Best outdoor projector for sports

Which is the best outdoor projector for sports ? Watching sports can be a passionate activity for many people: eyes glued on the screen, wanting to capture every single detail, and hearts full of different types of emotions. Being the perfect reason to find the best projectors in the market to amplify your experience.

Enlarged images make people feel like they were inside a movie, or a football field, bringing motion pictures to life.

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To find the best-rated outdoor projectors for sports, spending hours identifying the best-rated products is necessary. According to the research, the best one has excellent motion handling, smooths out fast-moving scenes, and high refresh rates. Usually, these types of projectors offer at least 1080p resolution, with the 4K-HD resolution, giving the user the most immersive 360º experience possible.

In this article, you will find a very detailed guide about how to choose the best sports projector, and which ones are breaking the market.

How to choose the best projector for watching sports outside ?

Projectors come with various features and varied applications, being the main reason why users can’t choose any projector to watch sports.

There are so many things to keep in mind for a high-quality 360º experience, like brightness, display size, aspect ratio, throw ratio, resolution, 3D projection, motion handling, adjustability, and color accuracy.


How the light output of a projector is a very important part that plays an essential role. To find the best outdoor projectors for sports, the projectors need to have the brightest light on the market, which is traded in high levels of lumens.

Particularly for sports, projections indoors projectors with 1,000 to 2,000 lumens are enough, but for larger spaces, the better options are the ones with +3,000 lumens, since they perform better, creating the perfect environment to enjoy any sport.

Display size

Sport projectors must be able to project 100” or more, depending on the amount of space available.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of a projector indicates the shape of its image. For projecting sports, the best ones are those with widescreen ratios: 16:9 or 16:10.

Throw ratio

Throw ratio describes the size of the image that can be projected from a certain distance.

Most projectors have a standard throw ratio of 2:1, to get large images, which is nice for big rooms. But, the ideal ones for small rooms are short-throw projectors, performing better, having smaller throw ratios.


4K-HD projectors are always the best choice! Producing better-quality images than the ones with WGXGA.

The best option? Always the ones with a 4K-HD resolution.

3D projection

A full 3D projector is always recommended for not having the limitations that a 3D-ready can have, giving the brain the illusions of depth.

With a full 3D projector, the brain combines two different images, interpreting them as one, providing an authentic 360º thrilling experience.

Motion handling

Sports are fast-moving, full-packed of action from start to end, therefore, to avoid an over blurry experience, is necessary to consider the kind of motion handling the projector offers.

The best option is always a projector with at least a 120Hz refresh rate for an optimal viewing experience. By the way, projectors with software that enhances motion handling like frame interpolation, process digitally the images, providing the smoothest pictures, obtaining, as a result, a visual pleasure experience.


Keystone, correction, lens shift, and optical zoom, are things that turn into necessary instruments. Flexible projectors allow users to use them anywhere, not being difficult to manipulate.

Color accuracy

Most projectors try to achieve a high level of color accuracy, matching the standards put by the International Telecommunication Unit, being the best ones, those with 95%+ accuracy.


1. ViewSonic PX747-4k Projector for Sports


The stunning picture quality of the projector is native 4K resolution and HDR support, and ViewSonic’s proprietary Super Color technology provides intense colors.

With ViewSonic PX747-4k Projector for Sports, the action scenes are smooth and judder-free. On the other hand, the bright lumens make them able to use the projector in bright or dark rooms, without causing concern that the image will look washed out.

The best part?

  • A projector bulb that can last 15.000 hours with the low-power Super Eco mode.
  • The 10W speakers provide high-quality sounds, which avoid the need for an external audio system.
  • Easy to use, with large buttons on the unit itself, including remote control.


  • Super Eco mode extends lamp life.
  • HDR support for more vivid colors.
  • Picture quality is extra sharp with DLP chips.
  • Remote control.
  • 10W speakers.


  • The fan blows loudly after extended use.
  • 12.000:1 contrast ratio.

2. Optoma HD146-X High-Performance Projector

Optoma HD146-X High-Performance Projector

A DLP projector with a standard throw is one of the best choices for outdoor projection or larger audiences. The principal characteristics of the Optoma hD146-X High-Performance Projector are:

  • It displays images with a native resolution of 1080P.
  • It has 3.600 lumens of brightness for very detailed images.
  • Its full 3D projection makes it feel like images will jump from the screen.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great quality and color.
  • Affordable.
  • 15.000 hours of lamp life.


  • It doesn’t have proper zoom control.

3. Poyank TP-01 Projector for Sports

Poyank TP-01 Projector for Sports

The total bulb life of 50.000 hours, makes Poyank TP-01 Projector for Sport the best mini projector, weighing only 3.34 pounds.

In contrast with other projectors, the resolution of the Poyank TP-01 is 720P, which at first can cause distrust, but it ends up surprising users with its high-quality image reproduction. The results? videos with vivid details and bright colors.

By the way, its 3.800 lumens make it able to watch any type of image, no matter if it’s day or night, providing high-quality images.

But the most surprising fact is found in its Wi-Fi connectivity options, allowing the users to connect their smartphones and laptops wirelessly, and screencast content from there, without the necessity to connect to an external media player, the projector, being quite a feat, along with its other features, for a small projector.

Finally, in terms of low-maintenance models, Ponyank TP-01 Projector for Sport is one of the best in its category.


  • Wireless connectivity for mobile devices.
  • 50.000-hour lamp life.
  • 3.800 lumens of light output.


  • 720P resolution.
  • One of the best mini projectors on the market.

4. BenQ TK800 4K Home Theater Projector

BenQ TK800 4K Home Theater Projector

Ideal for people who want an affordable 4K resolution display. With a native resolution of 1080P and 16:9 aspect ratio, this projector is the best option to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality product without breaking your bank account.

On the other hand, its DLP chip flashes images 4x in quick succession, and the 3.000 lumens and 10.000:1 contrast ratio, provide the best bright and clear images.


  • Easy to install.
  • 10.000 lap life.
  • Full 3D.
  • 3 years of warranty.


  • The 3D detection must be activated.

5. GooDee YG600 LED Projector (2020)

GooDee YG600 LED Projector (2020)

What to expect? 50.000 hours of powerful lamps, and 4.000 lumens that challenge even the brightness of the sun, making you able to enjoy sports indoors and outdoors, day or night. What makes it special? Its 1080P video, with a native resolution of 1280×768 pixels to enjoy full HD images.

The quality of this projector is indisputable, day or night, nothing can impede enjoying its high image quality: bright pictures and solid sound are served.

Finally, its multiple versatile connections support laptops, smartphones, or streaming sticks.


  • 1080P resolution.
  • 4.000 lumens.
  • Versatile and compact.
  • Super affordable.


  • No building with Wi-Fi.

6. BenQ TK700STi

BenQ TK700STi

The flexible installation of the BenQ TK700Ti, paired with its 2D keystone correction and corner fit correction that ensure a square image, makes it one of the best options for beginners.

Its 3.000 lumens, bright enough for any indoor or outdoor environment, by the way, the DLP display produces a full Rec.709 spectrum, with a full 4K-HD resolution for sharp images, providing a 360º experience.


  • 4K resolution.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Build-in Android interface.
  • Flexible set-up.


  • Low image contrast.
  • Low sound quality.

7. Optoma GT1090HDR

Optoma GT1090HDR

The Optoma GT1090HDR 30.000 hours lamp, makes it one of the best options for its longevity. Indoors or outdoors, this Optoma has no limits, providing its users with the best bright images in any moment and space.

Its 4.200 lumens make possible the reproduction of the best images outdoors, no matter the daytime, the picture will stay bright even outdoors. Being one of its strengths is its ability to project 300” pictures from only 11 feet away, making it the perfect choice for small spaces or unusual layouts.

Finally, the inclusion of 4-corner correction, makes it easier to set up and align the image, turning it into one of the best user-friendly big-screen entertainment.


  • Easy to install.
  • Dust resistant.
  • Nice contrast and color accuracy.


  • It is a little bit expensive for a 1080P.

8. BenQ TH585

 BenQ TH585

Born to be a fully featured home projector, ideal for indoors and outdoors, with a native resolution of 1080P, and a peak brightness of 3.500 lumens, makes it stand out from other projectors in the same category.

The BenQ TH585 can create a screen up to 300”, and a 100” screen from 9.2ft away. But the best comes out in the connectivity, with an HDMI port, three VGA ports, an audio in and audio out port, RCA, and finally an S-Video In port, turning it into a great option for retro gamers, that will be able to plug classic consoles into this projector without any adapters.


  • Brightness.
  • 1080P resolution.
  • Ideal for retro gamers.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cons:
  • It can be noisy.

9. Epson VS240

Epson VS240

For personal and professional use, indoors or outdoors, at the office or on the terrace of any house, the Epson VS240 was born to offer high-quality images. Its 3.000 lumens with a 15.000:1 contrast ratio, provide sharp colors, and images that stand up nicely in light environments.

Powered by a 3-chip, a 3LCD system with a wide color gamut, and a long-life lamp up to 10.000 hours in Eco-mode.

By the way, the Epson VS240 offers a variety of connectivity options, like composite video, VGA, and HDMI inputs.

The VGA cable is included for easy connectivity, the USB port with plug-and-play support is also on-board. Other features include a built-in 2W mono speaker for audio playback.


  • 5.000 hours of lamp life.
  • Weight: 2.4 kg.
  • 3.000 lumens.
  • USB plug and play.


  • No optical zoom, or 3D capability.
  • Low audio output.


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