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Top 12 hike trails in St. Lucia

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia has a well-deserved reputation as a great destination for beach holidays due to its penchant for beautiful sunsets, open-air hotels, and its year-round sunny days, briefly interrupted by tropical showers. But the island offers more than just rum punch and secluded honeymoons. This land is a paradise, with beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water. In addition, there are many activities to enjoy as a family or as a couple, such as hiking, horseback riding or snorkeling.

Undoubtedly, St. Lucia attracts honeymooners and adventurous travelers alike with its spectacular Pitons mountain range. To explore the untamed beauty of St. Lucia’s waterfalls and rainforests, we have compiled a list of the top 12 hike trails. After all, you can always relax in the evening.

best hiking in st lucia
Friends using binoculars in a forest

1. St. Lucia’s Pigeon Island- the National Park

We recommend you go hiking if you will visit Pigeon Island. Hiking paths wind through the woodland and ultimately arrive at a clearing. Climb a few stairs to enjoy the first lower lookout point’s breathtaking panoramic views.

Continue climbing the hill until you reach the summit. At the top are the ruins of Fort Rodney are panoramic 360-degree views. From this vantage point, one can see Pigeon Island and its surroundings in all their glory. Next, you will observe a short stretch of land bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Out in the distance, you can see St. Lucia’s verdant mountains. You might even be able to see Martinique on a clear day.

To start one of the several hikes available, go to Pigeon Island. No matter which trailhead you choose—we like the one that leaves from north of Rodney Bay—you will undoubtedly feel satisfied after your all-day adventure. 

In addition to getting a good workout, exploring Pigeon Island National Monument will teach you about St. Lucia’s history and culture.

2. The Gros Piton Nature Path

The island’s iconic Piton mountains near Soufriere are a UNESCO World Heritage site and should not be missed. Take the Gros Piton Nature Trail, which takes around five to six hours to complete, for stunning vistas of this gorgeous mountainous area.

The only way to see the island from this vantage point is on a Gros Piton hiking tour. The experience you will have at the summit makes it worthwhile. If you choose to climb Gros Piton, you will have the adventure of a lifetime. Although Gros Piton and Petit Piton can be climbed, the St. Lucian authorities officially permit the former. Gros Piton offers safe hiking and a much more breathtaking vista than Petit Piton, which is significantly steeper and more dangerous. The hike is not too challenging for most visitors; however, the ascent might be steep in certain places.

You can see Soufriere, Vieux Fort, and the island of Saint Vincent from the top of your Gros Piton hike, and you can also see Choiseul and the Maria Islands from below. You will enjoy the beautiful blend of the many coconut groves on the island and the many hues of the rooftops in the nearby fishing communities.

Gros Piton

3. The Petit Piton Path in Belle Vue, St. Lucia

Of course, the Gros Piton Nature hike is not for everyone. You can go to its less popular neighbor, the Petit Piton Trail. While being far more taxing, this mile-long loop offers equally stunning views. The great thing about Petit Piton is you can easily incorporate the hike into a day at the beach.

Consider taking this 1-mile out-and-back trail in the area of Soufriere, Soufrière. It takes 1 hour and 37 minutes to accomplish this trip, which is generally considered difficult. Although this trail is used frequently for jogging and hiking, you can still find some peace during the slower times of the day.

It would help if you had an excellent fitness level for this one; challenging but advantageous. The climb involves using your hands to support yourself on rocks, tree roots, and ropes. We took one and a half hours to ascend, and it took us slightly less time to descend. To be safe, I would allow four hours.

4. Mount Gimie’s Edmund Rainforest Trail

The Edmund Rainforest Trail is seven miles long. It is one of the island’s more challenging hikes. It takes around three and a half hours to make the round trip through the thick rainforest, but it is well worth it for the breathtaking vistas of Mount Gimie, the tallest mountain in St. Lucia. So prepare for some adventure and pack your hiking boots.

In the presence of a guide from the Forest and Lands Department, it takes roughly three and a half hours to take you through the island’s interior and into the forest reserve on the island’s western side, where you may take advantage of some of nature’s most pristine prospects.

The main route of the Edmund Reserve passes through the Quilesse Forest Reserve before ending at the Des Cartiers Rain Forest Trail. Despite its length, the journey is lovely, with lush green valleys and impressive waterfalls framed by towering forest amphitheaters.

5. Rainforest hike at En Bas Saut

Choose the 2.5-mile En Bas Saut Rainforest hike in the Edmund Forest Reserve for a shorter, more leisurely (though still challenging) hike. It will take you two to three hours to finish, give or take a few if you want to plunge into the trail’s two stunning waterfalls. Although you can trek the trail independently, we advise signing up for a guided tour.

6. Volga Nature Trail

This Volga Nature Trail adventure leaves from the Sulphur Springs Access Road in Malgretout, St. Lucia. The Volga Nature Trail is a fantastic choice. The 0.6-mile loop walk goes by French-style homes from the 1930s and goes through a tropical area that is ridiculously lush and colorful. The hike should take around an hour and a half; if you get tired, visit the drive-in volcano for a mud bath.

7. Diamond Falls

At the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths, there is more than enough wildlife and entertainment to keep tourists occupied for a whole day, including a nature trail and a 56-foot-tall waterfall. 

Diamond Falls, also called the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, is one of the most beautiful places on the island. This popular Soufriere attraction is wonderful for visitors of all ages because it offers a variety of sensory-expanding things to see and do. The St. Lucia Diamond Botanical Gardens have what you’re searching for, whether you want to immerse yourself in romantic beauty or enjoy nature’s magnificence.

8. Millet Bird Sanctuary

A guide leads the two-mile loop that is part of the Millet Bird Sanctuary Path. It is much more relaxed than nearby trails like the Edmund Rainforest Trail. You will value taking it leisurely for an hour and a half and looking for local birds in the woods. If travelers keep their eyes open, they might see mockingbirds, parrots, and the Saint Lucia Warbler. 

Bird in its natural habitat standing on a branch in a rainforest.

The Millet Bird Sanctuary Path, in the middle of St. Lucia, is a safe place for birds. About 30 bird species are found there, including five endemic ones: the St. Lucia Pewee, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Warbler, and St. Lucia Black finch

The moderate-to-difficult 1.75-mile hike, around 1000 feet above sea level, takes roughly an hour to complete. The John Compton Dam, which is two kilometers long and has a daily output capacity of 6.3 million gallons of water, is visible from the route in awe-inspiring detail. It is the largest dam in the eastern Caribbean.

9. Tet Paul nature trail- Stairway to Heaven

The “Stairway to Heaven” Trail, a 45-minute hike, is even easier than the Millet Bird Sanctuary Path in terms of difficulty. The Tet Paul Natural Reserve wildlife haven is ideal for tourists who wish to exercise in the morning before going to the beach.

The Tet Paul Nature Path hike, can be finished in 45 minutes or less. Friendly and knowledgeable locals leading the tour of St. Lucia are available to answer your questions and offer insights about the sites you’ll pass along the way.

The hike is perfect for families and groups because of its simple to moderate difficulty. Remember to bring a camera because there will be many beautiful photo possibilities.

10. Des Cartier Rainforest Trail

The Des Cartier Rainforest Path is a mile-long loop through wild, undiscovered tropical rainforests. It is home to several St. Lucia parrots.  This trail connects to the Edmund Rainforest Trail. This is good if you choose to extend your outdoor trip.

The Des Cartiers Rain Forest Trail loop measures 2.5 miles (or around 4 kilometers). The hike will take one to two hours, depending on how often you want to stop and how fast you want to go. No matter how long it takes, the trail is straightforward. So, you don’t need to know anything about it already, and people of all skill levels can enjoy it. You should, however, be in decent physical shape.

The Des Cartiers Rain Forest Path is situated at the height of around 1,800 feet. There will therefore be several locations with breathtaking vistas. Also, most of the hike will be through humid tropical vegetation. Keep an eye out because there is a ton of wildlife, plants, and other things to observe. You will also get wet, so wear proper clothing. Ultimately, a sizable banana plantation can be seen along the walk.

11. Morne Fortuné Climb -The ruin of Morne Fortune

Morne Fortuné has a long history, much like Pigeon Island. Although its name translates to “Good Luck Hill,” it saw great destruction when the British and French fought in the 18th century. A historic military memorial and a breathtaking view can be found at the hill’s summit, making this climb ideal for history buffs and adventure seekers.

12. Ladera Resort Pitons Garden Tour-Rabot Estate Soufriere Post Office, Jalousle, St. Lucia

Call the Ladera Resort in advance to schedule a garden tour with Ray, the head gardener. Ray is one of the most knowledgeable people on the island and a well-known expert on the history of the native people, plants, and animals. In addition to enjoying a stunning view of the Pitons as you ascend the slope, you will learn all there is to know about St. Lucian history in just one morning.

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