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Best Safari Camera Bag

If you are looking for the best Safari Camera Bag you are in the right place. Safari photographers who take pictures of wildlife have to deal with some of the most challenging places on the planet, from desert areas to snow-covered arctic tundras and thick, humid tropical rainforests. Users have to be confident that their equipment is safe in any environment and that they can walk for a long time to get where they are going.

There is no doubt that backpacks are the best camera bag for people who take safari pictures. They let you carry a lot of equipment while not carrying a massive amount of weight. This way, you can keep your hands free on a long journey. For wildlife photographers who use long super-telephoto lenses, not just any bag will do.

Also, if you’re looking for a long-lens camera bag, these bags are a good choice for you. This is true for sports photographers, racers, and even tele-landscape photographers who take pictures from a long way away. If you own large telephoto lenses, start scrolling!

Features to Watch for When You Decide to Purchase a Camera Bag

When you’re searching for the best camera bag for safari photographers, there are a lot of essential things to think about:


For this one, having a lot of space is a no-brainer. All of your essential things and then some should fit in this bag. Imagine your lengthiest and widest lens first, then think about the rest. There are some packs that can carry more than one body, so many lenses, and all of your other stuff.


When you’re working in rough terrain, you have to be sure that your bag can take the beating and yet still safeguard the important things inside. A well-padded bag on the inside that can handle a lot of rough and tumble is the bag that you want, of course.

Rain Cover

Nobody wants to find out in the field that their “rain resistant” bag isn’t so “resistant” after all. In no time, your gear is wet and broken. It would be best if you kept in mind the backpack you purchase has an excellent waterproof casing that will protect all of your equipment and gear.


Heavy camera bodies and long lenses make you likely to carry a lot of weight on your back. Make sure your bag doesn’t add a lot of extra weight, especially if you’re going far and on rough ground. It’s better to choose a lighter backpack because it will help with your back pain and will be better for you in the coming years.


Internal padding is vital, but it’s also crucial that there is a lot of padding outside of the body for your comfort. The very last thing you want is for cheap straps to dig into your shoulder after you’ve been carrying your bag for a few hours.

Consider how each bag makes you feel. Would there be a padded hip belt? Padded straps? Does the backpack have a mesh that can keep your back ventilated in hot places? Inside, how about a frame that moves the weight from your shoulders to your hips? All of this will start making a big difference when you’re out in the field.

Tripod Support

All wildlife photographers need a stable tripod, and the possibility is you already have one that you like best. You might not think about this when you choose a camera bag. Later, when you’re tromping through woods underbrush with a tripod in hand because your “trusted” bag doesn’t have a holster for it, it can be a real pain because your bag doesn’t have one.

Different bags may support different types of tripods in different ways. Some may be too big or awkward, whereas others create somewhat more sense. When you’re shopping for a bag, pay careful attention towards how your tripod would fit into your bag.

Best camera backpack for safari

1. LowePro Lens Trekker 600 AW III

Best Safari Camera Bag

If you really want to bring a big lens to your body, LowePro’s Lens Trekker 600 is a good choice. If you need to carry and protect multiple things, this bag is for you. It has an extra-comfortable harness system so that you can take it with ease. As the names suggest, this is an excellent choice for huge 600mm prime lenses.

It enables a 600mm connected on the device OR 800mm off-body lens. Furthermore, it has a bit extra space for other things, as well as small pockets for personal items to store them in.

Shock-absorbing foam, padded dividers, and a lens collar keep your gear in place. It’s known for having a lot of padding at the bottom to keep your glass safe from getting scratched.

It showcases an all-weather cover assurance, so your gear will be safe in any weather.

It’s 7.28 pounds.

This bag has Lowepro’s Activlift System Harness, which helps you lift things. There are more than ten places where you can make adjustments. It lets you change the height of your torso. It also has a detachable torso harness, padded straps, and a padded hip belt for added comfort.

You can put the foot of your tripod or monopod on the side of your backpack, with four straps to keep it in place and keep it from moving.

The LowePro is the bulkiest in this rundown, but it’s known for having the best padding and protecting your gear very well. As a photographer, you know that you can’t just carry a massive 600 or 800mm telephoto lens with you all the time. LowePro comes in now. It’s the best choice for photographers who want to go on walks with their most giant lenses.

2. Think Tank Photo Glass Limo Backpack

Think Tank Photo Glass Limo Backpack

Like the LowePro, this backpack is superb if you only want to take one big piece of a lens with you. It’s a relatively simple, more comfortable version that also gives you a little more leeway in what you can carry with you. This is another good bag for people who have a 600mm lens.

This bag has a lot of different things you can put inside. It can hold a DSLR body with a 500mm lens attached or a 600mm lens that isn’t connected. It can also keep a classic DSLR kit with 5-8 zoom lenses.

You can take out the Think Tank’s detachable padded lens collar to keep your bigger lenses in place. There are also a few customizable and detachable padded dividers that can hold other kit items. Because this bag has a bunch of thin padding on the sides, upper and bottom, if you know your bag is going to get thrown around a lot, it might not be the best choice.

To keep your bigger lenses in place, you can take out the Think Tank’s removable padded lens collar. There are also a few customizable and detachable padded splitters that can hold other kit items. Because this bag has a lot of thin padding on the sides, top, and bottom, it might not be the best choice if you know your bag is going to get thrown around a lot.

It comes with a seam-sealed waterproof casing that protects it from the water.

It only weighs 2.6 pounds.

People like this one because it has solid and comfortable straps, and because it’s light, you won’t have to deal with back pain. It also has a well-padded hip belt, enough that your shoulders don’t have to bear the weight of all the gear.

You can bring a tripod or monopod along either side of the bag, thanks to straps that come with the bag itself.

This is the lightest lens bag on this list by far. It weighs just 2.6 pounds, while the LowePro weighs 7.28 pounds, and the Vanguard Alta weighs 5.58 pounds. For people who want to make their backs lighter while still being able to carry their telephotos, the Think Tank Photo Glass Limo bag is the way to go.

3. Vanguard Alta Sky 66 Camera Backpack

Vanguard Alta Sky 66 Camera Backpack

The Vanguard is a great competitor to the LowePro when it comes to protection and how much you can carry. It’s made to let you carry a lot of heavy gear for a long time, and it can fit some of the bigger telephoto lenses that other backpacks can’t.

This bag is for the big guys. It can hold 600mm, and some 800mm lenses are attached. You can put small things like gear and personal stuff in the extra organizers and slip-in pockets, and there’s even room for a 9-inch tablet in one of the pockets.

This bag has a padded cradle that you can adjust to hold your camera body while your lens is linked. There is a fair amount of foam padding on the sides and the bottom, so if you hit something while hiking in the wilds, your equipment will still be safe.

A rain cover for the whole bag is included for the best protection from the weather.

This backpack weighs 5.58 pounds when it is all together.

An open back, straps to keep you cool, and a waistbelt that lets you move freely will keep you comfortable. Vanguard’s harness system is made to fit your back so that you can comfortably carry a lot of heavy gear for a long time.

Both sides and the back of the backpack have straps for your tripod. This gives you two different ways to carry the bag.

These two bags are very different. The LowePro is a lot lighter, but the Think Tank is a lot more protective. If you’re looking for a good balance between the two, the Vanguard Alta Sky 66 Camera Backpack might be a good choice for you. It will protect your expensive gear from rough terrain while also providing comfort for your back and shoulder.


Even if you’re a professional wildlife photographer who has to deal with rough terrain and weather, there are heaps of camera bag choices to keep your equipment safe and sound.

Remember what to look for when you choose your pack, and think about which things are most vital to you. Good luck shooting!

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