Best Inflatable SUP for Fishing

Which is the best inflatable sup for fishing? Fishing from a paddle board can be both interesting and peaceful. It is one of those things that you can’t get enough of. Getting the right paddle board is the first step toward a fantastic SUP fishing trip.

There are many ways to go SUP fishing, and an inflatable paddle board is a great way to go fishing and catch some big fish! For anglers who need to get to the best fishing spots quickly, inflatable SUPs are an excellent pick. They’re very durable and maneuverable around, and they’re also very steady, making them perfect for anglers who need a convenient means to get there.

The best inflatable fishing SUP will be the topic of discussion in this post. We’re going to list our top choices. While the paddle boards on this list range in price and features, they’re all good choices and make great SUP fishing rigs for everything from fly fishing to bass fishing.

How can you do that when there are so many different things to choose from? It is very easy to get lost. To know which paddle board is right for you, you can’t try out every one of them.

There are so many great SUP boards for fishing. That’s why we put together a list of the top fishing boards. In this article, we’ll as well discuss choosing a good fishing paddle board and what you need to know to start fishing.

3 best Inflatable SUP for Fishing

1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 12’6 Inflatable Fish SUP

Best Inflatable SUP for Fishing

When the Sea Eagle inflatable paddle board was made, it was made for one thing only: fishing. It has almost all the functionalities you could ever want in one package.

This Sea Eagle Inflatable stand-up paddle board is huge since measures 12’6 in length and 40 inches in width. Another thing, reinforced drop-stitch is used to make it. It is made with 1100 Decitex. This makes it one of the most sturdy and steady paddle boards you can purchase.

If you like to fish at the lake, in the ocean, or anywhere else, you will love this paddle board because it is very dependable. With its size and the fact that it has a swallowtail, it is tough to fall off.

You can see camouflage patterns on the deck pad on the Sea Eagle inflatable paddle board. It helps you not to fall, especially when the board is wet. It also prevents itself from being destroyed.

It can be hard to hold on to your paddle and fish simultaneously. This is why the Sea Eagle Fish SUP comes with something like a paddle holder that is easily reachable. You can promptly put aside your paddle and have a chill fishing trip.

The board also has enough D-rings and a motor mount that you can take off.

The Sea Eagle Fish SUP has a built-in fish ruler that every angler will love. Having lost rulers is no more of a worry now.

Another great thing about the Sea Eagle inflatable SUP is that it comes in seven different packages to fit your budget.

2. Blackfin Model XL

Blackfin Model XL

The Blackfin XL is a high-end model from iRocker that can be used for many different things. It has superb performance and is a superb platform to go fishing.

This paddle board is 11’6 long and has a width of 34 inches. Even though this paddle board is very broad, it continues to move very speedily. You can move more quickly in less time.

The width and length are just right for both performance and stability.

20 D-rings and eight gear mounts are another feature of the Model XL. It lets you attach fishing accessories, like fishing rod holders, action cameras, and so much more so that you can enjoy fishing even more. At the front and back, there are two places to store bungee straps.

Besides the center fin and the two side fins, the paddle board has a three-fin setup. It’s possible to take them all apart. People who want to paddle board in different places can change how the setup looks.

The Blackfin Model XL comprises three layers of composite PVC, and it has carbon rails. It is solid and almost impossible to break. It can only hold 485 pounds.

The iSUP comes with a wheeled backpack, carbon-shaft paddle, hand pump with two chambers, leash, and repair kit.

3. Glide Angler Fishing Paddle Board

Glide Angler Fishing Paddle Board

You can tell that the Glide Angler is made for fishing because of its name. It says it will solve all of your fishing problems. But is it worth it?

Ultra-strong drop-stitch and fusion technology make this Glide fishing paddle board. It has reinforced rails, and when it’s fully inflated, it looks like an actual paddle board.

It can hold 400 pounds, which should be enough for you and your equipment. At 11 feet long and 36 inches wide, the Glide Angler is a stable place to fish from when you paddle.

Sometimes, when a board is wider, it takes longer to move through the water and is more difficult to paddle. This makes the Angler easier to paddle than predicted. It has a pointed nose, which enables a user to glide easily.

Anglers can find D-rings, ropes, and four-deck mounts on the SUP. It has bungee storage in the front and back and four deck mounts. You won’t have to consider leaving anything important aside. With the BOTE Tackle Rack, there are even more places to put your fishing equipment.

Each side of the Angler SUP has two stake pole mounts. So don’t miss to purchase the extra 7-foot Glide Anchor pole, which helps make anchoring your board in shallow water a lot more simple.

It comes with a paddle that you can adjust, a roller backpack, a leash, a repair kit, a high-capacity pump, a kayak seat with two rod holders, and a carry strap. This is a wonderful bargain!

In this buying guide, we’ll show you how to pick the right paddle board for fishing

Being able to choose from all of these great options is good. But how do you figure out which fishing paddle board is best for you and your needs?

Here is a very detailed guide to what you need to know.

Why Use a Paddle Board to Fish?

An angler might wonder why they would use a paddle board instead of a kayak or boat to fish.

Unlike fishing kayaks and boats, fishing SUPs are lighter and smaller and can be used for fishing. It doesn’t need a lot of space to store an inflatable SUP. As soon as it is deflated and in a backpack, it can go anywhere.

SUPs are cheaper than other types of boats. Paddle boards aren’t the same price as boats or even proper fishing kayaks, so you can’t compare them to each other in terms of cost. There are high-quality fishing paddleboards that start at $1000, and you can get one of them right away.

You have a better possibility of catching fish. With a SUP, it’s easier to sneak up on fish because you can stand up and move around. People who use stand-up paddle boards don’t have to worry about being noisy. They move very slowly over the water, making no waves at all.

A paddle board also allows you to see more of what is around you. There isn’t anything in the way, so you can move freely or turn around easily.

Finally, SUP is a full-body exercise. When you stand up paddle board, you use every muscle in your body. You can work out, free your mind, and catch fish simultaneously.

Which one to pick? Inflatable or Rigid?

You can use both rigid and inflatable paddle boards for fishing, and both work well. That’s why each type has its advantages and downsides, though.

Inflatable SUPs are best for people who don’t have a lot of space to store them.

Inflatable paddle boards are also easier to move around. You won’t need a roof rack or straps to hold your car down. They are also lightweight.

Most of the time, solid fishing paddle boards move more quickly than inflatable ones do. If you want great speed and have enough storage space to store it, you should think about a solid paddleboard.

SUP for Fishing: What to look for when you buy one

  1. Stability

This is an important thing to think about when you buy a paddle board for fishing. You don’t want to end up in the water when you attempt to set a SUP.

The more wide, long, and thick SUPs are, the more stable they are. These stand-up paddle boards come in different sizes. Another thing that makes them more stable is that they are heavier; this helps them to stay in place.

Then, you don’t want to buy very small SUPs if you want such stability.

  1. Points of Attachments

To keep your gear safe, you can use D-rings, small metal rings, and action mounts. Fishing gear that costs a lot of money can be a real pain to lose.

It should also include your paddle as you must also have SUP with a paddle holder.

  1. Capacity for Weight

Every paddle board is made to hold a certain amount of weight, and each one is different. If you put too much on it, it will not work well, and it will be hard to control the SUP.

In order to make sure you can buy a fishing paddle board, you should check its weight limit. You and your gear should be able to fit. If you want to bring your kid or dog, make sure it can fit them as well.

  1. The Deck Pad

Two things happen when you use a SUP deck pad: it makes you more comfortable and helps you stay on the board.

Paddle board fishing means that you have to stand for hours. A soft EVA foam deck pad makes it convenient to stand on.

People think it’s hard to slide on a wet paddle board, but this is easier than you think! A traction pad is what you need because you don’t want to fall over.

There may be a full-length pad on the deck of some paddle boards used for fishing, but some people with other decks have places covering only a small part of the deck.

Final Thoughts

Stand-up paddle board fishing is fun, and you don’t want to be left out of the fun! Get the right SUP and try it out for yourself.

The Sea Eagle FishSUP is perfect for any paddler. It comes in different bundles based on what you want to buy. You could get the basic package for people just starting with SUP fishing.

Make sure you get the Blackfin Large if you don’t have much money to spend.

Even though it isn’t cheap, it comes with D-rings and action mounts for your gear. You can use it with a lot of fishing tools. It’s very stable, too.


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