Apple.

The sizable storage space is up to 128GB and expandable to 1TB which is above the average of what’s offered in any tablet.

Samsung states that the battery can last up to 15 hours, which has also been confirmed by users who have purchased this model.

If you get to purchase this tablet, you will confirm that this is indeed one if not the best tablet from Samsung that offers great features for any tattoo artist, just picture yourself drawing for so many hours on a big screen and with one of the best screen resolutions.

Why you may not like it

As it is expected for everything that you get when purchasing this tablet, the biggest disadvantage of this tablet is its price.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Main Characteristics:

  • Screen Display: 12.3-inches
  • Storage: Above Average and Expandable by 256GB
  • Battery: Good
  • Budget: High

Why you shoud buy it

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will function as an entry-level laptop.

If you are comfortable using a PC, then you will find that this tablet comes with some similarities which makes it suitable for tattoo artists.

Its 12.3-inches display screen comes with a great pixel resolution of 2736×1824 which is great for any tattoo design.

When drawing, many artists express that there is a good precision and tactile interaction with the screen that makes the entire experience better. It comes with a pen easy to charge.

Something great about this tablet is that its processor allows having the best design apps that ensure better visuals and design quality that not all operating systems support.

There´s also 128GB Storage, expandable by 256GB, and a good battery life that should run for more than 10hrs.

What you may not like

Some accessories will need to be purchased separately and you should consider the cost of these to enjoy the entire experience.

Although this tablet has a very good system, some users have reported that there is lateness while using multiple Photoshop edits.

3. Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro

Main Characteristics

  • Screen Display: 8.7 x 5.8 square inches
  • Storage: Not Applicable
  • Battery: Not Applicable
  • Budget: High

Why you should buy it

If you are always connected to your desk and do not like drawing on the go, then this tablet is for you.

Considered as a graphic tablet, the Intuos Pro offers a considerably expansive active area to work.

What you need to use this tablet is the Pro Pen 2 which can be easily changed due to its EMR Technology. Combined, the Intuos Pro and Pro Pen 2 will make you feel like you are drawing on paper.

You should not worry about owning a Windows or macOS since connectivity is easy for both either wired and wireless.

In conclusion, the Wacom Intuos Pro is a basic graphic tablet that will let you use multiple functionalities which makes it stand out from other models that do not support or perform at the same level.

What you may not like

Because this is a graphic tablet, you will find that some functionalities may not be available compared to other brands.

Users state that they would prefer a cheaper version, considering the functionalities of the Wacom Pro.

4. _XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

_XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

Main Characteristics

  • Screen Display: 15.6 inches
  • Storage: Not Applicable
  • Battery: Not Applicable
  • Budget: Low

Why you should buy it

Tattoo artists who prefer complex designs do prefer this tablet since there is a bigger screen that fits them perfectly.

There is a 15.6 inches display screen with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution as well as a good variety of colors which will make your designs look so much better renders.

Something great about this tablet is that it comes with a battery-free pen which combined with great technology to improve resolution, will make it feel like you are working on paper.

When it comes to connectivity, there is an HDMI and a USB port to connect it if needed. These features are not usually found in tablets.

Do not worry about the battery since this model works directly with a host device to draw power from.

If you already have a laptop, this is the tablet you need to find a resourceful device with great resolution to elevate your designs.

What you may not like

If you are thinking about working under the sunlight, be aware that this model does not offer the best visibility under such circumstances.

5. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Main Characteristics

  • Screen Display: 12.9-inches
  • Storage: Above Average
  • Battery: Great
  • Budget: High

Why you should buy it

The Apple products are usually of good quality and this iPad is not the exception.

There is a big screen on which you will get true colors and one of the best displays.

This iPad Technology is so great that it will ensure you get the best clarity and brightness you need when creating designs.

What better way to help your design process than using an Apple Pencil, not only can you attach it to the tablet without the best precision and we created different designs our perfect drawings and minimal latency and ones concerning lining.

The iPad Pro can be connected easily connected to any computer including Windows.

What you will find amazing about this tablet is its resolution and color scheme, allowing you to get the best renders and visual brilliance.

Regarding the battery, you are good to work up to 10 hours with no issue.

What you may not like

Like other Apple products, this iPad does come with a higher price due to its high-end processor and features.

Something to consider when budgeting for this tablet is that it does not come with an Apple Pencil included as a bundle.

6. CHUWI UBook X 12

CHUWI UBook X 12

Main Characteristics:

  • Screen Display: Great
  • Storage: Great
  • Battery: Not so good
  • Budget: Low

Why you should buy it

This UBook comes as a cheaper option for those tattoo artists looking for budget-friendly tablets.

With a 12 inches display screen and a 2160×1440 pixel resolution, this tablet offers great color accuracy lets you draw professional designs your customers will love.

Something great about this tablet is that it comes with anti-glare support to protect your eyes in any environment even if you would like to spend hours creating new designs.

Working with this tablet´s pen makes you feel like drawing on paper and something you will love is that you can charge it just by plugging it into the bundled keyboard.

Once the keyboard is connected to the tablet, you can easily access your wired resources. Also, this tablet does allow you to connect it directly to the wifi AC resulting in faster internet access.

When it comes to the design apps, the operating system Windows 10 will let you use Corel Draw, Photoshop, and other relevant apps without worrying about it crushing.

Finally, there´s some great storage of 256GB expandable to 1T and battery life up to 6 hours.

What you may not like

Compared to other models, the UBook battery life does not support as many hours of use.

If you are looking to take pictures to create your portfolio this camera may not be the best to capture real-life tattoo designs.

In conclusion

If you are a tattoo artist

Most tattoo artists do prefer display screens 10 inches or above, they will love having true colors and the best pixel resolution.

To improve the drawing experience, artists will also look for the best pens and the feeling of drawing on paper to get to draw pro designs for their clients.

If you are struggling between choosing an Android tablet vs an iPad

There’s no doubt that iPads do come with great features, processors, and screen display resolution.

Although there is a higher price attached to this model, you will not get disappointed by the apple pencil since it is at a very high rate due to its accuracy and responsiveness.

So, which one should you purchase?

Due to its fast response, great features, and pro pencil accuracy, we consider that the iPad Pro is by far the best option if you are a tattoo artist looking for a tablet that will fit most if not all of your needs.

What design apps should I use?

Some of the most frequent apps to draw are Inksquad, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkhunter if you have experience designing tattoos.

On the other side, if you are more of a new tattoo artist then we recommend you go for other apps such as Grim City Tattoo, MediaBang, and Tattoo Design.

Some final words

If you are still struggling to choose just one of the options in this article, we recommend that you think of those no negotiable features like budget, screen size, or pen quality.

Additionally, to these features, you may also consider the design app to use.

For instance, consider what programs are compatible with your desired tablet just because not all drawing apps perform the same way.

Finally, you can also think about whether you’re getting a new tablet for creating new tattoo designs, building your tattoo design portfolio, or simply taking pictures of your current designs.

Most tattoo artists do appreciate the comfort of drawing and feeling like using pen and paper. Others do appreciate the pro features of some of these tablets and will use them to empower their work through showing off their best tattoo designs and keeping their clients’ records.

We are sure you will make the right purchase and take your tattoo designs to the next level!


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