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Best Kindle and E-Reader for Manga

Here we show you the best kindle for Manga. You can read Manga on an e-reader, a smartphone, or a tablet. But, what is the difference?

E-readers like Kindle tend to be easier on the eyes because they don’t reflect light. Today’s e-readers are high-tech tablets that can show text and images in many different ways that are easy on the eyes.

The screens are beautiful, with clear text that looks just like real ink and paper. It’s better to read digital books on an e-reader than on a tablet because these screens make them stand out from phones and tablets.

Also, battery life is a big problem with tablets or phones. Many people have to charge them everyday or every other day, but e-readers last about three to four weeks before they need to be charged.

Most e-readers today are interesting. They not only encourage people to read, but they also offer services and apps that aren’t available on phones and tablets. With the best e-reader, you’ll be able to read books, audiobooks, magazines, and more in a format that’s easy to use and that doesn’t strain your eyes or ears. You can get even many manga ebooks for free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited service.

There are so many e-readers out there that it can be hard to find one that fits your needs and reading habits. However, in this article, you will be guided by which one to pick, depending on your liking and preference. So, let’s go!

5 Best Ereaders for manga

1. Kindle Oasis

Best Kindle for Manga

The Kindle Oasis is one of the best for reading manga, comics, and other books. There are many ways to use it, making it a good investment.

It has a built-in light that lets you change the color of the screen’s light. You can change the color from cool to warm. Also, soon as it senses the sun rising or setting, it will change its screen’s light. People who read for a long time might find this easier in their eyes.

It is entirely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about reading manga while you’re on a trip or at the beach. With Kindle Oasis, you can read new chapters while you’re at the beach or in the pool.

The good thing is that the Kindle Oasis comes in a range of memory sizes, from 8 GB to 32 GB, which is good. For reading manga, we highly recommend that you get 32 GB of space.

The screen is likewise about 7 inches wide, about the same size as a manga page, making the reading experience easier and more realistic. As a bonus, it’s also very light, so it’s easy to take with you when you go anywhere! Isn’t it cool to have hundreds of manga volumes on one thing?

2. Kobo Forma

Best e readers for manga

This is the Kobo Forma, which is like the Kindle Oasis on the Kobo side. It is the best e-reader made by the company.

If it’s night or day, you can change the backlight style so that you can read comfortably, no matter what time of day it is.

Still, it has a lot of things that make it different from the Kindle Oasis. First, it has an 8-inch screen. This means that you have more space to read than in the Oasis.

If you read manga on a bigger screen, you’ll have a better time.

On the other hand, it’s not as handy as the Oasis because it’s bigger.

As it is only 0.16 inches thick, it is also lighter than the Oasis, which is a full inch thick. This feature could make up for the fact that it’s bigger.

Because it has a soft-touch body, it is less sturdy and less elegant to the touch, unlike Oasis, which is made of aluminum.

Some claim that the Kobo Forma is more durable because its body is made of plastic rather than metal.

3. Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Clara HD

Consider Kobo Clara HD if you are on a limited budget but still want to read Manga using an e-reader.

A 6-inch screen and 8 GB of space make it good enough to read Manga on even if it doesn’t have a lot of space. As you read, you can also change the backlight tone. It doesn’t matter if you have to squint at times. Even so, your eyes won’t get weary.

In this case, you can only read it in black and white, which isn’t a big deal unless you read Manga in color. At a resolution of 300 PPI, it is just as sharp as its more expensive counterparts, even though it costs more.

When loading Manga in EPUB, the Kobo Clara HD may have trouble. You can buy Manga directly from Kobo to guarantee it is compatible with this. However, you should make sure that when you import your Manga into the device as CBZ files.

Nonetheless, it does what it was meant to do. If you’re a reader on a tight budget, this is a great choice!

4. Kindle Paperwhite 5

Kindle Paperwhite 5

Kindle, of course, also makes a cheap e-reader that you can buy. The Kindle Paperwhite has long been thought of as the best e-reader for people who want to start reading books on an e-reader. They just came out with the 11th generation in 2021, and it’s the best one so far.

It uses an E Ink Carta 1200 Display where there has been a 20% increase in the speed at which pages flip. And because of this, the overall performance of the e-reader has gone up by 50%.

It is bigger than the Kobo Clara HD because of its 6.8-inch screen. Manga is usually a little over 7 inches long, so it’s close enough to make the reading experience genuine.

It also has 17 LED lights across the screen in white and amber colors. This makes it look like you’re reading a book in the dark, like by candlelight.

A good thing about this Kindle Paperwhite 5 is that you can buy ebooks and Manga from Amazon right away. In this case, if you purchase digital manga from Amazon, you can download the volume with just a few taps.

As an e-reader for beginners, it has only 8 GB of storage space. Then, you have to delete files and move them around as you read on.

5. Pocketbook Inkpad X

Pocketbook Inkpad X

A 10.3-inch screen means that you can read manga in full-size, but you can also play games on it. Scale them up if you want! There is no need to pinch and zoom to read the text.

Compared to the Kobo and Kindle, this e-reader has 227 PPI, which is a little less than the other two, meaning the screen isn’t as crisp.

On the bright side, it has smart light technology, which automatically changes the screen tone based on the lighting in your room.

It also comes with a note-taking app that lets you choose from a wide range of pens. If you need to write down quotes and think about what happened, this would be great for you.

Indeed, Pocketbook doesn’t have a built-in market like Kobo and Kindle. But worry not, it can read PDF files, which is a good thing because its competitors can not.

There are also games on its home screen, like Chess and Sudoku, that you can play while taking a break from reading.

The browser feature of this e-reader can be helpful if you want to visit different websites. You can even go to forums to see what other manga fans think about the most recent chapter of the book.

Before you buy an eReader, think about these things

Why buy Kindle and e-reader rather than a tablet?

Tablets have become more and more affordable for people who want to use them for a little while. It’s not like your tablet or phone doesn’t already have all the popular ebook apps, but it’s all about being able to read things.

Tablets with LCD screens have become as colorful and bright as they used to be. In contrast, Grayscale e-ink displays of the e-readers and Kindle are more gentle on the eyes.

It’s also easier to turn pages on an eReader than on a tablet or smartphone app because they’re made for books. Plus, eReaders are usually smaller and easier to take with you on trips than tablets.

What files can the e-reader open?

If you want to read books on your Amazon Kindle, you’ll need to use the AZW file format. They can also read PDFs, MOBI files, standard doc files, and more. In comparison, you can save many different types of files to a Kobo eReader. It’s better if you want to read multiple books and comics if you use Kobo. As a downside, you won’t be able to use all of the file types that work well with PDF and EPUB.

Moving files to an eReader may change some formatting, but this isn’t a big deal as long as you enjoy reading; this won’t be a dealbreaker.

Is Cellular data needed to use an e-reader?

Most eReaders today are easy to connect to the internet with wifi. Most books will download to your e-reader in a matter of seconds, too. You should be able to load up on books at home before going on a long trip or going to a place where there is no internet. Wifi-only models should be able to do that, as well.


Q: What is the ideal screen size for an e-reader?

If you want an eReader to be the best size, it should have a 6-inch screen. Companies who create Kindles and Kobos use that. It’s about the same size as a paperback book that’s sold in consumer market shops. And You can always change the size of the text if you need to.

Q: What is the best storage size for an e-reader?

For storage sizes, anything bigger than 2 GB can hold at least 1,000 books or more, which is enough for most people. 8 GB is the standard for most popular eReaders now and those models with 32 GB are more expensive.

Q: Can you use Kobo to read Kindle books?

You have to change the file in order to read Kindle books on Kobo, which can be a lot of work and time. It’s clear that Kobo and Kindle don’t like to play together. If you have a program like Calibre, you can take the Amazon file and make it into a file that can be read on a Kobo. It takes a lot of moving files, exporting, and importing, but it is possible.

Final thoughts…

More than just a trend, digital books are more than just a way to read. And an eReader with a beautiful e-ink screen helps you get the most out of your reading time, too. They have come a long way since the days when they had built-in keyboards and sluggish page-turn lag. These are simple, stylish books that are easy on the eyes and quick on the fingers. Most eReaders make it easy to stay up to date on reading. All you have to do is tap a screen.

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