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Best Kindle for Reading at Night

What is the best Kindle for reading at night? E-book lovers would stop at nothing to get a Kindle eReader that is ideal for reading in sunlight and at night. It’s not enough to get the fanciest of eReader. The important question is, does it tick all the boxes for you? When it comes to deciding the best Kindle for nighttime reading, it can be confusing. So, if you are considering getting a kindle eReader that allows you to read at night without straining your eyes, then this article is your big shot. Luckily for you, we have listed the top 5 kindle eReaders that are the best for reading at night. Let’s get started. Alternatively you can read here about the best kindle for eyes.

Best Kindle for reading at night

1. Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma

You don’t have to opt for a small eReader all the time. Take a bold step and try something different. The 8-inch Koba Forma eReader is the boldest design yet we have seen from the Kobo Company. Its back is entirely flat, which makes it comfortable to hold in one hand. This eReader comes with a battery of 1,200 mAh battery, giving you more than enough reading time, provided it’s charged fully. Unlike most eReaders, Koba Forma uses Carta HD and Mobius for its screen. It’s no wonder why very few eReaders can hold a candle to it. According to Kobo, that is what makes it light. It comes with 512GB of RAM and features 8GB and 32GB storage options. Kobo employs a Comfort light temperature to enable you to read better at night, without having to turn on a lamp. It comes with 17 lights in total, so you can alternate the intensity of the screen, depending on where you are. It also has a built-in Overdrive Integration that allows you browse for eBooks on your local digital libraries without any troubles.

2. Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Although the Amazon Kindle Voyage has been discontinued, it is still one of the best Kindle for night reading. Till date, it has the highest resolution display of 1440×1080 pixels, which makes it unique for reading. Its backlight is the bomb, incredibly perfect for reading at night and outdoors as well. Plus it has an ambient light sensor that allows you automatically set the backlight. It is also equipped with the “Night light” feature, ranking it as a brilliant choice for night reading. Amazon claims its battery can run 30mins a day for two months when fully charged. It comes with a 4GB RAM and is Wi-Fi enabled (optional 3G)

3. Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Clara HD

The Clara HD features a front-lit display that might be the best Koba has ever made. It comes with 512GB of RAM. Its 8GB internal storage cannot be expanded, but Kobo makes up for this in the settings. You can automatically delete any book you are done with, to free up more space. If you are looking for a very bright reading mode, you can turn on the front-lit display and Comfortlight at the same. Then you can get the best out of your reading experiences. EBook lovers would be pleased to know that Clara HD has an overdrive library accessible to all users. This is to allow you to browse, download and read books without going through a complicated process. It also has a security feature. Which would come in handy if you have too many people around, and you don’t want anyone touching your eReader.

  4. Amazon Kindle EReader

Amazon Kindle EReader

The Kindle eReader is Amazon’s most affordable eReader at the moment. This is the best entry eReader for reading at night. For night reading, you can set the brightness to the lowest and have the time of your life.  Since it isn’t waterproof, you may want to stay away from the bathtub when holding this. It comes with 4 LED lights and is Bluetooth enabled. You can also stream audiobooks while connected with your headphone. It is relatively small and light compared to other Amazon kindles, which I see as a great feature. I mean, who wants a kindle eReader that weighs too much? It comes with a light guide that helps to distribute light evenly throughout the screen. Its battery life is impressive as well, with about four weeks of reading, based on 30 minutes usage per day.

5. Kobo Aura One

Kobo Aura One

The Koba Aura One is a very interesting eReader to own. Although it’s quite pricey, it’s worth every penny. The 7.8-inch eReader is waterproof and can survive underwater for about 60minutes. If you are a non-Amazon eReader, this would most likely pique your interest. It comes with an ultra high resolution of 1872×1404 and 300 PPI. It has 8GB of storage and can store 6,000 books. Its integrated lighting system gives you the option of adjusting the brightness to either a “day” or “night” mode. Overall the Koba Aura One is a good eReader for reading, due to its brightness and its straightforward user interface.

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