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Best Kindle for Audiobooks

Which is the best kindle for audiobooks? Readers who own an Amazon Kindle may bring tons of books, magazines, and comics with them everywhere they go. The concept that a Kindle has a screen that enables bibliophiles to read in any lighting condition, excellent battery life, and the ability to buy and download books while on the go is the cherry on top. Ironically, while years of reading have taught you the books you appreciate the most, it hasn’t taught you how to choose the best Kindle. Don’t be concerned! We got you!

We’ve spent years evaluating Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. For most people, the Kindle Paperwhite, which is sold on Amazon for $139.99, is the greatest Kindle for reading right now. The current edition of this device will keep bibliophiles pleased for years to come, thanks to a design revamp and several appealing new features. It has a bright, vivid display and plenty of storage. You can use it to read a wonderful book downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store or listen to one via Amazon’s Audible audiobooks service using a Bluetooth speaker or earphones.

While the Paperwhite may be the best Kindle for most people, there are also more elegant and less expensive devices to consider, which we’ve examined for this guide.

Best Kindle for Audiobooks

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition by Amazon (11th Gen, Without Ads)

The 2021 (11th generation) Kindle Paperwhite is significantly more extensive and slightly heavier than its predecessor, measuring 6.9 x 4.9 by.32 inches. It is, however, light enough to be held with one hand for a prolonged reading session.

The 2021 Paperwhite can hold a 6.8-inch E Ink display thanks to its larger proportions and smaller screen bezels, which is a considerable increase over the six-inch display that has been the product line’s hallmark since 2012. This results in more text being displayed on the screen at once, creating a more comprehensive reading experience. The new display’s 300 dots per inch resolution and continuous side lighting, enabled by 17 strategically placed LEDs, make text and grayscale images appear clear.

For the first time, Paperwhite users can modify the color temperature of the device’s lighting, which can aid lessen eye strain and reduce the amount of blue light you’re exposed to. All of this greater display space and lighting is supported by a quicker processor than the previous edition. If you have an earlier Kindle, you’ll notice that books load faster, and the changeover from page to page is smoother on the 2021 Paperwhite.

Thanks to Amazon’s decision to phase out Micro USB in favor of a USB-C charging port, charging has also become faster. Although your mileage will fluctuate considerably on your reading habits, the current edition of the Paperwhite can go up to 10 weeks between charges. When the battery runs out, it can be recharged in five hours when plugged into a computer or 2.5 hours if linked into a nine-Watt power supply, which is significantly faster than prior Paperwhites. Aside from fast charging, the ability to charge your e-reader with the same wire that charges your headphones, smartphone, and laptop is a huge plus.

What hasn’t changed is that Amazon’s unequaled library of e-books, comics, newspapers, journals, and Audible audiobooks and podcasts are still available to 2021 Paperwhite users. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand the occasional abuse of being tossed around in a book bag and other such mishaps. The latest model of Paperwhite has been given an IPX8 rating, just like the 2018 edition. This means that it will work for up to an hour even if submerged in less than seven feet of freshwater.

Amazon had two different versions of the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite at the time this article was written. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, which is available on Amazon, includes 32GB of internal storage, a light sensor that automatically adjusts the device’s display brightness to match outside lighting conditions, and 10-Watt wireless Qi charging. The entry-level Paperwhite has 8GB of storage and lacks the light sensor and Qi charging capabilities of the Signature Edition.

Most consumers, in our opinion, should buy the entry-level Paperwhite. While 8GB of storage isn’t much if you’re using a laptop with a lot of software, it’s plenty for thousands of e-books. Furthermore, wireless charging isn’t so convenient as it is absurd for a device that can run for weeks without charges. It’s quicker and more efficient to charge your Kindle battery using USB-C.

best kindle for audiobooks

Kindle Oasis (2019, 32 GB)

Compared to the reliable operation of a Kindle Paperwhite, the All-New Kindle Oasis’ design and features feel opulent with its waterproof aluminum body, tactile page flip buttons, and glass display. Like the previous two generations, the wedge-like form and page-turn buttons on the 2019 Oasis make one-handed reading a breeze.

Over earlier generations of the device, the latest version of the Oasis delivers readers a minor weight decrease and a slight improvement in battery capacity. Users of the previous iteration of the device are unlikely to notice any differences. The addition of front lighting with variable color temperatures to this flagship e-reader is even more noteworthy. Bibliophiles can read text on the Oasis in either the standard bright, blue spectrum light that Kindle users have come to expect or in warmer, yellow hues that we found to be more comfortable to read. Because blue-spectrum light inhibits melatonin production, this update is a significant gain for anyone who likes to read before bed.

Because of a designed ambient light sensor, the illumination intensity of the Oasis’ 12 LEDs may automatically adjust, making this luxury purchase feel even more luxurious. There is no better e-reader lighting available anywhere. Period. The Oasis has you covered if you enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Like the other Kindles in Amazon’s current lineup, it allows users to listen to Audible content via Bluetooth headphones or a wireless speaker.

You may have observed that we use the word “luxury” in our review; as you might expect, the All-New Kindle Oasis is expensive. In fact, it can be nearly twice as expensive as a current-generation Kindle Paperwhite. Given that the Paperwhite works almost as well and arrives carrying many of the same functionalities as the Oasis, it’s difficult to recommend this gadget to everyone but the staunchest ebook enthusiast.

kindle oasis

Amazon Kindle (2019)

The most recent version of Amazon’s basic Kindle has a number of necessary improvements over prior versions. It’s a nice touch that it now has display illumination, not so much that the lighting is provided by four programmable LEDs.

While you will be able to see your Kindle’s display in the dark, the illumination generated by the four LEDs is not uniform across the entire display. We discovered that this could cause eye strain over time. On the other hand, the Kindle Paperwhite is our favorite Kindle for most people, with five LEDs. One more light source may not appear to make a significant impact on reading, but it does. The lighting on the Paperwhite is more even, making reading much more enjoyable.

While we’re on the subject matter of readability, let’s discuss the Kindle’s screen. It has a display resolution of 167ppi, which is over half that of the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite and 2019 Kindle Oasis. The text is readable. However, it is not sharp, which contributes to eye strain. This is a severe drawback for a device that is primarily meant to allow people to absorb printed content. Finally, the Kindle’s raised bezels make swiping across pages more challenging and act as a gathering spot for dust, sand, and other debris, which is our final display issue.

Other aspects of the 2019 Kindle are also lacking. It’s the only Kindle without water resistance. Furthermore, it is only available in 4GB storage. Most folks should not be concerned about the latter point. With 4GB of storage, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of ebooks.

Despite this, it’s still a good e-reader that lets you read when out and about, regardless of the lighting circumstances. However, we do not recommend it unless you have a really limited budget. We suggest saving your funds until you can buy the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite, which comes with a lot of nice enhancements for a few dollars extra.

In late 2019, Amazon released the Kindle Kids Edition, which is an Amazon Kindle wrapped in a vibrant, abuse-resistant shell. If your child breaks their Kids Edition Kindle—which is unlikely given that the device is neither drop-proof nor waterproof—Amazon will replace it for free for up to two years from the day you bought the original e-reader.

The Kids’ Edition The Kindle comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which gives your child access to over a thousand kid-friendly books, including chapter novels and award-winning titles like the complete Harry Potter series, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and more.

It appears to be a bargain that many parents will consider worthwhile. However, the low-resolution display on the Kindle’s base model may prove difficult for young eyes over time. Furthermore, many of the titles offered through FreeTime Unlimited include illustrations, which are hampered by the device’s low-resolution display.

amazon kindle

Which Kindles Are the Best?

There are numerous things to consider while selecting the best Kindle for you; the following are the most crucial ones that we considered while compiling this list.

Screen resolution

All Kindles have a black and white e-ink touch-sensitive display, which uses less power and is less glare-prone than a smartphone’s LCD screen, although the resolution varies. The digital text seems clearer and more appealing on high-resolution screens, bringing the reading experience of an e-book closer to that of reading a hard copy.


One of the most appealing reading features on a Kindle is its backlit panel, which allows for evening reading. The quantity of rear lights varies by Kindle model, so keep that in mind if you’re a nighttime reader.

Battery life

Amazon claims that Kindles have a battery life of “weeks,” which it defines as “four weeks, depending on a half-hour of reading a day with wireless turned off and the light set to 13.” The battery will be used faster if the brightness is increased, the wireless settings are enabled, and audiobooks are streamed.


Because e-books are so small, you may store thousands of books on a Kindle at once. However, if you use the Kindle to browse huge PDF files or listen to audiobooks, you’ll quickly exhaust its internal storage. There is no way to expand the storage capacity of a Kindle, so bear it in mind.

Waterproof Rating

Electronics and water don’t usually mix, although some Kindle models from the latest generation do. This is an excellent feature if you expect to read a lot in the bath, at the pool, or on the beach.

Audiobook Support

In 2008, Amazon purchased the audiobook provider Audible. The most recent version of all Kindle models now allows you to download audiobooks to your Kindle and listen to them using Bluetooth headphones. If you buy both the Kindle and Audible versions of a book, Amazon’s WhisperSync technology will retain your position between the two, so you can take up just where you left off.

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