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15 Best places to hike in Europe

In this article we present you the best places to hike in Europe. What makes Europe beautiful is not only sightseeing, beautiful cities and history but also breathtaking nature, beautiful green landscapes and challenging scenery. In such a small continent you can find a diversity of green area which makes your outdoor adventure unforgettable.  The old continent offers different hiking opportunities from easier short routes to more demanding multi-day hikes.

This list contains some best places to hike in Europe that are worth your time.

1. Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Lake bled, Slovenia. Best Places to hike in Europe

This easy hike around the lake offers astonishing views over the Lake Bled, Bled Island and the Julian Alps beyond. The best view you will experience is from the Bled Castle. Impressive surroundings, nature, peaceful atmosphere and fresh air will make your day.

2. Slovenian mountain trail (Slovenia)

Slovenian Mountain Trail. Best Hiking trails in Europe

The Slovenian mountain trail also called Tranverzala is a long route that covers mountain areas (599 km – 372 mi) Pohorje, Julian Alps (Slovenia’s highest peak Mount Triglav), Kamnik Alps, Karavanke and end up on the coast Ankaran. It is considered as Slovenia’s longest hiking trail and the oldest one in Europe. The route consists mainly of easy trails, but there are also more demanding and you will need to come prepared. The mountains are glorious and forests are gorgeous. On this long-distance way, you will find remote farmsteads, charming mountain villages and towns where you will stay and eat well.

3. Alta Via 1, Dolomite (Italy)

Alta Via, Dolomites, Italy, best places to hike in Europe

The route Alta Via 1 is the classic route in the Dolomites and the easiest. To complete the full route you will need about 15 days if you walk 7 hours walking per day. Take into account that the most convenient period to go hiking in the Dolomites is a period July to September because the route is largely free of snow. The highest point on this route is at 2,750 meters (1.71 mi), Monte Lagazuoi.

4. Black Forest Hikes (Germany)

Best places to hike in Europe, Black forest, Germany

The Black Forest is Germany’s forested mountain range with more than 23,000 km (9.1 inch) of hiking routes across the entire region. This place is perfect for any kind of hiker as it offers peaks with beautiful viewpoints, hilly landscape, vineyards, covered mountains, meadow valleys. Choose from short trails of just a few miles or long-distance treks of 180 km (111.8 mi) to 290 km (180.2 mi).

5. Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)

best places to hike in europe, Durmitor Montenegro

Durmitor National Park, under UNESCO protection, is nestled in the northeast part of Montenegro, above the town of Žabljak and the Tara river canyon. There are many awesome hiking trails from extremely easy to very demanding all-day hiking tours. If you are physically enough prepared challenge yourself to reach Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak of Durmitor National Park. This mountain range boasts 18 glacial lakes, steep rocky walls, more than 40 peaks above 2000 m (1.2 mi) and lush grass.

6. El Camino de Santiago (Spain)

Best places to hike in Europe, Camino de Santiago Spain

El Camino de Santiago is a world well known pilgrimage – for those with hiking recreational reasons or those seeking spiritual release. The whole route will take you to six weeks. The route begins at Saint Jean Pied de Port, France and travels to Spain’s four regions, ending at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. The route will take you over mountains, vineyards and lush forests. The path passes by many low-budget accommodations, restaurants so you don’t need to carry food or worry where to stay during the night. Check here more interesting facts about Spain.

7. Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

best places to hike in europe, Plitvice Croatia
Michael Rehm/Pixabay

Could this be the best day hike or better to say one of the best places to hike in Europe? Plitvice Lakes National Park, situated in central Croatia, features a chain of 16 terraced natural lakes and over 90 waterfalls of different size, many caverns, caves and forest. There are 8 different hiking routes, the shortest will take you 2 to 3 hours and the longest up to 8 hours. Avoid summer months as it becomes very crowded and the level of water is lower.

8. GR 20 (Corsica)

GR 20 Corsica, best places to hike in Europe
Jean-Baptiste Bellet/Flickr

GR 20 is a long distance trail (180 km – 111.8 mi) from north to south of Corsica, considered the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe. This route is very difficult and is for those with perfect fitness level yet it doesn’t require any climbing techniques. The route can be walked in 15 days if you walk for a minimum of 6 hours per day.

9. Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

best places to hike in europe, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Christoph Strässler/Flickr

Lauterbrunnen is nestled in an alpine trough valley between rock faces and mountain peaks and is considered as the most beautiful valleys in Switzerland. It features 72 waterfalls, secluded valleys, colorful meadows and charming mountain inns.

10. Fjord (Norway)

Best places to hike in Europe, Fjord, Norway Fjord Norway region offers a varied scenery, from glacial landscapes to lush forests. You can climb mountains by the coast, experience fantastic views and walk on the blue ice of a glacier arm. There you will find many hiking opportunities, to suit any kind of adventurer, from short and easy hikes to more demanding ones.

11. Laugavegur (Iceland)

Laugavegur, Iceland, Best places to hike in Europe

Located in the southern highlands of Iceland, it is Iceland’s most famous hiking trail and offers a variety of different landscapes. You will enjoy gorgeous views with beautiful scenery of pristine nature with volcanic mountains, lava fields, glaciers, black arctic desert and lush valleys. Along the trail, there are huts and camping sites where you can stay from the end of June until the end of August.

12. Tour du Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)

Tour de Mont Blanc, Best hiking places in Europe

This is a 170 km (105.6 mi) route that passes through Italy, Switzerland and France, circuit of Mont Blanc. You have plenty of route options to choose, from 4-day hikes to 12 days adventurous experience. On your tour, you will be awarded stunning views and beautiful scenery.

13. Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre, Italy, best places to hike in Europe
Bastien M/Flickr

Seaside villages of Cinque Terre are connected to one another by footpath (also train and boat connection), about 11 km (6.8 mi) long, which will take you up to 5 hours. Wonderful views of the coastline will follow your path, as well extensive woodlands, wine yards and olive trees. Some trails are tiring while others are suitable for everyone.

14. West Highland Way (Scotland)

West Highland Way, Scotland, Best places to hike in Europe

The West Highland Way, 151 km (93.8 mi) long, is Scotland’s most popular route. The route will take you to Scottish country roads, pastoral landscape and rugged and majestic Highlands. The highest point reached by the standard route is 548 m (0.3 mi). The whole West Highland Way will take you one week.

15. Faroe Islands 

The Faroe Islands, Best places to hike in Europe
Jean-Marie Muggianu/Flickr

The Faroes are 18 isolated volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway. The islands are admired for their unspoiled nature, emerald hills, dramatic cliffs, and plentiful waterfalls. A hike into the mountains affords various points that overlook inspiring peaks in one direction and the ocean in another. There are footpaths on all the islands.

Now, grab your hiking boots and your backpack and experience the best hiking trails in Europe!

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