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Best safari Duffel bags

Are you looking for the best safari Duffel bags? Are you planning to go on an exciting adventure, like a safari? Then you need to be well prepared for it. One of the most important items that you will need for going on an African safari is the safari duffel bag. On it you will be carrying all the materials and personal things that you will need to bring with you during the adventure. It is important to know that you will be holding your bag for long periods of time. This is why your safari duffel bag should be comfortable and easy to carry around.

Some safari duffel bags will be better for you than others. This will depend on how long you will be traveling. It can also depend on how many safaris you will be doing. Other important things to consider are your personal preferences when traveling. This can be, for example, whether you usually carry a lot of luggage or not so much stuff.

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Key features of the best safari duffel bags

There are some key features that every safari duffel bag should have to be perfect for your adventure. These are being waterproof, being lightweight and meeting the safari luggage requirements of weight and size for air transportation.

Depending on the type of safari that you will be doing, the luggage restrictions will be different. It is important to know this if you will be boarding a small aircraft during your journey. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the specifications of the different airlines. Once you have these essential aspects covered, you will find that there are many different safari duffel bags to choose from.

The best duffel bags for safari adventures

As we have mentioned above, there is a wide variety of safari duffel bags to choose from. Depending on your own needs and preferences, there will be some that are better for you than others. Considering the key features that every safari duffel bag should have, we will introduce you to some of the best options. Any of these bags will make your safari adventure an unforgettable journey.

1. Travel Weekender duffel bag

Best safari duffel bags

This safari duffel bag is a classic model. It has all of the key features that are essential for an amazing safari experience. Some aspects to highlight from this model are the strong zippers and durable, solid material with which it is made. Moreover, it is very lightweight. It also has many pockets of different sizes. They are distributed throughout the bag. This makes it a very practical option.

This model also has the special feature of being a 3 in 1 bag. It is designed for being used as either a backpack, a shoulder bag or a handbag. When considering its size, it is a standard model. Because of this, it usually fits the requirements of most airlines. It can be suitable for almost every safari experience.

The bag has a capacity of about 40L. It can easily fit everything you need to carry for the adventure. Moreover, it can also be a very practical option to use for other purposes. This is why you can also use it as a gym bag, as an overnight bag or as a holiday bag for a weekend out.

2. Eagle Creek medium duffel bag

Eagle Creek medium duffel bag

The Eagle Creek medium-sized duffel bag is one of the most versatile options. This is because it has a very convenient price. It has also a great quality. It is made of bi-tech fabric. And it is also highly resistant and waterproof. Moreover, it is very light weighted and comfortable to carry around.

This bag has a separate storage compartment. It gives you extra space for storing all the things you need. The dimensions are suitable for every situation. This is why this bag is a very versatile option.

You can find this bag in a wide variety of colors. There are even some options which are a bit bigger. Thus, it is very convenient for those who require extra space in their bags.

3. WOWBOX Duffel bag

WOWBOX Duffel bag

The beautiful WOWBOX Duffel bag is one of the best options available in the market. This is mainly because of the great design. This bag is an elegant, pretty and harmonic model. It is also made of resistant materials. These are mainly genuine leather and water-resistant fabric. If you are looking for a top design bag, this option is a great choice.

Another key feature of the WOWBOX Duffel bag is the waterproof shoe compartment. It is located on the side of the bag. Here you can also fit any dirty clothes or other items that you need to keep separate from the rest of your luggage. It also has several pockets of different sizes. This makes the bag very convenient for many purposes.

It comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. This way, you can have 2 different ways of carrying the bag. Depending on what you prefer and on the different situations that you will encounter, you can choose one or the other.

4. Swissgear Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel

Swissgear Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel

Not all duffel bags need to be carried on the shoulders. There are many different options of safari duffel bags that also have wheels. These are great for those who prefer to avoid carrying too much weight on their backs. If this is your case, a great option for you can be the Swissgear Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel.

This bag has premium Swiss quality. It can be carried both as a handbag and as a rolling bag. Depending on your preferences and on the possibilities of your safari destination, you can choose one way or the other. Its retractable handle makes it possible for you to choose the option that you want, when you want it. The Swissgear Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel has many different compartments. They come in a wide variety of sizes. In them you can fit everything you will need in your adventure.

It has a very compact design. Because of this, the bag is convenient for all occasions. It may be a bit heavier than other duffel bags. But it still has a weight that is perfect for almost all safari situations. The fabric that it is made of is very resistant and solid.

5. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

The Herschel bags are definitely some of the preferred ones for adventurers. They have a minimalistic and beautiful design. The material they are made of is top quality. Any Herschel duffel bag will make your experience an amazing adventure.

The Herschel Novel is a duffel bag that can fit the needs of almost every safari adventurer. It has a compact design and a very comfortable small size. This makes it one of the best options for those who choose to travel light and simple.

It is made of resistant polyester. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap that you can also remove. This allows you to have two different options for carrying your bag. Depending on the situation and on your preference, you can choose one or the other.

6. S-ZONE 60L Large Canvas

S-ZONE 60L Large Canvas

The S-ZONE 60L Large Canvas is a duffel bag with a classic and elegant design. This is why it never goes out of fashion. It has a capacity of 60L. It is a great option for those who prefer to carry more things in their adventures.

The bag is made of resistant and solid materials. For this reason, it can last for a long period of time. It also makes it perfect for almost all types of safari adventures. It has two additional pockets of very easy access. They give you more storage space.

The S-ZONE 60L Large Canvas has an adjustable shoulder strap that can also be removed. This is why you can carry this amazing bag either on your hands or on your shoulders. It is a bit bigger than other models. But it still has a compact design. This makes it perfect for every kind of safari and for almost every aircraft. You will not have any issues when carrying this great duffel bag on different transportations.

This duffel bag is also perfect for using it for other purposes. If you choose it, you will end up with a great bag for multiple uses. You will be able to carry it for all types of adventures and experiences.

A duffel bag for every safari adventure

To sum up, as you can see there is a great variety of bags that you can choose from when going on a safari. Each of the options that we have introduced here are some of the best safari duffel bags that you will find on the market. Depending on your own preferences and on what your safari experience will be like, you might prefer to go for one of these options or another. Whichever bag you choose in the end, be certain that all of these amazing safari duffel bags will not let you down. They will make your safari journey an amazing adventure.

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