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Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

Here we show you the Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing you can get. Inflatable paddle boards are very convenient and easy to move around, but it can be hard to find one that works well in the waves.

Traditionally, hard boards are better at surfing than inflatable stand-up paddle boards, but that difference is getting smaller as inflatable technology, and construction methods get better and better.

In this rundown, we’re going to show you which inflatable surf SUPs we think are the best. Because an iSUP has so many benefits, you might have to give up some surfing performance in exchange for them. This post should help you find the right board for you.

Features of a Surf Paddle Board


From about 7′ long to about 12′ long, SUP boards that are satisfactory for surfing usually have a length of about 7′ to 12′. Choose the size that fits your size, skill level, and necessitates.

It’s best for someone with a small frame or a more advanced rider who desires a paddle board that can turn and move quickly to get small boards. They could get a longboard that was 9 feet or 10 feet long to get the vibe and quick maneuverability of shortboards. Ten- to 12-foot boards are suitable for people who like to long-board or for bigger people who want more stability.


An all-around board looks very much like an ISUP, but the nose point shape can be different, as well as how curved it is at the end of the tip. There are a lot of parts that work together to make a good surfboard. The nose, tail, rails, rocker, and fins all play a role.

We don’t think that inflatable paddleboards for surfing are as technical as a hardboard for going out to the beach and surfing. If you look at the rail and rocker or the fins or tail, you won’t see as much difference as you would with a different model.

As a complete novice or even an advanced surfer who wants the best of both worlds, these boards are great. They are also great if you want the best of both worlds: portability and storage efficiency.

Try to pick an inflatable paddle board that has a tail that is a little narrower and a floor that curves a little more than the rest of it. These things will help you move better on waves.


The rails (the outline of your board) run from the very tip to the very end and affect how well the board works. There are many ways to make rails with a hardboard. They can be more extensive, more tapered, and soft or hard.

When you think about the thickness of the board (4″ or 6″) and how it’s shaped and designed, rails still play a role. However, since inflatable boards have a lot of air, the rails tend to be thicker, which means they won’t surf or turn as well as a smaller board.

For this reason, a slightly smaller surf paddle board may be able to carve, turn, and roll effectively than a bigger ISUP in the surf. Even a thick board with thick lines will not turn as quickly or as sharply, but it will glide better and be easier to ride for bigger people.

The board’s rails will also play a key role. It won’t be as good to surf on a high-volume board with thick rails as on a low-volume board with rails that can support your steer.


In surfing, there are different kinds of fins on the boards. Usually, these are the kinds you will be seeing:

Squared Off or Squash Tail

This type of tail is often found on performance boards that are easy to move around.

Swallow/Fish Tails

There aren’t that many people who use inflatable paddle boards with this fin type. For small waves, a swallow tail is perfect. They need to be able to produce accurate turns and quick moves simultaneously.

Round or Pin Tail

Longboards and big wave boards have tails like this one. They will be able to turn and move around quickly, but their tails will be smaller, which will make them less stable.

Deck Pad

A stand-up surfboard will have a relatively shorter deck pad than a SUP used for going on long trips. In order to save weight, the deck pad will only take up half the board. People who use a small tour or recreation activities SUP will have a longer deck pad to walk on the board, move around, and have more grip for their gear, dogs, or even kids.

The Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

1. Red Paddle Co 8’10” Whip

Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

Inflatable surf SUP: The Red Paddle Co 8’10” Whip is a great inflatable SUP that you can hurl in a rucksack and take with you across the world. If you want to ride waves, the Whip is the best board for you. It has a narrow tail and a single FCS Connect SUP fin that you can remove.

You can’t make mistakes when you glue things together by hand. The Whip is made with cutting-edge engineering and building techniques that make the board lighter and more stable. Red Paddle Co’s RSS Rocker Stiffening System can make a board stiffer by up to 50%.

2. Hala Gear Carbon Playa

Hala Gear Carbon Playa

The Hala Carbon Playa is a longboard/gun hybrid inflatable SUP that is speedy and easy to use. It is 10’11” long, 30″ wide, and 4.75″ thick. The board does have a 2+1 fin set up, with two detachable 4: side bite fins and a central removable fin in an invincible fin box.

A prime example of how Hala Gear earned its reputation is the Playa. It has cutting-edge designs and is built to last. The Playa is made of the most sturdy drop-stitch material in the industry, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

3. Badfish SUP Surf Traveler

Badfish SUP Surf Traveler

It’s an innovative inflatable surfing SUP called the Badfish SUP Surf Traveler. It’s great for both flat water and the waves.

This board is 10’2″ long, 31″ wide, and 5″ thick, and it weighs 25 pounds. It has a classic surfing shape. The Surf Traveler is made for real wear-and-tear use and comes with a three-year warranty from Badfish SUP to give you even more peace of mind.

You get this iSUP with everything you need to travel with it: a bag, 3-piece paddle, a pump, leash, and repair kit.

4. Earth River SUP 9’6” V3

Earth River SUP 9’6” V3

You can also use the Earth River SUP 9’6′′ V3 to paddle in the surf and do other things. This model is 9’6″ long, 31″ wide, and 5″ tall. It has ERS’ V3 Core Construction and Enhanced Dynamic Rail for optimum performance and durability.

The ERS 9’6″ V3 also comes with a premium EVA traction pad that has a raised rail bar and a kicktail for good traction and regulation when conducting bottom spins and cutbacks on the water.

5. Fanatic 8’6″ Stubby Air

Fanatic 8'6" Stubby Air

On our list, the Fanatic 8’6″ Stubby Air is the smallest inflatable SUP on the market. It’s based on the company’s Stubby LTD Composite SUP and is made to be as maneuverable as possible.

Only 18 pounds, the Stubby Air is very light, and its wide, blunt nose and double diamond tail make it very simple for people to do turns on it.

The board comes with a premium wheeled iSUP backpack, an HP2 Power Pump, and a set of tools.

6. Red Paddle Co-Ride 9’8″

 Red Paddle Co-Ride 9’8″

It’s a good choice for people who are small and want a board that shifts effortlessly from calm water to waves. The Red Paddle Co-Ride 9’8′′ is one of the best options.

The Red Paddle Co-Ride can manage anything from flat water to waves in the ocean. Well then, Red Paddle made it while surfing in thought.

There is a way to paddle on flat water, but the thin and short style works best when pushed to the limit in white water or waves.

Red Paddle’s unique RSS railings make this board very strong for an inflatable. The delicate nature of the board, which is less than 4 inches thick, keeps surfers at the correct depth for swells.

As you carve waves like a top player, you’ll be able to keep the board in place thanks to the tapered tail and the round nose.

Additionally to that, this board has a kick pad that is good for new surfers. It’s effortless for them to feel the rear of the board once they start to surf.

7. NRS Whip

NRS Whip

If you spend your weekends riding your local play rising tide, the NRS whip is right for you. It is very good at riding river waves because it is short, round, and easy to move around.

NRS made this board with river waves in mind. Even though it can handle flat water, small waves, and rapids, some of its functionalities, like its flat middle part and considerable nose rocker, are better at working in river conditions. These features make it better at working in the water than other inflatable SUPs.

There is a lot to the NRS Whip’s power because of its shape. With a flat middle, riders can keep their speed when trying to catch river waves, which helps them stay in the water longer. All while, the curved nose makes sure you don’t pearl on a relatively steep wave, and the tail rocker makes it easy to maneuver.

In case of river changes, the NRS whip arrives with detachable and interchangeable fins that help to change your setup. This is great when you have to deal with different river conditions.

It also tends to come with a high-pressure pump, a bag to carry it in, and a repair kit. To go with the NRS Whip, you’ll need to buy a paddle and a helmet if you want to river surf.

Is It Possible to Use a Paddle Board All-Around When I’m Surfing?

If you want to go surfing, you can use an all-around paddle board. Some all-around paddle boards will be extremely easy than using others. It would be best if you were looking for a board that is at the somewhat shorter and slimmer end of the range.

It’s hard to find a paddle board that’s 7 or 8 feet long. All-around paddle boards are longer and more extensive than other types of paddle boards. If you want to surf, you should look for a paddle board 9’6″ long and 5 inches thick.

So? What Is The Best Inflatable SUP For Surfing?

If you want to surf on an inflatable SUP, it will rely heavily on where you want to surf.

For the play wave at your river, you’ll need an NRS Whip. The Red Paddle Whip 8’10 is the perfect surf inflatable SUP if you only want to surf in the ocean. If you’re going to go around the world in search of a big wave to surf, you should think about this. Stubby Air Premium is worth a look, so do that.

Once you’ve found the best inflatable paddle board for you, go out and paddle around on your latest inflatable stand-up paddleboard to get some waves!

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