Best Tablet for reading Manga

Which is the best tablet for reading manga ? Manga originated in Japan and it it is a popular comic book series. Manga represents a Japanese artwork from around 1850’s. The term Manga refers to comics or graphic novels or the art of cartooning. The main distinction with the Japanese manga is that it is read from right to left as opposed to traditional right to left. Also, most of the drawings in manga comics are very graphic.

Several reasons come into play as for why you would want to read Manga from a tab hence the need for the best tablet is always on the table. The personal touch that a tablet brings allows readers to be in total control of the functionality available way easier than if they were to do it in other devices.

Most of nowadays devices have exceptional graphics which makes a perfect fit for Manga comics as they are easier to read and show in great detail the graphical drawings. The load time for pages on these tablets has grown immensely over the past few years now that these tablets have great computer capabilities.

The display and screen quality of these gadgets are absolutely superb, making the experience of reading these comics more enjoyable. These tablets are much more affordable than a regular PC, do not distort the graphics and have great outputs.

As a result of all mentioned above, tabs have been the preferred method for manga readers. The following tablets are some of the best ones in the market, all available on amazon.

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What is Manga?

Manga refers to comics and cartooning or the cartooning technique. These comics are released in instalments and depending on the format or the writers they can be hundreds of pages in length. These comics generally appeal to all kinds of people of all ages as there are several genres to pick from. These works have been drawn for hundreds of years and are famous for the very detail presented in their characters and stories.

Top 12 best tablets for Manga reading in 2022

Even though large tabs can be heavy or bulky, it is well worth it as what you lose in portability you gain in reliability and outstanding graphics for a great user experience. Anything with over 10” usually emulates the actual comic size making the experience more immersive.

Compatibility is also important. Does the tablet you are looking for perform well with manga book reader software? You have take into account that there are several digital universes. Having so many of these (Cosmetology, Hoopla, DC comics, Marvel Unlimited and more. The following list operates well with all manga reading apps.

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1. RCA Viking pro

Best tablet for reading Manga

If you want the best, you should be prepared to pay a premium price. This list will consist most on tablets on the high end of the spectrum. The Viking pro from RCA is the choice to make if you are looking to save some money without compromising any quality.

It is hard to find a full-size tablet for under $100. This one is only $119 but it comes with a keyboard and it is fully compatible with several reading apps.


  • Inexpensive
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Compatible with most reading apps


  • The micro USB has a difficult connection

2. Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Air 2

On the top of the selection, we have the Apple iPad Air 2 9.7”. Although this is a small tablet it gives you a great experience as the screen is big enough for anyone to have an immerse experience when reading from this device without the weight and size of a large tablet.

This iPad has a retina display with a 2048 x 1536 px. Connection wise you have Bluetooth and wi-fi and it weights less than one pound. Facetime can be set for 1080 HD video recording, giving the impression of being right in front of the person you are talking to.


  • Big screen
  • Great resolution
  • Less weight than other tablets


  • Limited warranty

3. Samsung galaxy tab E Lite

Samsung galaxy tab E Lite

When looking for the smallest and easiest to carry with you we have the Samsung galaxy tab E lite. The brightness of the 7” screen is great to make reading on such a small screen a pleasure. Every once in a while you might have to zoom in or out in order to see detail as this screen size is smaller than the regular Manga comic.

This is a powerful tablet that what does not have in size it makes up on portability as it can easily be put away in a large pocket or in your purse. You can also ad a micro SD card of up to 24GB of storage and the battery life is around 8-10 hours.


  • It performs very well for Manga reading


  • Battery time
  • Size

4. Samsung galaxy tab A

Samsung galaxy tab A

Among the full-size tablets with a 10.1” screen we have the Samsung galaxy tab A. One of the best features of this tablet is the high resolution screen (1920 x 1200px). It also features 16GB of memory and 2GB of RAM. It comes with a 32GB SD card.

With an SD card you can have up to 256GB of data which makes it a perfect fit if your book library is large as you can store more content. It has Bluetooth as well as wi-fi capabilities, two cameras and up to 13 hours of usage.

This tablet will give you the most for your money. It is very fast and the screen colors are just great. Despite being a 10”+ tablet, it only weights a little over a pound.


  • 2GB RAM
  • Two cameras
  • Fast processing


  • Unless you buy additional storage the internal one is quite short

5. Samsung electronics SM

Samsung electronics SM

The Galaxy tab S4 10.5 is the newest addition to Samsung’s catalog. This one is probably the best Android tablet you will find and it is designed to go up against giant Apple’s iPad pro, it is located on the same price range. It has a voice feature that can be activated through its integrated microphones which can pick up your voice from far away. It has surround sound and the visuals are fantastic.

Just like the note cellphones, it comes with an S-pen to create and edit images. Besides having this great tablet for reading Manga comics, it can also turn into a PC with all the tools needed for you or your family. It is compatible with all reading apps.


  • Comes with an S-pen
  • It has great built-in micrphones


  • Expensive

6. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1

This time Huawei brings the most expandable memory of its category. This basically means that no matter how big your Manga collection is you will not run out of space for more! Its user-friendly interface on its 10.1” display makes it easier to find your files quickly and effortlessly. It comes with a full HD screen and a 2.5D curved display.

Huawei’s Clarivu technology its responsibly for its visual clarity and crisp graphics. For the appearance the curved display looks outstanding. The lean design makes it easy to hold and carry it with ease, allowing you to be with it in your hands on hours on end. Great gift for your kid.

Security wise the parental controls are phenomenal as they allow you to monitor your child through the device’s camera. The smart power-saving technology allows the 7500mAh to run for up to 12 hours of reading time.

It also comes with an increased eye-comfort setting that allows usage under any light condition. When held close to your face the tablet cuts off dangerous blue lights.


  • Outstanding grade hardware
  • Secure parental controls
  • Software that improves your eye comfort


  • Software aimed towards certain type of age groups

7. Galaxy Tablet S3

Galaxy Tablet S3

If you are looking for a convenient screen size then the galaxy S3 might be the choice for you. Unlike the smaller options on this list, this 9.7” screen has a great 2048 x 1536 resolution that will surely make look at Manga comics lots of fun. This has a super AMOLED display which gives you a total immerse experience.

The deep blacks you see on the screen amongst the stunning colors will make your Manga comics look crisp thanks to the AMOLED integration. It comes with a Snapdragon Quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM.

If your idea is to access high quality comics and Manga, the 32GB of internal storage might just do the trick. Apps like Crunchy, Cosmetology and Manga Rock run smoothly on this device without having any distorted pictures.

Other great feature on the Tablet S3 is the battery life as It allows you to read a great number of books without having to recharge. It only takes 3-4 hours to have a fully charged battery using its fast-charging capabilities and you’re good to go for 12+ hours.

Thanks to the screen size there is no need to be zooming in and out, any reading is quite easy here.


  • Super AMOLED display
  • Adaptive fast charging which adapts to the user’s needs
  • 4GB of RAM


  • Since it is a great selling product, sometimes it can be quite hard to find It in stock

8. Lenovo Tab M8

Lenovo Tab M8

If we go to the low-cost side of the spectrum, the Lenovo tab M8 tablet might just be your choice. A number of advanced features are not available on this device as the price is very affordable, its 8’ display might be a bit smaller than the rest of the list but it still gives you great color contrast and ample viewing angle for comic book fans.

It comes with Android 9.0 as its OS, and it has a quad-core processor. It’s 32GB capacity gives you plenty of room for comic storage. It also comes with a lighting and display system which allows for longer usage periods without getting your eyes tired from the light.

And if that was not enough the battery has to be its best feature yet, being able to stay on for up to 18 hours after being charged.


  • Affordable price
  • Outstanding screen color contrast
  • 32GB storage
  • Long lasting battery life


  • No fast charging which can take up to 5 hours to fully charge

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The other Samsung alternative that would be definitely an option is the Galaxy Tab s6 lite. The price is very affordable and it is perfect to read Manga comics. Although it lacks some features that come in the higher-end devices it is still a perfect choice for comic reading.

Its light weight of about 1 pound and comfortable shapes allows for an easy reading experience. It comes with Android 10 and its one of the latest releases.

This tablet comes with a 128GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM. It has expansion capability of 512Gb with a micro-SD card and the battery can last up to 13 hours. Its TFT display has a crystal clear screen for images and text.


  • Long battery of up to 13 hours of usage
  • Slim design for perfect comfort
  • 128Gb of storage (up to 512GB with SD card)


  • TFT display instead of super AMOLED

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

One of the best tablets available on the market is definitely the Samsung Galaxy tab S7. If your intention is to read comics and Manga this tablet is the perfect match for you.

Its LCD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ color has a smooth scrolling with brilliant and crisp images.

It has a 83.6% screen to body ratio which makes the notches barely visible. If you use an external keyboard, you can enter the DXX mode which basically transforms this tablet into a personal computer.

It comes with the Samsung S-pen and with its Snapdragon 865+ chip it delivers smoothness and no lag.

It also comes with 8GB od RAM and 512Gb of internal storage.


  • Storage of up to 512Gb
  • Bright and smooth colors
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset


  • Pricey

11. Apple iPad pro

Apple iPad pro

The 12.9-inch Apple iPad pro is the most desirable tablet for Manga readers. With this big screen it basically emulates having your Manga comic in your hands. The high-resolution display allows for brilliant and crisp images and makes every detail come alive.

It comes with a liquid retina display which makes the experience more immersive. Battery life can last up to 10 hours of continuing reading. Storage available of up to 512GB.

It also comes with a 4-speaker stereo sound system.


  • Battery life
  • Graphics run very smoothly thanks to its processing power
  • Smart screen
  • Crystal clear display


  • Very expensive

12. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This tablet is basically the equivalent of the 10.5” iPad pro. If you want to immerse yourself in the experience, the 10.5” super AMOLED display might be the choice for you. This and the Dolby atoms surround sound will have you reading for hours.

It also comes with Samsung’s S-pen for an easier drawing and editing experience. If you ad an external keyboard you basically have a portable personal computer. The battery can last up to 16 hours of usage.


  • Great graphics and sound
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 16 hours)
  • Great storage


  • Pricey

How to choose the most suitable tablet for Manga comic reading?

It is simply hard to choose between all the options available but there are certain things you might want to look at to ensure you get the most out of your dollars.


Lag is one of the most relevant problems when you are reading a comic. Having at least 2GB of RAM memory allows for a smooth transition between pages.


It Is best to search for a tab with mobile connectivity as it allows you not to depend only on wi-fi for downloads.


AMOLED technology or LCD displays are available on these tablets, these are the best displays for comic reading. The AMOLED is quoted as being the best for reading while the LCD’s brilliant screen allows for perfect reading experience.


It is recommended to use a 10”+ inch display for Manga comic reading. Having a larger display allows you to read more easily and have pretty much the same size when reading as the actual Manga comic book.


A few things must be considered when choosing between tablets in order to get exactly what you need. The first would be screen size as zooming in and out is not very user friendly, so size and resolution are a must when choosing these tablets for reading Manga comics.

Load times can be crucial when opening large files, so RAM and processing power are also something to look for.


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