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10 Best places to visit in Slovenia

Have you ever been thinking about visiting Slovenia? What if you choose this destination to be your next stop? Here I present you a list of 9 best places to visit in Slovenia. If you don’t know anything about this country, I bet you are going to fall in love with this place and will not regret visiting it. Here are some tips about which places you should visit in Slovenia. Keep on reading.

Firstly, let me introduce you this gorgeous country. Slovenia is a country situated in the heart of Europe, between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Slovenia is the third most forest-covered country in Europe. It’s not needed to mention that all your senses will enjoy the nature and fresh air. Welcome to a first country declared as a green destination!
Despite the small size of this country, intact nature, charming old towns, romantic scenery, sparkling waterfalls and lakes, Slovenia will leave you speechless.
Has Slovenia quickened your curiosity? Well, below you will find some best places I propose you to visit in Slovenia.

1. Lake Bled

Best places to visit in Slovenia - Bled, Slovenia, Best places to visit in Slovenia
Best places to visit in Slovenia. Lake Bled and its island

Lake Bled is one of the most visited attractions in Slovenia and a must-see place when you visit Slovenia. Usually, it is enough a day or one-afternoon spending in Lake Bled. You will be impressed by its natural beauty, lake, island, and surroundings.

Wooden boats will take you experience the beauty of this lake and will take you to the island. There you will visit the old church, ring the bell yourself and your wish will come true like the legend says.
The best way to enjoy the view of the Lake Bled, its island and surroundings is from the Bled Castle. To learn more about the Castle Bled and why to visit it, check it here.
When you will be there don’t miss famous dessert – The Bled Cream cake (or “Kremšnita”). The majestical view, pure air and surroundings make this place to be in the 1st position of best places to see in Slovenia.

2. Piran

Piran, Slovenia

The old town of Piran is the most beautiful and touristic town of Mediterranean Slovenia. This picturesque town thrived thanks to salt pans and developed under the influence of Venice. Read our guide about Slovenia beaches in order to find out more about the Slovenian seaside.

You will enjoy walking on narrow streets, admiring the medieval architecture, its church, and the central square. This town offers you the Maritime Museum, an aquarium, as well cultural events. Here you will find many seafood restaurants.

3. Soča Valley

Soča Valley, Soča River, Slovenia

The Soča Valley represents one of the pearls of this green country. Named after The Soča River and considered one of the most beautiful Alpine waters in Europe. The river is known as “emerald”, because of its green color.
The Soča Valley is well known for its sports activities, natural and cultural heritage.
Soča River is a spectacular place for nature lovers. You can enjoy short walks by the river, fishing, or adventurous sport activities, like kayaking, canyoning, rafting, etc.

4. Logar Valley

Logar Valley, Slovenia

The Logar Valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe. Here you will be captivated by untouched green nature at every step.
If you are seeking memorable experiences, active holiday or relaxing in this gorgeous landscape, alone or with your family, this is a perfect place to go. You can choose between hiking, cycling, horse riding or walking around and let your body, mind, and soul relax.
The valley is known also for waterfalls, endangered flower species.
Here you will explore delicious local food and cuisine.

5. The Postojna cave

Postojna cave, Slovenia

Apart from admiring green spaces and enjoying in the fresh air, Slovenia offers much more than that. Another attraction that is popular among tourists while visiting Slovenia is The Postojna Cave. It is the most tourist cave in Europe with unusual sculptures and animals.
A tourist train will take you to the underground of tunnels, halls, and galleries. There you will admire stalagmites, stalactites and some other features created by water. You will be able to see the most famous underground animal, called the human fish (olm).
During an hour and a half long guided tour you will learn also a lot about endangered species.
The ticket starts from something more than 25 EUR.

6. Lipica

Lipica is another main tourist attraction of Slovenia, more known for Lipica Stud Farm, which is the oldest in Europe. This place is the origin of the Lipizzan horse.

You will marvel horses while watching the riding training and their shows. A guided tour will tell you more about these elegant Lipizzan horses.

7. Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Goriška Brda is often referred to “Tuscany of Slovenia” because of its similarity of the landscape. It is a stunning wine region, rolling hills with vineyards, orchards, and some charming villages.
There is a number of options for cycling or walking around there. You can treat yourself to flavors of local Mediterranean food in a restaurant and do not forget to taste a glass of a quality local wine.
Goriška Brda is not only known for its big wine production, worldwide known quality wine, but also of many cultural highlights. Here you can visit a tower, castle, monument of the victims of the second world war, and cultural events and festivals.

8. Lake Bohinj

Best Places To see in Slovenia - Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia, located in the Bohinj Valley, which is part of Triglav National Park.

Lake Bohinj offers many outdoor activities. Lake Bohinj is perfect for swimming, kayaking, boat riding, windsurfing, fishing and sometimes even ice skating or just do some walks around the lake.

Lake Bohinj is much less crowded than Lake Bled, more natural, and only 30 minutes ride from Lake Bled.

9. Savica Waterfall

Best places to visit in Slovenia - Savica Waterfall, Slovenia
Best places to visit in Slovenia

When you visit Lake Bohinj, do not miss Savica waterfall as it is another most visited attraction in Slovenia. The waterfall is near from the lake, about 20 minutes of walk on stone steps. The walk is pleasant with a lot of shadows and definitely one the best places to see in Slovenia

The view is stunning and definitely worth taking some photos.

The entrance is charged 3 EUR per person.

10. Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital Slovenia, is the most populated city with around 300.000 inhabitants. It is full of cultural events during all the year and definitily worth visiting its museum and parks. We have written a full guide about places to visit in Slovenia in this guide.

Discover these beautiful places and create the best memories of your holidays.  These were the 9 Best places to visit in Slovenia. This wonderful country is waiting for you.

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