Best helmet Cameras For Skiing

Best helmet Cameras For Skiing

Which are the best helmet cameras for skiing ? Are you planning on a family trip to go skiing? One thing for sure is that you will want to keep all these great memories saved for the long term.

A great way to record your trip is by using a helmet camera for skiing.

Keep reading and you´ll find what you should look for in a helmet camera to make the right purchase!

What the quality of the video should look like?

As you can expect, there will be a lot of action and movement when recording.

The 4K resolution is nowadays the best option. This means that the camera will record every movement with great video footage.

Should I look for water resistance?

You may wonder why this feature is needed. The truth is, most likely, the snow will get to the camera eventually.

Because of this, it is good that you get a water-resistant helmet camera. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it falling at any point.

Does it matter the size and weight?

When you are skiing, you want the best experience and because of that, it is key that you get a lightweight camera.

Think about coming down the mountain and your camera slips, or what if the helmet camera is too heavy? Lightweight cameras will prevent it.

Do I need to become an expert photographer?

So, you have been on many skiing trips and have done well with your phone. Perhaps you think that these types of cameras are left to professionals only.

Surely, you would not like to remove your gloves and spend a lot of time adjusting the settings of the camera.

Luckily, some of them will have large buttons, easy access, or remote control.

Many online users say that if you use a skiing helmet camera you will find it very easy.

What about the battery life?

Some skiers have reported that the battery life can be impacted by the temperature. While it is good that you test it, it´s better if you check how long the battery will last.

Keep in mind that most batteries are rechargeable and usually last between 8 to 10 hours.

Is the microphone important?

Having a good microphone will ensure you get the best sound quality. Check if the microphone is already included or if you need to use an external one.

What is Image Stabilization?

Picture yourself in the mountain with your new camera.

As is expected, there will be a lot of movement and a big role of the camera is to focus and show each movement in detail and in a great resolution.

For this, it is required that the software and the camera align to get the image stabilization. This will help to prevent your pictures and videos from getting blurry or with a low resolution.

Camera Shape

Action cameras are given this name because of their capabilities to keep up with movement, making them suitable for anyone who practices sports.

When it comes to the camera shape, you may want to look for a compact design, small that will fit in any backpack or luggage.

Best helmet Cameras For Skiing

1. REMALI 4K Sports Action Camera

REMALI 4K Sports Action Camera

You will be surprised on how easy it is to set up this camera. There are plenty of accessories that make it fast and easy to set up.

The best feature of this camera is its video resolution since it records in many resolutions, up to 4K.

Having different resolution options is good as you can save some battery life on a lower resolution than 4K.

Something that you will love about this camera is that it comes with a remote control which you can use on your wrist.

Finally, this camera is water-resistant.


  • Comes with great video resolution
  • Comes with a remote control you can use on your wrist
  • If this is your first helmet camera you will find it is very easy to use
  • It comes with three batteries that will ensure you get a continuous recording


  • Some users have reported that you will most likely need an external microphone since the one built-in is not very good
  • If you use the best video quality resolution, the battery will not last very long which can be an inconvenience
  • Overheating has been reported by some users just by its use

2. ASAKO EK7000 Sports Action Camera

ASAKO EK7000 Sports Action Camera

The best feature you will find in this camera is that its design was made to be water-resistant.

Made with quality materials, there is a protective case that will keep your camera from any damage coming from the snow or any fall.

Another great feature is that there is also a remote control you can use on your wrist.

The ASAKO EK7000 Sports Action Camera also offers 4K resolution to get the best videos.


  • Comes with great video resolution
  • Comes with a remote control you can use on your wrist
  • It comes with a great battery that will work for about 1hr and a half
  • It is water resistance supports is up to 100 feet underwater


  • Some users have reported that you will most likely need an external microphone since the one built-in is not very good
  • Although it has quality materials, the outside of the camera is not stainless steel which could be bad in the long term

3. Sony FDRX3000

Sony FDRX3000

Something we love about the Sony FDRX3000 is its design. This camera was made based on customers that are always on the go as it is very adjustable and easy to use.

The Sony camera offers a great video resolution and it’s one of a kind. Additionally, it comes with image stabilization which will prevent any noise or interruption.

Although this camera doesn’t come with a remote, you can still buy one and use it to control the camera and stream a live preview from a distance.

Forget about delays and lags with this great camera.


  • Great video resolution
  • Good battery life
  • Streaming option
  • Great sound
  • Phone Integration


  • Battery life will drain faster when Wi-Fi is activated
  • No backlit on the screen
  • Latency when streaming

4. GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro has been the star of action cameras for any sport including skiing.

Made from quality materials, they resist any fall and will keep everything inside as nothing happened. These materials are also good under any weather condition.

Get professional end results with its 5K resolution and 20MP Photo. Just be aware that this type of resolution usually requires a high-performing computer.

Some additional features are its waterproof and time-lapse options.


  • New and improved resolution (5K)
  • Waterproof
  • Improved battery life
  • Good value-cost relationship


  • iPhone software application to manage this camera seems to be very slo
  • 5K Resolution may come up as slow if using a low-performance computer
  • Newer version of this camera has received many suggestions to improve by users

5. Insta360 GO 2

Insta360 GO 2

The insta360 was made for your social media needs! This camera is ready to shoot mini clips, ideal for social media content almost immediately.

Some users reviewed its battery life as bad since it doesn’t last very long; however, its

The design of this camera design will exceed your expectation, its design being one of the smallest in the market compared to similar models. This model is so small that it can fit in your fingers.


  • Designed for Social Media content creation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Waterproof up to 4m


  • Only useful for mini clips (60 seconds)
  • Resolution is not as great as other models reviewed in this article
  • Some users have reported that its software is very slow

6. Remali Capture Pro

Remali Capture Pro

Finally, with the Remali Capture Pro, you can shoot in a 4K resolution.

You can find all the standard features on the best action cameras these days such as remote and hands-free capabilities.

Some additional features are its top technology and waterproof so that you can film under water and get great results.


  • Zoom in 8x
  • 4K resolution
  • Waterproof
  • Lower price point compared to similar models


  • SD Card will most likely require additional memory
  • Although it comes with 3 batteries, users report that these don’t last very long
  • Quality of the attachments is not that great and tends to fall

In Conclusion

We hope you now have a clear picture on what to look for in a helmet camera.

While there are many options to consider, the GoPro Hero 9 seems to be the best to get professional videos and give you the best experience.

If what you need is just to get a budget-friendly helmet camera, then the Sony camera may be the best.

You will for sure get your memories captured with any of the options listed in this article.

Thank us when you check the memories saved of your next skiing trip 😊


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