Best Laptops for Med School

Which are the best laptops for med school? When educational leaders noticed the positive impacts of incorporating laptops in students, they gradually introduced the shift from the traditional learning style to a digital classroom.

You can see this modern academe in schools and universities all over the world, where technology is used in all of the lessons.

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When you use PowerPoint, you can now show your work in front of the class. When you write a file, you can do it in Word or Excel. It doesn’t stop there. Your professors even use chat rooms to divide up your workloads.

In the past, you would have had to buy physical books and bring them to school every day. Now, instead of doing that, there is a digital library that you can download to your tablet or laptop.

As a medical student, assume not being able to do work or assignments without a laptop. Would you be able to make spreadsheets with data from different sources? Will you be able to do editing? Where else would you contain the excess data? Would you be able to remember every file you pass with? Then, would you be able to look at the resources with just a few taps, scrolls, and a quick search?

Not at all! All of these questions mean that having a laptop is the best way to be flexible and do things your own way. With the evolving demands, Laptop has started to turn from a simple necessity to a need.

What to look for?

Before we start looking at the best laptops for med school, you need to know what to look for when you buy a laptop for med school.


People who do a lot of multitasking want to split screens so they can be more comfortable. You should have 12 inches of screen or more if you want to get 1080p or 900p resolution.


Everybody doesn’t want to carry around a heavy laptop on top of the books they have in their bag. 3 lbs. and something that doesn’t exceed 5 lbs. would be the best choice.


Over 128 GB is suggested to keep all of your e-books and other files together in one place.


It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s responsive and easy for you to use.


It’s fine for you to have 4 GB of RAM because most of the tasks you’ll do will be to use Microsoft Office and surf the Internet. When it comes to multitasking, go with 8 GB of RAM if you’re a lot like that.


Intel Core i5 of the 7th or 8th generation, or Intel Core i7, would be the best processor for you because you will likely be running some software when you get into your higher years.


As with the graphics card, it’s not that vital unless you want to play games in your free time. You can choose from Intel HD and UHD.


Hours and hours of studying and doing schoolwork are what we’re talking about now. Even if you live in a dorm, the possibilities are you want to save the cost of electricity bills, too. Then, it would be best if you looked for something that will last for at least 8 to 15 hours.

7 best laptops for medical students

1. MacBook Air (2020)

Best Laptops for Med School

One of the best laptops for med school is the MacBook Air. It has always been the best choice for med students. As long as your laptop has one of the fastest SSDs Apple has ever made, you won’t have to waste any time waiting for it to start up. In a matter of seconds, your laptop is already up and working and ready to use.

It is one of the lightest MacBooks that Apple has ever made. It’s thin and light so that you can fit more things into your bag. Even if you had a laptop with you, you wouldn’t feel it.

If you plan on working for a long time, the battery life of the Macbook Air can survive up to 18 hours. This is great because it’s an Apple product, which usually has battery issues.

Even though the screen is only 13 inches wide, it will still work well sufficiently for you to split screens and do other things. It also lets you see histology images as clearly and precisely as the accurate picture shown on a microscope. This is because the Retina True Tone display enables you to see histology images just like the real thing.

Windows isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about this. It runs on Mac OS. However, some med schools do not suggest this operating system because it might not work with some of the applications you need to install.

Also, it would help if you thought about whether this laptop will fit into your budget because, honestly, Apple products are pricey. Obviously, it comes with the company’s name on it.

It would be great if you could pay for it after your school fees.

2. HP Spectre X360

HP Spectre X360

This one can also be used as a tablet if you fold the lid all the way back. This is especially useful if you want to write directly on your tablet with the HP stylus that comes with this bundle.

Build quality is top-notch because it has an aluminum unibody like the MacBook. Because it’s made of metal, it is still featherlight so that you can carry it to the library, the classroom, and the cafes, or wherever you need it.

But even so, the drawback to this aluminum styling is that it is rapid to get fingerprints on it. In other words, it’s a magnet for fingerprints.

A lot of caffeine and three hours of sleep aren’t going to make the HP Spectre x360 go away. If you drop your things for some reason, the laptop will still be alive. Because of its Corning Gorilla Glass screen, it can’t be scratched or bumped very much.

Having an Intel i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD makes this laptop very powerful. You can work on it for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

3. MacBook Pro (2020)

MacBook Pro (2020)

The Apple MacBook Pro has a unibody aluminum aesthetic, which means that it has better setup quality than most laptops. This is because it is made of aluminum. Since the device is designed well, it can last through your graduation or through your years in the hospital! And that is what you can call a smart move.

This has a 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics. These things will help you do your work more quickly. That’s because your MacBook Pro can get very hot if there are a number of applications and software running simultaneously on the system. You might want to buy a cooling pad for your MacBook Pro to keep it cool. Finally, you have to do a lot of things at once.

Two things will help you see your histology images clearly and vividly: the retina display and the resolution of 2560 x 1600, which the MacBook Pro offers you.

As with the MacBook Air, it’s going to end up costing you a lot to get one. When I think about what the laptop does, I can see why it costs so much. But there’s no doubt that it also comes with the company’s name. It’s worth it, though, if you plan to use it for a long time.

USB ports are another thing the MacBook Pro doesn’t have, so that’s one of its weak points. You only get Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C ports, which aren’t very pleasant if you want to use USB-A ports. As a good thing for some or a bad thing for many, you can buy an additional external dock for it.

4. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

Compared to other laptops in this budget range, Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best. It has an 8-hour battery life and 256 GB of space.

For viewing procedure recordings and PowerPoint presentations, it has a 15.6-inch full HD widescreen screen and a small bezel design. Color Intelligence and Acer BlueLightShield are two innovations that help protect your eyes from blue light.

A backlit keyboard makes it easier to type on in the middle of the night when you’re trying to study for a big test. It’s okay; everyone has been too at some moment in time.

Considering the overall appearance, we can say that it looks very high-end because of its aluminum cover and sleek structure.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Another convertible contender is the Microsoft Surface Pro. You can use it as a laptop or as a tablet, depending on what you want to do with it. Individuals who are always on the move, like medical students, hang by this convertible to aid them in doing their tasks anywhere they can be.

As you can see, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is still one of the best laptops for med school. This laptop is compelling despite its small size. It has the newest Intel Core i5 (10th gen) processor, which makes it more robust and enables you to do a wide variety of things fast and efficiently.

It has a much better screen than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Therefore, this provides a better contrast ratio and improved color accuracy, offering a better picture. On the Surface Pro 7, your chart readings and histology images will look a lot better than they do now.

During the day, you can use it for as long as you want. It has a battery life that can last up to 10.5 hours, so you can study and work for extended periods of time.

6. ASUS Zenbook 14

 ASUS Zenbook 14

The ASU Zenbook 14 can be used for a long time since its battery can last for up to 14 hours. Ideal for studying for a lengthy moment and doing schoolwork without having to keep looking for a power source. A lot of people say this is one of the main reasons it’s one of the best laptops for school.

Due to its effective fan system, you wouldn’t have to worry about your laptop overheating. Plus, it keeps the fan noise at a minimal level.

For the cost of this Zenbook, you’re receiving a lot of storage space. It has 512 GB. This means that you can no longer say that you can’t download more e-books, files, or applications due to its massive storage.

If you don’t have headphones, you can listen to medical podcasts without them. It has speakers that are very loud and clear. When you touch the screen, it’s sensitive enough that you can move around the system very lightly. Users find the keyboard very comfortable and convenient to type on. It is also effortless to use.

A unique feature of the Zenbook is its distinctive dual-function touchpad. In a matter of seconds, you can switch from the touchpad to a numeric keypad. As soon as you get into Biostatistics, this will be a good thing to have around.

7. MSI PS42


This MSI PS42 offers Intel Core i5 (8th gen), 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage. It will work smoothly while you’re studying and composing your research study for coming Monday. You would not want to spend your time and effort getting upset about a slow laptop, do you?

The keyboard is easy to use and has a backlit feature that makes it look pleasant and allow you to type into the dim hours of the morning and night.

Because it costs so inexpensive, it comes with a fingerprint sensor on the touchpad.

Regrettably, this cheap cost means that users would have to compromise on the quality of the audio. The best thing for you to do would be to just connect in your earphones instead.

Additionally, the battery may not last as long as you would like. It could only last up to eight hours. Because this laptop was made for everyday use, it’s a good deal as it is, right?


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