Best GoPro mounts for skiing

Which is the best GoPro mount for skiing? If you’re thinking about recording your most exclusive snow descents, you don’t just need a good sports camera. The mount for your GoPro is almost as important as your best snow coat. Whatever your GoPro model, there’s a wide range of accessories for you to choose from.

We recommend you to go to the ski slope with your action camera with the correct mounting. You will be able to record videos, not only from the monopod but also from the head, and chest height, without fear of dropping your GoPro in the snow. It is much more convenient to use quick-release mounts when shooting your videos.

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A GoPro ski mount is really useful for skiing

A skier’s route is full of bumps, sudden movements, and braking. But in your videos, all these interruptions can be annoying. For smooth footage, the GoPro has state-of-the-art video stabilization technology. But to optimize this feature, you need a device where to place it so that it can fulfill its purpose: to record your clear images while you concentrate on sliding down the snow.

Sharp images in the snow are no longer seen only on the instagram accounts of action film professionals or sports journalists. Any snow sports enthusiast wants to record their experience in good resolution.

If you’re one of the fastest, you’ll know that to record at high speeds, your hands have to be steady on the ski poles. With your sports camera on the mount, you’ll be the only one setting the pace on your downhill runs.

With a mounting, the quality of your GoPro footage will reach a higher level. Your best memories in the snow are professionally recorded in an image quality that will be considered state-of-the-art for years to come.

7 Best GoPro mounts for skiing

1. GoPro 3-Way 2.0 (GoPro Official Mount)

Best GoPro mount for skiing

This small support allows you to use your ski pole as a mast. It is the ideal mount for those who want to go as light as possible. GoPro Official Mount has another of the accessories that we like the most: the extendable arm that will allow us to record ourselves in the middle of the snow.

Very practical and resistant. Its selfie attachment allows you to attach your GoPro camera in an instant to the end of your pole. Capturing selfies or filming yourself during a cold descent or a jump has never been easier.

You’ll be able to set it to various sizes, and the effect you’ll get will be impressive when filming snow mountains. You will no longer depend on friends to record you and get the perfect full-body video as you go down, but you can do it yourself as you glide at full speed down the snow.

2. Gimbal


One of our biggest concerns when shooting video with action cams or a GoPro camera is to stabilize the image correctly. Now you can go skiing with a GoPro gimbal.

Your recordings in the snow won’t have jerky movements or bouncing shots that make you almost dizzy to watch.

It’s not a pulse problem, even if you have the best pulse in the world. It’s no use if your camera equipment is as light and small as a GoPro.

Big cameras are easier to get more stabilized shots thanks to the camera’s weight. But with cameras as small, like the GoPro, it is pretty hard to achieve this, more so in the middle of the icy mountain.

Sudden changes in direction are inevitable during descent. The gimbal’s self-stabilizing axes reduce the distortion, and the GoPro’s optical stabilizer finishes the job. The result: optimal sharpness even after an unexpected change of direction.

Don’t you have a GoPro with Hypersmooth stabilization? No problem. The stabilizer for GoPro has now become a must-have to capture stable images that are pleasing to look at in a compact. The snow-resistant model will have to be favored.

3. GoPro Ches Mount System

 GoPro Ches Mount System

Lightweight materials, it is easy to adjust to fit all body types. Perfect for cycling, climbing, skiing, or any adventure you want to take amazing POV footage.

4. GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

Without a doubt, this accessory is a must if you want to ski down the mountain in total freedom. We can say that it is a complete extension of our eyes because through our camera, thanks to this attachment, we will be seeing what we have recorded. Recording with this device is the closest thing to a graphic adventure in the snow, in the first person.

5. GoPro helmet front + side mount: the best GoPro helmet mount

GoPro helmet front + side mount: the best GoPro helmet mount

This device multiplies the usefulness of the ski helmet. No one will ever go skiing without a helmet, so don’t forget your camera mount either. If you want to document your ride from the start, this mount will give you interesting subjective shots.

The X is a solid helmet mount considered a basic GoPro ski accessory.

Although there are cheaper helmet mounts, the GoPro’s official helmet mount offers an advantage in build quality and flexibility

To secure the mount, attach the adhesive base to your helmet. Lock the swivel mount in place. The swivel mount gives you full control over the position of your camera. It allows you to position it wherever you want. It can even set to face you. The set comes with two self-adhesive bases in the box, allowing you to mount two different helmets or adjust two different corners of the same helmet.

Remember to always check your visibility with the camera installed. Once you have mounted the camera with the anchors, place it on the helmet and make sure that it does not restrict your visibility in any way. Take a look at your surroundings frontally and laterally to maintain total route visibility in the snow.

6. Snowboard Binding Adapter

Snowboard Binding Adapter

If there is something special about the Gopro, or this type of Sports HD camera, in general, is its wide angle of view. It makes, with little distance, a great field of vision.

Of course, this is perfect if you want to ski while seeing yourself. Thanks to these attachments, which usually come with the camera as standard, you can place the camera at the start of your board and record yourself as the first protagonist of the scene.

The unique thing about this type of attachment is that once you put them on, you will not be able to remove them because that’s the point, the great consistency that has the glue to not have any problem of losing your camera. After all, it goes off.

The speed on the ski board, as well as the friction with the air, is much higher than that of a board on the road. Therefore, you will have to tighten all the anchors to the maximum.

7. GoPro Hand and Wrist Strap

GoPro Hand and Wrist Strap

You may feel that having the camera strapped to your helmet or chest may limit your view. If you are recording a friend and they start pacing back and forth, it is best to have a well-placed mount. Imagine how dizzy you would get if you had to point your head at them.

The included hand and wrist straps are adjustable to fit most adult sizes. So you can direct it to whatever you want to record.

Care for your GoPro ski mounting

Most plastic parts of devices in extreme cold become more fragile. So, if you are filming with your mount, protect plastic or carbon parts from the cold.

Cold can open cracks in your mount, heads, and lighter parts. After returning to heat, wipe the mounting thoroughly to remove water and dry snow. Otherwise, the water will freeze on the next ski trip. If that happens, the holder will become clogged and may not be able to extend or attach well to the surface.

Even if parts of the rack are carbon, there is a risk of freeze-fracture.

Avoid dropping the support in snow. The frost is almost unnoticeable, but it can stick to your mount and scratch it with minimal friction.

While filming yourself skiing, you don’t want to suffer severe cold stress. Shooting in the snow is not that simple. The ideal choice for shooting in the middle of the cold mountain is thin wool gloves. This way, your fingers can press the camera button without freezing. Remember that keeping your hands warm when skiing is a matter of safety.

Carry a bag to hold your mount and camera when not in use. This precaution will keep your devices away from moisture. In the snow, temperature changes cause the condensation of small liquid particles. Avoid getting these droplets on the camera. Do not leave your devices outdoors.

When coming out of the snow, leave the camera in the bag for about two hours to dry the condensed liquid. Humidity can cause electronic or mechanical damage to your devices.


It’s certainly not that easy to record yourself while skiing. But there are possible and affordable solutions for making great videos in the snow on your own or with friends.

The environment in the cold mountain is hostile. There can be bad weather: wind, rain, snow, ice, and you need to be well equipped to fight against these challenging conditions. As well as you need a helmet, goggles, or a ski mask or gloves, it is essential to have a mounting for your camera.

Do you already pick out a mounting for skiing with your GoPro? Don’t delay. Because you’ll never be this age again, nor will you have the guts to venture into the snow as much as you do now. Your trip deserves to be told with the best photos.


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