Are you looking for the best GoPro mount for snowboarding? This post is specially made for snowboarding adventurers who love to capture every single moment of their outdoor routine! To help them, what’s better than a selfie stick? A GoPro mounts to keep hands free! From amateurs to professionals, this list has been created to help snowboarders from the entire globe find the best options on the market. Going down a mountain is always an enjoyable experience and capturing it on film makes it even more epic. These mounts won’t just give memories; they will let the user record its trips in new and unique ways. Both new and experienced boarders can take advantage of the awesome angles these cameras can capture.

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To choose the best options in the market for snowboarding, there are three things to look for: stability, strength, and shooting angle.

Stability: There’s no point in recording a video that’s bouncing all over the place. Rather than fighting to keep your hand or body steady, you want a mount that provides excellent stability. Always search for models with good adhesion.
That keeps your GoPro in place and ensures it won’t move around. In addition, you want something that can lock your camera in at faster speeds or on big jumps.

Strength: Something else to consider is your mount’s strength. There are two aspects to this, and both are important. First, durability matters. Your mount, like the rest of your boarding setup, will take a beating out in the snow.

High-quality materials and strong construction will help your mount stand up to the elements. In addition, you want something that won’t wear down over time.

Shooting angle: One of the most important aspects to consider when getting a solid mount is how it sits on your setup. Though all GoPro mounts have the same function, different options can be attached in different ways.

Some stick onto your helmet, some on your board, and some are worn on your body. That difference is significant to note because they all record in a different way. So do your research and pick the angle you like the best.

1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount


The versatility and effectiveness of the helmet-style mount give a stable base to capture excellent footage while riding. But one of the main reasons to love them is because they give users the option to either mount the camera on the front or side of their helmet. This allows you to get a perfect angle or match any preferences you might have for the feel of your helmet.

Snowboarding users can easily adjust the angles with the included hardware once they have the mounting gear in place. If you want to tweak things on the fly, this gives you the perfect way to do so. Whatever angle you choose, it will stay in place securely. This amount is compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras, making it an option for just about anyone who has a GoPro camera. In addition, you’ll get excellent durability and customer service with an official model from the brand.

This mount includes one swivel mount, one short twist, 90, 2 curved adhesive strips, and thumbscrews to attach them both. A side helmet mount isn’t for everyone, but I really like the feature.


  • Provides the closest feel to POV, which stands out for the point of view. Allowing you to see exactly what you saw while riding, however, the angle is slightly high because it is going to be several inches above where the eyes are.
  • Top mounting is also good because it means that the camera is the furthest away from the motorcycle. This means that vibrations won’t affect it as much.


  • This may sound weird, but it looks kind of funny to have a rather bulky camera on top of your helmet.
  • When going at high speeds, a top-mounted camera can create drag and resistance, thus pulling the helmet back and slowing you down.
  • It makes your head heavier, thus pulling your head down.
  • If you are riding off-road, the top-mounted camera may hit various things above your head.

2. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The official GoPro suction cup mount for snowboarding got some bad feedback when it was first launched… why? It didn’t work. The only bad things that the users said were horror stories of riders going off-site, only to realize that they had lost, had lost their GoPro because the suction cup just failed!

Since those days, GoPro has worked hard to improve the suction cup mount, making it stronger than ever. The new suction cup mount is suitable for everything from snowboards to surfboards and gives a different angle in comparison to the overdone POV footage we see daily.

The suction design allows users to plop this mount on a helmet, flip a switch, and get ready to rock. It works on helmets if the user has enough surface area for the cup to gain a grip. On the other side, its adjustable arm will allow you to dial in a good angle, and then you can lock it in place to capture all the action. By the way, the suction mount is built with durable materials designed to withstand heavy use and withstand the demands of a harsh winter environment.
This mount style was originally designed for flat surfaces like the dashboard in your car, so it might not work on all types of helmets. It’s also a bit expensive compared to the other options here.


  • Secure.
  • Adjustable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can be used with multiple cameras.


  • Heavy.

3. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

GoPro Performance Chest Mount

One of the best chest styles mounts out there! With this option, snowboarders will quickly secure their chests for a different viewing angle than the standard helmet-style mount. Lightweight and flexible, the construction makes it very easy to use. The user can adjust the straps for a comfortable fit, working with no problems for most people. By the way, this chest mount also features padded and breathable materials in its construction for a comfortable experience that won’t hold back when the user is riding.

A quick-release buckle allows you to get in and out of the harness when users want to change gear up or shed a layer. It also has a stable platform to let you get those action-packed images without worrying about shakiness or vibrations. The chest-style mount can feel a little restrictive compared to helmet-style mounts, so the fit isn’t for everyone.


  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.
  • Breathable material.
  • Adjustable.


  • Difficult to get.

4. GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick

GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick

Not an average selfie stick, and unlike the normal selfie sticks, there are three different ways to adjust it on offer. GoPro has tested their 3-way selfie stick rigorously, and that’s led to the introduction of a small attachment that allows snowboarders to get more stable shots.

Therefore, the GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick turns into one of the best GoPro selfie sticks for skiing or snowboarding.


  • Versatile.
  • Size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Impermeable.


  • None.

5. The GoPro Shoulder Strap by Stuntman

 The GoPro Shoulder Strap by Stuntman

Impressive when it comes to capturing smooth and stable lower-than-helmet views, hands-free; this is a go-to! Perfect for anyone who is looking to shoot at different standard angles, built to sit on top of the shoulder, it makes it unique and effective.

The shoulder-style mount gives a stable platform that can seem a little more realistic than on top of the helmet. It’s also great for riding through trees because it doesn’t add extra length to the body. The adjustable harness lets the user get a solid and secure fit, leaving it to expand things if you wear a larger jacket or cinch them down tight. Either way, the user can get a fit that will give you stable shooting and great footage.

The Stuntman also has a 360-degree ball joint that lets you adjust the camera in any direction needed. This expands the capabilities and opens-up even more possibilities for shooting angles and exciting footage. 


  • Comfortable.
  • Strong.
  • Secure.
  • Anti-slip straps.
  • Durable.
  • Impermeable.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • 360º.


  • Not suitable for average people.

6. Aluminum Ski Pole Mount for GoPro

Aluminum Ski Pole Mount for GoPro

An incredible accessory that lets the user mount its camera to handlebars, bike seat posts, ski poles, etc. The best part? Its non-slip design keeps the mount from slipping or vibrating. On the other side, the aluminum build leaves the user to take it out in any condition.

With a rotating base of 360º, it makes it possible to capture the perfect angle, no matter the condition or position.

– Compatible with all GoPro cameras.
– All-aluminum navy mount.
– Durable.
– Versatile.
– Includes a wrench tool to help tighten the mount securely.

– Expensive.

7. GoPro Adhesive Mounts for Snowboard, Skis, Helmet

GoPro Adhesive Mounts for Snowboard, Skis, Helmet

The perfect match for adhesive lovers! Snowboard or Ski… this product by Nordic Flash is one of the best options. It is a great accessory for your GoPro to capture your adventure on the snow-laden slopes.

– Strong adhesive sticker-based.
– Waterproof.
– The curved and flat pads can be firmly attached to any surface.
– Affordable.

– It can be hard to unclip.

8. GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip

GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip

The GoPro Official Head Strap is one of the most popular GoPro accessories to capture good quality and hands-free POV footage of your action sports, like biking, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

With excellent stabilization, this GoPro Head Strap ensures that the user gets the same POV footage as any fixed helmet mount. It can be used with or without a helmet, being able to share it around. Some people affix it to random objects to capture footage.


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly portable.
  • Flexible.
  • Adjustable.

– The hinge can be a bit loose, making difficult for the camera to stay put.


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